What is the last "Live" album you listened to?

Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by JohnnyQuest, Apr 8, 2015.

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  2. zen

    zen Forum Resident

    Last night...The Jimi Hendrix Experience: Winterland - Oct. 10th, 1968.
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  3. theshape

    theshape Forum Resident

    Saint Joseph, MO
    I commend your attempt. :righton:
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  4. Brother Maynard

    Brother Maynard Forum Resident

    Dallas, TX
    Miles Davis In Person - Friday Night at the Blackhawk, San Francisco
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  5. kevinsponge

    kevinsponge Forum Resident

    Portland, OR USA
    Rush-All the worlds a stage
  6. Smiths22

    Smiths22 Well-Known Member

  7. Thievius

    Thievius Blue Öyster Cultist

    Kansas - Two For The Show
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  8. misko

    misko Forum Resident

    Philadelphia, Pa.
    The Who, Amazing Journey, Live In Amsterdam 9/29/69 (Hiwatt).
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  9. Freedom Rider

    Freedom Rider Forum Resident

    Albert King - Thursday Night in San Francisco.
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  10. dino77

    dino77 Well-Known Member

  11. andy749

    andy749 Forum Resident

    Jerry Lee - Live at the Star Club
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  12. PacificOceanBlue

    PacificOceanBlue Forum Resident

    The Southwest
    The Doors - Boot Yer Butt
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  13. Witney Devil

    Witney Devil Well-Known Member

    United Kingdom
    Springsteen's Nassau download from 1980.
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  14. squittolo

    squittolo Well-Known Member

    UFO - Strangers In The Night
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  15. ThePostElectroGranger

    ThePostElectroGranger Well-Known Member

  16. Galeans

    Galeans Forum Resident

    Genesis - Live Over Europe

    A few minutes ago, really
  17. ChesterB

    ChesterB Well-Known Member

    New York, NY
    The Kinks - One for the Road
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  18. David Gilmour - Live in Gdansk
  19. Akapaz

    Akapaz Forum Resident

    Sørreisa, Norway
    Just got out of the shower after some running and threw myself in the sofa and put on Billy Joel's Songs In The Attic. Fantastic hearing those old songs played live.
  20. pinkrudy

    pinkrudy Forum Resident

    im listening to jenny lewis&johnny rice live at third man on vinyl as we speak :)
  21. RockDude4492

    RockDude4492 Forum Resident

    New York, NY
    The Rolling Stones - LA Friday
  22. Regandron

    Regandron Forum Resident

    London, UK
    Del Amitri - Into the Mirror
  23. drgn95

    drgn95 Forum Resident

    William Clarke, Live in Germany
  24. AlienRendel

    AlienRendel Forum Resident

    Chicago, il
    We caught them, how did they escape punishment?
  25. Guy E

    Guy E Forum Resident

    Antalya, Turkey
    The Live at McCabe's Guitar Shop bonus disc in the Omnivore reissue of Heartbreak.
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