What is your "dream" system...realistic, may one day own?

Discussion in 'Audio Hardware' started by Glfrancis2, Jun 18, 2020.

  1. Glfrancis2

    Glfrancis2 Overworked and underpaid state employee Thread Starter

    Birmingham al
    Not talking about someone giving you a big load of cash...what would you like to see your system be made up of one day? Are you one of the lucky ones to already be at that point?

    Just wondering...
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  2. BRick

    BRick Well-Known Member

    Not entirely sure, but it will have active speakers and some kind of DSP. :)
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  3. concorde01

    concorde01 New Member

    New Zealand
    I have my electronics (Audio-GD NFB-28.38 and Crown XLS1502 - yes the latter will sound out of place). Currently I have JBL 530's.

    Realistically I would like - JBL 4429 and/or Revel Gem2's. Aerial Acoustics 5T.

    Dual subs - Rythmik FV15HP maybe.

    Once I have that I may delve into more dear electronics.

    I'm 24 y/o so it's gonna take a lot of saving. The 4429 is love at first sight for me. The Gem2's are stunning looking but I haven't heard them.

    If I would have a substantial income in the future, I'd *maybe* go for JBL 4367 or Klipschorns.

    There's a plethora of HP's I'd like to own . . . Stax L700 + Energizer . . . Audeze LCD-2 . . . Sony Z1R, but I've got enough for now.
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  4. russk

    russk Forum Resident

    Syracuse NY
    Pretty modest system. My a-s2100 through a pair of new JBL L100s. Feed by a Marantz SA10 and a Technics SL1200GR. Cartridge TBD. What really makes it my dream system will be the listening room. A nice, decent size, dedicated room in the Catalina Foothills outside of Tucson AZ.
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  5. siebrand

    siebrand Forum Resident

    the various brands I don't know, and therefore not even the models.
    One thing is certain, however: there will be, in my house, as long as I am alive, always an amplifier, a CD player, a BR player, a couple of speakers and a headset.

    If tomorrow I can no longer afford devices of a certain quality, OK, I would adapt, but this triptych <ampli-CDP-speakers> will always be there.
    (and thousands of CD's, too!)
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  6. WithinYourReach

    WithinYourReach Resident Millennial

    Austin, TX
    My current turntable fits my need perfectly at the moment, but one day I really want to get a nice condition Technics SL-1210 MK2 if possible and give it all the necessary KAB mods to give it even better performance. I think it'll be my end game turntable. Not sure about speakers or amps because there are so many options like turntables, but I'll get there eventually.
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  7. james

    james Forum Resident

    I would like to have heard Art Dudley's EMT/301/Shindo/Devore or Altec setup.
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  8. IGD Positive

    IGD Positive Forum Resident

    Inner groove
    After listening to the combination at CAF last fall, I'd really love to end up with a system consisting of a Luxman tube preamp (CL-1000) and tube amp (MQ-300) and some Devore Orangutan speakers. I don't expect I'll ever be able to get the Reference level model but I think I'd be happy with the O96 with that Luxman combo.

    I can think of a few combinations that would be in that same price range that I'd be really happy with to be quite honest.
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  9. Rick58

    Rick58 Forum Resident

    Dublin, CA, USA
    Lurching towards changing amps/speakers ... but current system is OK.

    Denon DL-160 cart (damn nice sounding for the $$$, don't know why it's discontinued)
    Thorens TD-145 TT (want to have refurbed)
    Cambridge 840C CD Player (external inputs to DAC, use with other digital sources)
    Synergistic Research Looking Glass Phase II (840C to P 7)
    Parasound P 7 preamp (with Shunyata Venom 3 power cord)
    Parasound A21 amp (will hopefully get soon)
    Analysis Plus Oval 9 speaker cables (excellent, recommended)
    Monitor Audio Silver 8 speakers (currently own but were in separate surround system)
    Wharfedale Lintons (potential speakers to try sometime)
    Magnepan .7 (w/ bass panels) or 1.7i (potential speakers to try sometime)

    Major System Upgrade:
    Denon DL-160 cart
    Thorens TD-145 TT
    Cambridge 840C CD Player
    Parasound P 7 preamp
    Kii Three (IF I do this, of course, would then want to investigate upgrading all of the above!)
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  10. Bob_in_OKC

    Bob_in_OKC Forum Resident

    Audio Research VSi75 amp, ProAc Response D48R speakers, and acoustic panels.
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  11. brew ziggins

    brew ziggins Forum Prisoner

    The Village
    I have attained my plausible 'dream system'. It sounds great, but, as 'upgraditis' never sleeps and I'm embarking on a downsizing arc, I'm looking towards towards a jewel box system- a high end single box solution (eg Arcam, Naim, Divialet) and some feisty monitors, something like a pair of Magico Minis. Maximum bounce to the ounce.
  12. displayname

    displayname Forum Resident

    I think my dream system still hasn't been released yet, because new products always create new dream systems. Plus there are too many combos of things to pair up to really settle on one dream system. I'll always want to try different things.

    But things that feel somewhat in reach that I would like to own at some point as part of an obtainable/plausible dream system...
    Pontus or Venus DAC from Danafrips
    Mastersound 845 Compact amp
    Norma Revo Amp (separates maybe from the used market)
    VPI Prime Signature & Technics 1200G at different points
    Sutherland Duo
    Primaluna EVA 400
    Rosso Fiorentino Siena (It'd have to be used)
    Klipsch La Scala + JL Audio Subs
    Devor O/96 (used)
    At least 3-4 sets of headphones and 1-2 headphone amps
    Full loom of matching cables from power plug to speakers

    Edit - and a properly treated room! That's a big one. Dedicated and treated room.
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  13. IGD Positive

    IGD Positive Forum Resident

    Inner groove
    Yeah I meant to put that in my post as well but my (hopefully realistic) dream is to be able to build out a dedicated listening space. I'm looking to buy myself a house in the next few years and I'd like to be able to find one that had a space that would work to convert into my dedicated listening room or maybe build a custom home with a space in mind for that. If I could do that, I'd be perfectly happy with my current system plus some Spendor D9.2 and I'd be set for a very, very long time.
  14. timind

    timind phorum rezident

    Westfield, IN USA
    Two years ago we moved into a home with a large finished basement. Although it wasn't originally in the plans, the basement room has become my dedicated listening space. I can do whatever I want with the space, and I have. As for gear, I have reached my goal.

    After trying to get along with full-range tower speakers, I have decided to stick with two-way speakers and subwoofer(s). It's the sound I love and am sticking with. Check my profile if interested in details. Here's a quick pic.
  15. james

    james Forum Resident

    seeing your Bachs in another thread inspired me to pull mine out far further into the room than i ever have. holy ****!
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  16. timind

    timind phorum rezident

    Westfield, IN USA
    They disappear better than my NHT Superzeros. They disappear better than any speaker I've owned. Unbelievable!

    I'm kind of shocked that after all these years, and countless other speakers, I've decided these are my final stop. Or should say, my new reference. I paid $250 for them. The speakers in the pic below were no competition for them. Not even close in my mind.
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  17. Doctor Fine

    Doctor Fine Forum Resident

    Lewes, DE
    I dreamt of owning a large full scale system.
    A system with such a natural sound I would entirely forget about the gear for once.
    A system that assumes scale with a "you are there" sense of the recording.
    A system that generates no desire for any upgrade as that now seems pointless.
    I own it.
    Two of them to be exact.
    One nearfield and one farfield.
    Plus I have a Disco in another room pumping out two thousand watts of Boogie Fever.
    And a movie theater with twin 15" subs and a 100 inch super wide screen (2:35 ratio).
    I don't know how I got here.
    I am not worthy.
  18. PB Point

    PB Point Forum Resident

    San Diego
    I would really like to look into a Tube pre with all those cool tubes exposed going into a SS amp. (It would need at least 5 inputs. Two turntables, SACD player, Tape Deck with a REC out). One of these days I’ll be posting that question what should I look at.

    The other problem is there will be a quad system right next to this one, so that requires 4 equal speakers. That could get real expensive.
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  19. Rick58

    Rick58 Forum Resident

    Dublin, CA, USA
    Have you checked out the Kii Three system? :winkgrin:
  20. manxman

    manxman Forum Resident

    Isle of Man
    Yes. When I moved home three and a half years ago, I decided to put together precisely the system I wanted. It's a bit of a Frankenstein in terms of the way vintage and modern components are wired together, but the sound is stunning and it can play just about every format ever invented.
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  21. Rick58

    Rick58 Forum Resident

    Dublin, CA, USA
    Donno about all the inputs or quad system, but a few folks on here have recently gotten on the Schitt Freya + into a Parasound A23 amp combo with seemingly good results. Of course you'd need phono preamps and not sure of the inputs, but this seems like a killer combo at a reasonable price. Those Sonus Faber Sonetto IIs seem to deserve a killer amplification source ... maybe even a better amp than the A23 if it makes sense and exists. Maybe a pair of the Schitt mono amps run in balanced mode?

    I'm going to spring for an A21 one of these days. :shh: :agree: :winkgrin:
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  22. Mike-48

    Mike-48 Forum Resident

    Portland, Oregon
    I don't daydream about equipment any more, except occasionally about a (nonexistent) perfectly transparent equalizer that would be easy to adjust for individual recordings, completely flexible, easy to reset to zero, and when not in use (most of the time) would have NO sonic signature.

    What I often daydream about is a better -- larger -- room, removed from other living quarters, so I wouldn't be concerned about sound leakage either way.

    Given the 7 ft ceiling and 12.5 ft width, I've done a lot to make the system sound really good. Still, I think the sound would bloom more in a larger room.

    And a less sound-tight room would be easier to work with in the bass.

    Next lifetime!
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  23. chumlie

    chumlie Forum Resident

    I may upgrade to a Parasound P6 pre & a Parasound A23 amp then call it quits.
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  24. csgreene

    csgreene Forum Resident

    Idaho, USA
    I think I'm satisfied already.
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  25. TommyTunes

    TommyTunes Senior Member

    I’ve climbed the Audio mountain it wasn’t Everest but came close. However I’d give it all up to be my 16 year old self and have my Panasonic stereo. Every album I acquired was a jewel, and the world awaited.
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