What is Your Favorite Song, Right Now, This Very Minute?

Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by bzfgt, Oct 7, 2017.

  1. DPK

    DPK Forum Resident

    Lexington, SC
    Modest Mouse- "Cowboy Dan"
  2. Evil Strawberry

    Evil Strawberry Forum Resident

    Got Me 2 Rock n Roll doctor and Dirty Women
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  3. Chris C

    Chris C Music was my first love and it will be my last!

    Back in April of this year, I made my mother a CD-R of songs that I hoped that she would enjoy and one of the songs that I threw on it was Bing Crosby's "Blue Skies", from the wonderfully mastered CD by Steve Hoffman, called "Bing Crosby Sings Again" on DECCA/MCA. A month later, she laid dying and I was there at her side, as that CD kept playing over and over and ever since this song has been haunting me. I only know that when I look at a blue sky, which is rare around these parts this time of year, that it will remind me of this song and her. "Nothing but blue skies ... from now on" ...

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  4. Jackson

    Jackson Forum Resident

    MA, USA
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  5. JL6161

    JL6161 Forum Resident

    Michigan, USA
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  6. Crossfire#3

    Crossfire#3 Forum Resident

    Burlington Vermont
    [QUOTE="Space Station "5" Montrose

    This thread recognizes that people who love music are often overcome by the passion of a particular moment which takes them to a peak where no other song exists for them at that moment, in a sense (in another sense of course songs are related to one another and make intentional and unintentional allusions). Also they become enraptured with things for a while, maybe days or weeks, and then move on to something else which claims more of their attention. I'm not sure if I'm conveying the idea clearly but, in other words, one's "favorite song" is often a thing of the moment.

    Thus, post a "favorite" as often as you like!

    I searched and didn't find an existing "favorite song" thread, which seems impossible. But I hope the other one which I am sure exists asks for a longitudinal judgment, and this one asks for a momentary judgment. If it is a duplicate, then go ahead and let me have it.[/QUOTE]
  7. Hadean75

    Hadean75 Forum Moonlighter

    The Sheepdogs--I Don't Know

  8. Buggyhair

    Buggyhair Forum Resident

    Ann Arbor, MI
    In a better world, this would have tens of millions of views instead of thousands.

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  9. Hadean75

    Hadean75 Forum Moonlighter

  10. veon

    veon Well-Known Member

    United States
    It’s a tie:

    Dark Politics by The Electric Six
    The Woodpile by Frightened Rabit
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  11. JannL

    JannL Forum Resident

    Gary Numan - My Name is Ruin

    His little girl Persia is singing on the song and is also in the music video.

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  12. The Drifters - On Broadway
  13. Minty_fresh

    Minty_fresh Forum Resident

    My jam right now...

    (At 3:18 it’s the aural embodiment of late Sunday afternoon Summer sun blasting through my rear window like shards of hot crystalline lava)

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  14. Psychedelic Good Trip

    Psychedelic Good Trip Forum Resident

    New York
  15. Emospence

    Emospence Well-Known Member

    Interesting, I'll play!

    Iron Maiden - Infinite Dreams
  16. spacer

    spacer Forum Resident

    I won't choose. You can't make me.
  17. andrewskyDE

    andrewskyDE Island Owner

    Zack Island
    'Riders On The Storm' by The Doors.
    It's on my headphones right now.
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  18. Horse Majeure

    Horse Majeure Forum Resident

    Kings X - Summerland
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  19. CCrider92

    CCrider92 Forum Resident

    Cape Cod, MA
    "You Wreck Me" by Tom and the HB's - I'm thinking of my dear friend Liz VDK.
  20. kevywevy

    kevywevy Forum Resident

    Twilight by The Band because I just figured out how to play/sing it.
  21. strummer101

    strummer101 Forum Resident

    Lakewood OH
    The John Doe Thing, "Beer, Gas, Ride Forever"
  22. vivatones

    vivatones Forum Resident

    "Spread It On Thick" by The Gentrys - probably the best garage rock single of the 60s
  23. misterdecibel

    misterdecibel Bulbous Also Tapered

    Humble Pie "Hot 'n Nasty"
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  24. Psychedelic Good Trip

    Psychedelic Good Trip Forum Resident

    New York
  25. lance b

    lance b Forum Resident

    Sydney, Australia
    Vanessa Fernandez - "Here But I'm Gone" off her "Use Me" album. A great track and but the recording is fantastic.

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