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What is your “nothing left to be desired” CD set up?

Discussion in 'Audio Hardware' started by LakeMountain, May 27, 2021.

  1. Morbius

    Morbius Forum Resident

    Brookline, MA
    Transport and DAC were the most practical and economical outcome for me since I was eyeing a McIntosh integrated most of which include a very well spec'd modular DAC and the form factor of their MCT80 transport which fit in perfectly with the rest of my system and I saved hundreds if not thousands of $ over choosing a player. I can't see how you could possibly go wrong doing it your way though, the Luxman I'm sure being an outstanding choice.
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  2. oktapod

    oktapod Forum Resident

    Somewhere on the boards I promised someone a review of the JA CD2T mk3 with the Venus II. I’m not ready to do that yet - I still need to get to know what the CD2T brings to the system - but I wanted to say that I hope to do it soon.

    Very, very pleased with the CD2T mk3. I won’t claim that it’s perfect - I daresay spending multiples of its asking price might bring some improvements still - but it has definitely raised my opinion and belief in what CD is capable of. But let me save that for my review - I may end up hating it if the sound changes during break-in :)
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  3. Klavier

    Klavier Forum Resident

    I can’t imagine much better sound than my current dCS Vivaldi CD/SACD system produces. It’s incredibly detailed yet supremely musical. I know I crossed the line of diminishing returns a long time ago, and I have no intention of replacing it unless something goes wrong that can’t be repaired.
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  4. Ted Torres Jr

    Ted Torres Jr Synergistic Maximus

    SE LA

    Marantz SA-KI Ruby now on Order!!! :righton:

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  5. Naka9

    Naka9 music first audiophile

    I must confess that I have had always a sweet spot for CD, since vinyl always made me a bit obsessive about all the variables possible between the set-up of the turntable (arm and cartridge) and the record condition and pressing quality... and then we must get up and turn the record’s side...

    The highlights of my 25 year experience with CD players goes like this:
    - first good one: Marantz CD 63 Special Edition
    - most memorable but sold - Meridiam 506.24
    - most disappointing - Ayon CD 7s
    - most stylish - Rega Planet Mk I
    - most well made but sold - Sony CDP X50ES
    - most wanted but never bought - Teac P30 transport / Linn Ikemi
    - most dreamed about - Mark Levinson 390s
    - the best that listened in a hifi store - Denon DP-S1 and DA-s1 (transport and dac)
    - still keep: Rega Saturn / Naim CD5x + Flatcap 2x / Parasound BCD2000 and DAC1100HD (transport and dac) / Rotel RCD971
    - most used right now: Cambridge CXC and Denafrips Pontus II
    - one I still can get like new: Krell KPS 25sc
    - the one to get if I sell my car: TAD D 600 / Accuphase DP/DC 1000 / Burmester 069

    The Denafrips Pontus II is so amazing and a set up from everything I have listened in my system that my next move will be upgrading the transport. Perhaps in 2022 we can get more options with i2s output...
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  6. MattHooper

    MattHooper Forum Resident

    Sonically speaking, my digital source has left nothing left to be desired since, oh I dunno, around 11 years or so (music collection/Tidal streamed to a Benchmark DAC1).
    I did update it to a Benchmark DAC2L, but that was more for some other features (e.g. preamp section etc).
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  7. Hendertuckie

    Hendertuckie Forum Resident

    Belmont, Nevada
    I've had my Esoteric DV-50 for 15+ years and I've never considered another spinner. I have a newer Esoteric D-07 DAC for streaming from computer. Conventional thinking in most cases would be, newer is better. To me one is not better than the other, their just different. I recently moved and downsizing is the order of the day and DV-50 is a keeper. The D-07 is boxed for sale after the new year.
  8. Ted Torres Jr

    Ted Torres Jr Synergistic Maximus

    SE LA
    Well, lived with the SA-KI Ruby for a week! Long story short, returned it within that 1st week! :shake:

    Why? Click HERE to see the issue and reason why it didn't work out for Me!

  9. ca1ore

    ca1ore Forum Resident

    Stamford, CT, USA
    Meridian 800. Just had it rebuilt so should outlast me.
  10. FJC1966

    FJC1966 The Prestonian

    Lancashire, U.K.
    The highlights of my 35 year experience with CD players goes like this:
    - first good one: Marantz CD 63 KI Signature
    - most memorable but sold - Musical Fidelity kW SACD
    - most disappointing - Anything from NAD
    - most stylish - Yamaha CDS-3100
    - most well made but sold - Marantz CD17 KI Signature
    - most wanted but never bought - Audio Research CD9SE
    - most dreamed about - (see above)
    - the best that I listened to in a Hifi Shop - Audio Research CD5SE
    - still keep: Musical Fidelity A5 CD
    - most used right now: Musical Fidelity kW DM25 Transport & DAC
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  11. oktapod

    oktapod Forum Resident

    Six or seven weeks in, I *LOVE* the CDT2 mk3. There is a lot of debate as to if and/or how cd transports can possibly sound different, but in my experience with this player is that it has taken CD playback to a level I've not experienced before. It's a superb machine, and the fact I've bought more CDs since getting it than I had in the previous two years says it all...
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  12. Naka9

    Naka9 music first audiophile

    I keep reading that kind of reaction about the Jay’s Audio but it is a bit expensive here in Europe.
    Since there is no competition with a i2s output, in the end I have to start saving and really to consider it (while it is available).
    Another interesting transport is the Atoll DR200 Signature, with coaxial and AES/XLR output and a modified TEAC audio drive (drawer type) and robust power supply. It is sold at 1/2 the price of Jay’s Audio...

    Can you please tell us a bit more about the main advantages of the Jay’s Audio?
  13. oktapod

    oktapod Forum Resident

    I'm pretty lousy at doing good reviews, but basically it sort of rubs the sharp edges off digital without losing any of the detail (if that makes sense). It's superbly detailed, but never in a way that overwhelms the music. And mainly it's just very listenable. It's kind of like great vinyl had an love child with high-end digital that had the best characteristics of its parents. Perhaps that's the I2S talking, I can't be certain, but in combination with the Venus II, I couldn't ask for more from CD.

    Advantages? Apart from sound, it's beautifully constructed, doesn't use a fragile tray (being a top-loader with magnetic puck thing) and laser mechanism replacement is easy (I bought a spare). Also it has I2S, coax and AES/XLR outputs, and a very nice, solid remote.

    Disadvantages? It's a large player, and being a top-loader needs to go on top :). It's also quite pricy compared to things like the Cambridge CXC, although it's far better built and sounds better too. At ear-almost-against-the-player distance I can hear a faint transformer noise (not audible beyond that distance, so not anything to fixate upon).

    I think it's good value, all things considered, relative to what you might spend that money on elsewhere in a good system. Definitely one of my better purchases. Contact Alvin directly at Vinshine and he may cut you a deal on a direct purchase as he did me.
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  14. Naka9

    Naka9 music first audiophile

    Thank you very much :)
    I am more inclined for it now, and the synergy with the Pontus II is almost a sure thing.
  15. LakeMountain

    LakeMountain Vinyl surfer Thread Starter

    I am not quite sure what you exactly mean by this or what you are looking for, but my Sparkler 512S has an I2s connection. I love the sound of it and it has become the “nothing left to be desired” CD DAC for me. Sparkler also has CDT’s with I2s.
    Last edited: Dec 13, 2021
  16. Love my Cyrus CDi. Wont ever need to upgrade. Not the best looking player but sounds sublime
  17. Dennis Metz

    Dennis Metz Born In A Motor City south of Detroit

    Fonthill, Ontario
    The CD player I have:cheers:

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