What is Fiona Apple up to these days?

Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by Norm Apter, Apr 27, 2010.

  1. Norm Apter

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    Worcester, MA
    I thought Tidal was one of the better debut albums of the 1990s. I wasn't quite as enamored by When the Pawn... but I thought it was still very good, definately a solid album.

    I didn't pay much attention to her for a while but back in 2005 I heard what I guess were the original tracks to Extraordinary Machine I was out of the country at the time and didnt realize that she had sort of a Tweedy/Yankee Hotel Foxtrot situation on her hands with Sony deeming them not "commercial" enough. A few weeks ago I checked out the album (EM) that was finally released in fall 2005, and I much preferred the original tracks that leaked. The released version struck me as entirely too busy...no space, as everything had been jam packed.

    Anyway, that is my rambling way of saying that at one time I thought she had the potential to be one of the great female singer/songwriters of the 2000s but things seem to have stalled.

    Does anybody know if she is working on anything? EM, the reworked version, was released in October 2005, but I think most of the tracks were finished by 2003/04, and I'm not aware that anything of her's has come out since...which would mean that its been about 6 or 7 years.
  2. Roninblues

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    In January 2010 Fiona Apple and Jon Brion performed together at "Love and Haiti, Too: A Music Benefit", a charity concert for the people hurt by the Haiti Earthquake
  3. jon9091

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    She's not exactly prolific is she? She's an exceptional talent...but I guess she doesn't really write unless she has something to write about. BTW...I completely agree about the original versions of the EM tracks being superior to the released versions.
  4. Joe N

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    I've never heard the original version of EM. I've heard it's much more orchestrated and elaborate than what she released. I personally like the production on the released version - enough going on to keep it interesting, but spare enough to keep her voice and piano out front.

    I'd like to check out the unreleased version to compare, though. Is there anywhere to hear it at this point, without having to do the Limewire/illegal download route, which I'd rather avoid?
  5. mrjinks

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    I, too, like the original version of EM. Absolutely love what Jon Brion does in a producer's role (see also: early Aimee Mann). And "When The Pawn..." is one of my absolute favorite albums of all-time. I wish she'd put something new out!
  6. markbrow

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  7. SoundAdvice

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    Her sister Maude Maggart does some very interesting albums that have some similarities. More "old-timey" and less "modern/dark". I think Fiona does a cameo or two.
  8. Norm Apter

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    Worcester, MA
  9. Squealy

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    In *my* opinion Joe was right -- the Jon Brion recordings are generally more elaborate and busy than the released versions. (If they're not, it's because the track is unfinished, e.g. "Please Please Please".) Compare his versions of "Not About Love" and "Red Red Red" for examples. I felt on Brion's version a lot of the time you were listening to the production instead of focusing on what she was singing, for example on a song like "Better Version of Me." I don't really prefer one version of the album over another as a whole, though -- for some songs I like the released version, some the first version, and some it's a draw.
  10. I loved Extraordinary Machine when it came out. It make me pick up When The Pawn... as well. I like both albums, but haven't heard them in a while.
  11. She's busy writing the title for her next album.
  12. Daryl M

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    London, Ontario
    I saw her live, what, two summers ago with Nickel Creek
    (what a bizarre pairing!) but it was totally engaging. Her
    `set' was within Nickel Creek's and consisted of her own
    material and covers. She is quirky and very attractive......
  13. Evan L

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    About 5'2"......

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    ...and 95 lbs...
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    The smart asses beat me to it, God bless 'em.
  16. Bender Rodriguez

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    There's an abundance of smart asses on this forum. You have to be quick.
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  17. JA Fant

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    Superb talent. Hopefully, she is writing material for her next album...
  18. brimuchmuze

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    Although I like both versions of Extraordinary Machine, and there's a few tracks that work better on the final release, I'd probably give the nod to the unreleased material.

    Favorite track of the bunch is the original "Not About Love".

    ( I had no idea there was a video for this track until I just did a google: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u09s0uz0tEU)
  19. Roninblues

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    Much more entertaining than the dumb ones. :uhhuh:
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    ... and hot!
  21. Norm Apter

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    Yes, indeed. I'm hoping the same.

    Around 2000/2001, I was thinking that Apple and Elliott Smith might establish themselves as two of the better singer-songwriters of the decade and perhaps the post-millenium generation. One has sadly left us and the other seems to be on a hiatus. I do hope she gets inspired (if that is the issue) and records something sooner rather than later...its hard for me to think of a Apple track that is not at least good, ranging up to excellent from there.
  22. klownschool

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    Can anyone point me to the unrealeased version of EM? PM if needed to abide by forum rules. Thanks in advance!
  23. captone

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    BC, Canada
    yes, I would be curious to hear the unreleased version of EM - my theory is that generally people will prefer the version that they heard first. I love all three of her albums but my fave would probably be "When The Pawn..." - can't wait to hear what's next from her. On a side note, I plan to marry Fiona Apple in the near future.
  24. Jose Jones

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    I'm listening to TIDAL right now. I picked this up recently on the cheap, it is incredibly loud and compressed. Has it been remastered? The spine of the copy I have is OK 67439 on the Clean Slate/Work label. Hmm, the liner notes say mastered by Ted Jensen, and all copyright dates are 1996.
  25. kwadguy

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    She looks scarily like jailbait in her early promo poster...

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