What is Your Favorite Song, Right Now, This Very Minute?

Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by bzfgt, Oct 7, 2017.

  1. bzfgt

    bzfgt Interesting and Copacetic Denizen Thread Starter

    New Jersey
    This thread recognizes that people who love music are often overcome by the passion of a particular moment which takes them to a peak where no other song exists for them at that moment, in a sense (in another sense of course songs are related to one another and make intentional and unintentional allusions). Also they become enraptured with things for a while, maybe days or weeks, and then move on to something else which claims more of their attention. I'm not sure if I'm conveying the idea clearly but, in other words, one's "favorite song" is often a thing of the moment.

    Thus, post a "favorite" as often as you like!

    I searched and didn't find an existing "favorite song" thread, which seems impossible. But I hope the other one which I am sure exists asks for a longitudinal judgment, and this one asks for a momentary judgment. If it is a duplicate, then go ahead and let me have it.
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  2. bzfgt

    bzfgt Interesting and Copacetic Denizen Thread Starter

    New Jersey
    I was reminded of this in the Un-Grateful Thread, apologies as I don't remember by whom. It is currently my favorite song:

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  3. squittolo

    squittolo Well-Known Member

    Heart: "Barracuda".
  4. lightbulb

    lightbulb Not the Brightest of the Bunch

    Smogville CA USA
    “My Back Pages”
    The Byrds
  5. Thievius

    Thievius Blue Öyster Cultist

  6. BiffJackson

    BiffJackson Forum Resident

    Northampton, MA
    It's funny. It's catchy. I don't know...I like it.

  7. gregorya

    gregorya Forum Resident

    Well, if I understand the fleeting nature of the premise... tonight, at this moment, I'll say "Rest" by Charlotte Gainsbourg.

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  8. vamborules

    vamborules Forum Resident

    The Black Keys - Things Ain't Like They Used To Be

  9. bzfgt

    bzfgt Interesting and Copacetic Denizen Thread Starter

    New Jersey
    Don't worry about not getting the premise, just go with it!
  10. Archtop

    Archtop Infinity goes up on trial!

    Greater Boston
  11. Saint Johnny

    Saint Johnny Forum Resident

    Asbury Park
    Casa Dega - Tom Petty
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  12. Neil Anderson

    Neil Anderson Forum Resident

    Portland, Oregon
    "Black cow no moon" by the Minus 5, the song I'm listening to right now.
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  13. Summerisle

    Summerisle Forum Resident

    Seattle, WA, USA

    The Real Numbers.
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  14. keyse1

    keyse1 Forum Resident

    Surfs up Beach Boys
  15. Damiano54

    Damiano54 Forum Resident

    Claude François "Même si tu revenais"

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  16. bluejimbop

    bluejimbop Forum Resident

    Castro Valley, CA
    Universal Sound of the World
    by Syreeta Wright
  17. ijustdontknow

    ijustdontknow Well-Known Member

    San Diego
    You Don't Know How It Feels - Tom Petty
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  18. merlperl

    merlperl Forum Resident

    Sherman Oaks, CA

    Obsessed with this for the last 24 hours
  19. Denim Chicken

    Denim Chicken Forum Resident

    Bakersfield, CA
    So You Want To Be A Rock N' Roll Star - The Byrds
  20. Miriam

    Miriam Forum Resident

    Melanie De Biasio - Your Freedom Is the End of Me

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  21. Miriam

    Miriam Forum Resident

    Dhani Harrison - #WarOnFalse

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  22. Bertly

    Bertly formerly known as "Berty"

    I don't think she ever came close to topping 'Different Drum'.
  23. Jama

    Jama Forum Resident

    Toronto, ON

    Spirit They've Vanished by Avey Tare and Panda Bear
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  24. bzfgt

    bzfgt Interesting and Copacetic Denizen Thread Starter

    New Jersey
    Prolly not. I mean, she wasn't a songwriter, so you at least need a song primarily associated with her, or perfected or popularized by her. And there aren't many of those, are there? This one has a previous version, but her's is definitive.
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