What New Blu-ray disc have you gotten lately? (Disc 4)

Discussion in 'Visual Arts' started by MilesSmiles, Feb 15, 2014.

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  1. MYKE

    MYKE Analog Upstairs, Digital Downstairs

    52 Pick Up

    both pre orders
  2. I'm about to get busy with that Barnes and Noble/Criterion sale going on now.
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  3. MYKE

    MYKE Analog Upstairs, Digital Downstairs

    Treme - The Complete Series ( Gold Box Deal Of The Day ! )
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  4. johnnyyen

    johnnyyen Forum Resident

  5. Hearing good things about this one.
  6. "The Ninth Configuration" a darkly comic thriller.
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  7. johnnyyen

    johnnyyen Forum Resident

    Recommended. Very good film.
  8. johnnyyen

    johnnyyen Forum Resident


    Still no bluray of Pandora's Box though, which is baffling, since it's the more celebrated film of the two.
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  9. Faust3D

    Faust3D Forum Resident

  10. artfromtex

    artfromtex Honky Tonkin' Metal-Head

    Fort Worth, TX
    Flaming Star (Elvis)
    Escape From Alcatraz (UK region free)

    Have yet to watch either, but plan on getting to them this week.

    Liberty Vallance is up next and the Indiana Jones box as well.
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  11. Also got:

    My Life As A Dog
    Insomnia (original version) from Criterion. Almost picked up The Vanishing but, as much as I love that creepy thriller, the ending is such a downer it makes it hard to watch again. The solution for the American version didn't work at all (and Keifer Sutherland was completely miscast IMHO) as was Jeff Bridges. The late great Robin Williams would have been ideal.
  12. Larry Mc

    Larry Mc Forum Dude

    Stacy Keach is amazing in this movie. I didn't know it was on blu-ray, I still have the VHS tape.
    This movie will question your belief in GOD, or your belief there is no GOD.
    Great movie. I have to get the Blu-ray.
  13. It is indeed. It's not a perfect presentation but its the best we will ever get. It's from Hen's Tooth and it's on special at Amazon for $21 if I recall correctly right now. The image varies in quality--there is a hiccup caused by what I suspect is a missing frame in the main titles, and the grain is the size of snowballs during one or two shots (due to process shots combined with a grainy film stock as well as some underlit scenes where they had to push the f stop) but, on the whole, it's a nice presentaiton with stronger colors (compared to the out of print dvd). Sadly, the multi-channel soundtrack is MIA so all we get is the mono but it still sounds pretty good.

    The special features (commentary, featurette with Blatty interview, deleted scenes, etc,) are carried over. Sadly nothing new (I would have liked a commentary track from Keach, Scott Wilson or any of the surviving cast).

    With a better technical presentation (in terms of the soundtrack as visually there's not much more they could do with the film because of all the re-edits that Blatty has done over the years), more special features, etc. I would have given it five stars. I gave the film four because of some of the issues.
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  14. Hurry. A couple of the B&N I've gone to have been picked over or order them online.
  15. MYKE

    MYKE Analog Upstairs, Digital Downstairs

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  17. MadMelMon

    MadMelMon Forum Resident

    I'm fairly jaded, but the climax of that film got way, way under my skin. I literally had to stop it and walk outside.

    I'm a Lulu obsessive, and I'm wondering the same thing. I remember going onto the Criterion site and sorting all their blu-rays by year, and there were maybe five silent titles out of more than 300. The vast majority of their new blu-ray releases are of titles they've already done on DVD, so I'm hoping Pandora's Box isn't too far away. But still...five or six silents out of 300? There's no Vampyr, Haxan, Passion of Joan of Arc, etc. I know that silents don't exactly fly off the shelves, even for the Criterion crowd, but it seems that the silents that WOULD sell are the ones they haven't even announced yet.

    Silents are, of course, older, and presumably require more care during transfer (and it's not like they can just take the DVD transfer and plop it onto a blu-ray.) But again, the ones that would sell aren't on the list. Rights, maybe?

    Don't know if anyone's mentioned it, but the blu-ray of Herzog's Nosferatu is an embarrassment. There's ghosting, for god sakes (no pun intended.)

    The recent Phantom of the Paradise is unbelievable. The reds are slightly saturated, but that's not exactly a deal breaker on a film as enthusiastically garish as that one. Good god, that one's beautiful.

    Kino's Mario Bavas have all been fantastic.

    Redemption has put out five films by Alain Robbe-Grillet that I didn't even know existed (Robbe-Grillet was the writer for Last Year at Marienbad, which is easily my favorite film of all time.) Watching the Redemption titles changed my perspective on Robbe-Grillet and Marienbad itself: I always thought of Marienbad as a Resnais effort with Robbe-Grillet's input. Now I'm wondering why he bothered working with Resnais at all. Marienbad fans need Eden and After and Successive Slidings of Pleasure. They don't have Sacha Vierney's cinematography, but they're still visually stunning.

    Argento's Suspiria is supposedly getting a 2005 release that's being struck from the original negatives. That's the only film I'd compare to Marienbad in terms of cinematography, even if it is a gore fest. Beautiful as only something truly horrifying can be.

    Jodorowsky's The Holy Mountain looks great as well. I'd recommend the film, but if you're the kind of person who'd be into it, you presumably already know :D
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  18. Rachael Bee

    Rachael Bee Miembra muy loca

  19. I'll probably have to.
  20. I assume you meant 2015? But which company did you hear that about? Criterion? Kino? Arrow? MoC? I was gonna look into a purchase but if your info is correct I'll wait.
  21. Larry Mc

    Larry Mc Forum Dude

  22. MadMelMon

    MadMelMon Forum Resident

    GAH! Heh. That's what I get for not proofreading. It's Synapse.

    And now that I'm checking dates, that 2015 info is from a forum post in 2009 o_O

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  24. Looks like you're batting a perfect game. Can't wait to see what you choose next. Howard the Duck, maybe?
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  25. Well, I read that the release is still set for 2015. So I'm glad you didn't post this back in 2009. Hell of a wait that woulda been. Apparently the release was announced in 2009 but always set for release in 2015!
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