What kind of spikes for DIY audio rack?

Discussion in 'Audio Hardware' started by 12" 45rpm, Apr 16, 2018.

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    Probably, though you may want to get some similar ones with non-metric size threads with threaded inserts for the wood to make it easier to install and adjust (of course if you and/or your coworker doing the work have the metric tools and inserts already, go whichever route you like). The spike part just needs to be narrow and long enough to pierce the carpet.
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    I strongly suggest that you try an experiment. Listen to your system on the rack before you put the spikes on. Then listen to your system on the rack after you put the spikes on. You will probably hear some difference, but do the spikes make it sound better or worse? Do the spikes increase or decrease clarity, imaging and stridency? If the spikes sound better, leave them on. If they sound worse, take them off and work on isolating the rack from the floor rather than spiking it into to the floor.
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    I agree completely with Ski Bum. Spikes are not always an improvement. On one of my homemade racks I installed some Audio Point brass cones and they made s nice improvement—-greater clarity without affecting the tonal balance. So on my next rack I put on another set of AP cones and they ruined the sound—-too bright and the bass was too light. You just can’t generalize about footers.

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