What has been your biggest album disappointment?

Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by Ophelia, Apr 20, 2016.

  1. DTK

    DTK Forum Resident

    Neil Young's Are You Passionate? He had been on a roll, and the Crazy Horse 2001 Euro tour that previewed some of the songs was great, and it took some time to sink in..."hey, this is pretty awful actually".
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  2. Dr.D

    Dr.D Forum Resident

    Arcade Fire - Reflektor

    The moment they disappeared into the fog of their own self importance.
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  3. carlwm

    carlwm Forum Resident

    Appreciate the advice!
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  4. a customer

    a customer Forum Resident

    Nashville skyline
    Byrd 1973 album
    Planet waves 1974 I think
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  5. yesstiles

    yesstiles Forum Resident

    I was perplexed and unengaged as well when playing Side 1 of "A Passion Play" for the first time.

    But when I flipped it over and played Side 2 I was floored. It was amazing.

    I love Side 1 as well now, but back then it was tough.

    "A Passion Play" is in a class of its own. Just a stunning and beautiful album. Tull's very best.
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  6. Wounded Land

    Wounded Land Forum Resident

    Pain of Salvation “Scarsick”

    Don’t know if many know this Swedish band, but their early albums are a unique take on progressive metal. “Scarsick” sounded to me like a band that was out of ideas. I can’t remember ever being more disappointed in a band. My fandom has never recovered.
  7. bherbert

    bherbert Forum Resident

    South Africa
    Beatles Help! in mono
  8. Nielsoe

    Nielsoe Forum Resident

    Aalborg, Denmark
    That one dissapointed me aswell at the time at least. I believe they played Going Home and When I Hold You In My Arms when I saw them in Hamburg. Amazing show!! I feel much better about that album today by the way, but back then it was a major let down.
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  9. Splungeworthy

    Splungeworthy Forum Rezidentura

    This goes way back kids so buckle up.
    When KISS "Destroyer" came out it rocked my world. I was a member of the KISS army as a bratty teenager and I loved it. Then "Rock And Roll Over" came out. I handed in my fatigues and moved on. It was such a let down for me.
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  10. Aghast of Ithaca

    Aghast of Ithaca Forum Resident

    I dread to imagine what you must have thought of Tonight.
  11. schnitzerphilip

    schnitzerphilip "Custom Title" Unlocked Award

    NJ USA
    Oasis - Be Here Now

    Boston - Third Stage

    Pink Floyd - The Final Cut

    Billy Joel - An Innocent Man

    Bruce Springsteen - Lucky Town

    Frankie Goes To Hollywood - Liverpool

    ELO - Time

    Eminem - Relapse

    Foreigner - Inside Information

    Kansas - Audio Visions

    Prince - The Gold Experience

    Styx - Kilroy Was Here

    Supertramp - Famous Last Words

    U2 - Songs Of Innocence
  12. Ron Stone

    Ron Stone Offending Member

    Deep Maryland
    Back when I had expectations that great artists would never falter -- I was too young for GOAT'S HEAD SOUP, SELF-PORTRAIT and the like -- I was disappointed with THE LONG RUN by the Eagles.

    Here was a band that was contemporary and, as far I was concerned, was now punching with the Classic Rock big boys awarded five stars in the Rolling Stone Record Guide. HOTEL CALIFORNIA was as ambitious as it was polished and I saw no reason the upward arc of their success and artistry wouldn't continue.

    Then came THE LONG RUN. Wotta dud. The singles were by-the-numbers crap that coulda been any of the mellow rockers in their profitable wake -- think Little River Band, Firefall, Pablo Cruise, etc. -- and the only song that evinced any effort was "The Sad Cafe." Worse, the whole thing seemed enervated, devoid of any energy or spark. Sterile. Then followed an equally turgid live double, a pointless greatest hits and it was all over.
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  13. englishbob

    englishbob Its a s*** business

    Kent, England
    Prince - Diamonds and Pearls - what is this? Terrible production, terrible band members, and later on a male dancing duo.

    Radiohead - Hail to the Thief - Sorry other than about 2 tracks, they sound bored and un-engaged. Luckily not the end though, it got better

    The Cure - Wish - it was never going to top Disintegration was it.

    R.E.M. - Monster - "believe the hype, REM are back and this is rubbish" - is what they should of kept saying on the radio at the time, rather than try to ram this mediocre album down the throat.

    Faith no more - Album of the Year- again it was never going to top Angel Dust, and no more Big Jim

    Talking Heads - True Stories

    PJ Harvey - Uh oh her

    Oasis - Whats the story morning glory - horrible
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  14. jimmydean

    jimmydean Forum Resident

    Vienna, Austria
    the strange thing about wish is, that they put two of the best songs ("the big hand", "this twilight garden") out as b-sides... if they included them on the album it would have been much better (imho)
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  15. MrGrumpy

    MrGrumpy Forum Resident

    It was either that, or we executed him (Hirohito, not Bowie). Which we should have done anyway. "Let's Dance" is like sushi (to continue the metaphor). Not everyone is sophisticated enough to appreciate it.
  16. hutlock

    hutlock Forum Resident

    Cleveland, OH, USA
    Stone Roses - Second Coming
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  17. strummer101

    strummer101 Forum Resident

    Lakewood OH
    Now that's funny.
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  18. oldturkey

    oldturkey Forum Resident

    Gone away.
    That's the only part of your post I agree with.
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  19. Solitaire1

    Solitaire1 Carpenters Fan

    Yes. It took me a few tries before I made myself listen to the entire album at one sitting without distractions. It just didn't hold my interest.
    I agree that it is not a bad album, just one that I don't care for. Other albums, like Horizon by the Carpenters and Super Trouper by ABBA, made a much stronger impact on me and are among my favorites.
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  20. erickana666

    erickana666 Forum Resident

    montreal, canada
    Vince neil carved in stone, i love so much exposed and after that a horrible album

    Gnr chinese, i like a little bit the album but for wait its was a let down

    The final cut , i tried tried and tried to love it, i cant stand it, i hate cover art, i like maybe one song.

    Load and reload even if i like some songs were a big letdown for metallica, the change of look, the music everything was different, they killed the heavy metal that day

    The gathering from testament, no power hauting ballad, it was just a trash album without melodies

    Slayer , cover songs album
    just some cheap punk song of 1 or 2 minutes.

    all for one from peter criss, the worst album of all time, my city stores got one copy, it was near a killing situation to get it, and cant not believe the cheap stuff on it.
  21. zardozislove

    zardozislove Forum Resident

    Lemoyne, PA
    Big Audio (Dynamite) - Higher Power: After Kool-Aid and The Globe, I was hoping for another home run. I keep it because I'm a completist.

    Steven Wilson - To The Bone: This one hurts because all of his solo albums previous to this one are excellent and still get heavy rotation from me. While I don't hate the album, I rarely find myself playing it and when I do, it's usually only select tracks. "A Door Marked Summer" should have really been on the album proper instead of the bonus disc.

    Amon Tobin - ISAM: Following the excellent Foley Room, I was prepared to enjoy immersing myself into his dense sonic textures once again. Unfortunately, it's too sparse and boring. I understand the stage show from the tour was phenomenal. Maybe that's the key to getting it.

    Heart - Beautiful Broken: Fantatic was a return to form for them with "Mashallah" being the best thing they've done, in my opinion, since "The Situation". For the follow up get get a handful of throwaway songs and a bunch of covers that bring nothing new to the table.

    Primal Scream - Evil Heat: To be fair, it would be impossible to top XTRMNTR but it doesn't even sound like they tried. "Autobahn 66" is a classic, but that's it.

    Mansun - Little Kix: Six was a masterpiece but LK is the sound of a record label saying "Don't you dare do that again" and it shows.

    Yes - Heaven And Earth: I loved Fly From Here and had high hopes for this since I feel that Jon Davison is an ever better fit vocally than Benoît David was. What did we get? Boring, mid-tempto garbage making Yes finally sound like what their detractors have been saying for decades. Dinosaurs.

    Big Big Train - Anything after English Electric.
    The Flaming Lips - Anything after At War With The Mystics
    Marillion - Holidays In Eden, marillion.com, Marbles, F.E.A.R
  22. PyroMessiah

    PyroMessiah Forum Resident

    Martinsburg, WV
    Cinderella - Long Cold Winter

    Loved their first album and still do but on this, their second, album they take a left turn into bad Aerosmith/blues rock worship and most of it sucks. I like a few songs here and there in their post Night Songs discography but they never recaptured the magic for me.

    White Trash - Si O Si Que

    The first album is a desert island disc for me. Just total fun and unlike any other album I've ever heard. Lightning in a bottle. The singer had a falling out with the rest of the band and by this second release it's a new cast of characters, save one member of the horn section. There are two pretty good tracks ("Come Tuesday" and "St. Moondog") but the rest is forgettable. Not bad but again the magic was gone. It's a pity because the original band should've been huge.

    HammerFall - Built to Last

    One or two decent tracks but the anthems are too cheesy this time around. They're kind of a hit or miss band though so I think they can turn it around.

    KISS - Sonic Boom

    Paul's songs are garbage. I like the rest. Monster is much better song wise but one of the worst sounding recordings in history.

    Dangerous Toys - Hellacious Acres

    Probably the biggest disappointment of my youth. My friends and I couldn't stop playing the debut but this one impressed no one. The sound was still there but the songs weren't. Classic sophomore slump. Really a huge let down. We thought they were another GNR.

    Judas Priest - Demolition

    I'm one of those weirdos who loves "Jugulator" and I really love "'98 Live Meltdown" too. Big, big fan of Tim Owens who, in my opinion, more than filled some very big shoes, especially live. Demolition, however, is just crap, though that's certainly not because of him. Terrible songs, terrible guitar tone. I really wanted to like it, even ordered the Japanese CD for the (awful) bonus track. Sometimes it's hard to accept you don't like an album and this was one of those times for me.
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  23. CrombyMouse

    CrombyMouse Forum Resident

    Interpol after "Our Love To Admire".
    The Strokes - basically all after their debut LP.
    Kings of Leon after "Only by the Night" - became to formulaic, predictable and safe.
    Most recent LPs by The Flaming Lips - effects and style over substance.
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  24. erickana666

    erickana666 Forum Resident

    montreal, canada
    Its ttue that the second album ofncinderella isntoo much blues....i prefer raelly more monster thant sonic boom, the guitars are too thins. But i like demolition and jugulator, maybe not everything on them but i like the hauting ballads.
  25. Waves Crashing

    Waves Crashing Active Member

    Hahah there was a second Vines album? I don't remember anything but the first album and that acoustic cover of "Ms. Jackson." It's kind of incredible what a flash in the pan they were. Highly Evolved was a weird mix of Nirvana and The Beatles when no one in the lime light was really trying to sound like either. They had some of the vintage appeal of all "The" bands of the 00s but didn't really seem to fit. And yeah, agreed that the second Interpol album was ****e. Still love Turn On the Bright Lights to this day but never cared about anything else they did.
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