What is your favourite turntable?

Discussion in 'Audio Hardware' started by Airbus, Nov 14, 2017.

  1. Brother_Rael

    Brother_Rael Forum Resident

    Scottish Borders
    Not me, I don't have a turntable any more!
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  2. Gavinyl

    Gavinyl In And Around The Lake Resident

    [​IMG] +
    Goldmund Reference...
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  3. Linto

    Linto Mayor of Simpleton

    Love my LP12, but always lusted after an SME30
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  4. russk

    russk Forum Resident

    Syracuse NY
    Woodsong Audio Garrard 301 with a 12 inch SME arm. One of the best sounding tables I have ever heard.
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  5. xmas111

    xmas111 Forum Resident

    Plymouth MA
    Always loved these turntables. And enjoy rebuilding them too.

    Simplicity at it's best!

  6. Chris Schoen

    Chris Schoen Forum Resident

    Maryland, U.S.A.
    One that keeps perfect speed, has no "hum" issues, and has a cart which is well matched to the arm mass.
    That's my Denon direct drive table with a DL-110. :agree:
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  7. robertk

    robertk Forum Resident

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  8. robertk

    robertk Forum Resident

    That's the best I've heard as well.
  9. Ghostworld

    Ghostworld Forum Resident

    That I own? Lean and mean'd SL-1600MkII

    (picking up a little dust, lately, I see.

  10. Ghostworld

    Ghostworld Forum Resident


    But, Stanley, micro-cassettes? Tsk. Tsk.
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  11. ZenMango

    ZenMango Forum Resident

    La Platine Verdier. I've been in love with this table for ever. Not really attainable for me, but Lord, this checks all the boxes for me.
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  12. I like all kinds, from a looks perspective.

    The Walker is pretty sharp:


    I like the Basis Inspiration that has already been posted.

    I like the Sota Cosmos:


    And I think the Artisan Fidelity tables are real purty:


    Now, sound wise, I'd probably just have to stick with what I know and that is currently the VPI HW-19 Mk. IV with a JMW-10 arm. I've heard the Walker and Sota, but at show conditions where I didn't feel like anything special was being communicated, though the Walker demo was more impressive than the Sota which was being played over some horn speakers I didn't care for. :)
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  13. William Kucharski

    William Kucharski Well-Known Member

    Always liked the Clearaudio Statement but there’s no way I could afford one.


    Somewhat the same for the VPI Classic Direct.

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  14. GyroSE

    GyroSE Forum Resident

    Michell Orbe SE and Michell Gyro SE ;)
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  15. Fishoutofwater

    Fishoutofwater Forum Resident

    They make great speakers too!!
  16. allied333

    allied333 TUBE AMPLIFIER REBUILDER - inquire

    Fenton, MI
    Garrard 401 on custom plinth with 12 inch Jelco tonearm. Compared to my previous Sony PS-45X with same cartridge as in the Garrard and it was no comparison. The Sony direct drive sounded 'jittery' for lack of a better word. The Garrard was smooth, open & accurate sounding.
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  17. Wes_in_va

    Wes_in_va Trying to live up to my dog’s expectations

    Southwest VA
    I’ll keep mine in the realm of one that’s attainable for me if a bit of a stretch (at least til we get these kids out of the house!): the Kenwood Kd990
  18. Jimi Floyd

    Jimi Floyd Forum Resident

    They are not micro-cassettes, they are mini-cassettes.
  19. Alan2

    Alan2 Forum Resident

    LP 12.
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  20. Mike from NYC

    Mike from NYC Forum Resident

    Surprise, AZ
    I love my Kenwood 750 which I have owned since 1985. I did upgrade the arm yesterday to another Jelco but a 750E a 10" arm. The original arm pictured here is 9.5" !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What a weird length!


    Here's a photo of my late Dad's last turntable which he bought in the late 70s - a Kenwood KD 500 with an SME 3009 Series 2 improved arm.

    Still works like new!

  21. You have great taste. I have been looking for a KP-9010 for a while now in great shape.... This "Japanese market only" Kenwood, and was originally tabbed as the KP-1100 until they changed the name. The 750 you have is nice also, same timeframe as the 1100 / 9010,.

    KD-990 was sent to US in that timeframe also (KP-990 for the Japanese market), it has the spider chassis like the 9010.

    Kenwoods are great TT's and one of the most underrated IMHO.
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  22. tyinkc

    tyinkc Forum Resident

    I have three really, depending on price point:
    If I win the lottery- The top of the line Kronos Pro (gives me goosebumps)
    10k-15k range - Clearaudio Inn0vation wood (a longtime fave)
    3k - 5k range - E.A.T. C-Sharp (lucky to own one. Fantastic table and sexy looking to boot.)
  23. nosliw

    nosliw Azunyan! にゃーーー!

    Ottawa, ON, Canada
    Lots of really neat looking turntables in this thread. Keep 'em coming!

    I'd love to at least try this Nakamichi TX-1000 turntable:

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  24. Bill Hart

    Bill Hart Forum Resident

    If you are looking for turntable porn, @rockitman, who I thought used to post here, recently acquired an AS turntable which handily outperforms his big TechDas and some high end Clear Audio unit. He sourced this unit, which is a reboot of the original from David Karmeli, who has all the big dog tables.
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  25. I've always loved the looks of this Thorens TD550. It's way above my pricepoint, but I wouldn't hesitate for a second to buy one if I could. In the meantime I'm more than pleased with my Oracle Paris MkV.

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