What old TV shows have you been watching lately?

Discussion in 'Visual Arts' started by James Slattery, Jul 2, 2020.

  1. Kevin j

    Kevin j The 5th 99

    Seattle Area
    party down
  2. Grand_Ennui

    Grand_Ennui Forum Resident

    Repeats of 'Judge Judy', as well as 'Lawman' and 'Rawhide'.
  3. I just finished a run through of all 4 seasons of The Wild Wild West.

    Thoroughly enjoyed it!
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  4. Bea Jonas

    Bea Jonas Only Visiting This Planet

    Fort Wayne
    Perry Mason on Paramount+
    Harry O on YouTube
  5. Silver Surfer

    Silver Surfer Love Is Understanding

    My wife wanted the complete series of "Matlock" for Christmas. We've been watching one or two episodes nightly. I understand it's popularity, but I find Andy Griffith off-putting in every role but Andy Taylor and even "he" can be a bit much in some of the later seasons. I guess watching "A Face In the Crowd" too often has spoiled my enjoyment of his work. Griffith is that good in that film.
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  6. Audiowannabee

    Audiowannabee Forum Resident

    All 11 seasons of the X files and also binge watched "Fringe"

    I must say watching X files again twenty years later is definitely mind blowing in similarities of the last 3 years
  7. HGN2001

    HGN2001 Mystery picture member

    12 o'Clock High. It's available to stream on Amazon.
  8. Blastproof

    Blastproof Forum Resident

    Mooresville, NC
    I am finally re-watching Star Trek for the first time in years. I bought the original Blu Rays here, and I am enjoying the original effects. The "updated" effects are already dated, and the original films remind me of how my imagination took shape. The acting isn't as hammy as I'd long thought, and some of the stories are very good. THAT BEING SAID, there is a LOT of cheese on that plate as well.
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  9. MikaelaArsenault

    MikaelaArsenault Forum Resident

    New Hampshire
    Cheers on Hulu
  10. a customer

    a customer Forum Resident

    The avengers season 5
    The superlative seven
    Donald Southerland (right before the dirty dozen) )and Charlotte rampling

    Previous episode Christopher Lee
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  11. KevinP

    KevinP Forum introvert

    Match Game '77

    Started with '73 but at first I was watching sporadic episodes, whatever YouTube recommended. Then, with one essentially random episode, I started watching chronologically. Have seen them all from somewhere-in-73 up till episode 1010 or whatever I'm on, but at some point need to go back and pick up the early ones I skipped.

    An episode or two a day, often while doing something else.

    Time have changed, and I'm not going to voice the tired lament, 'You sure can't say that on tv anymore!' A lot of it deserves to be in the past. But much of it remains fun and nostalgic.
  12. luckybaer

    luckybaer Thinks The Devil actually beat Johnny

    I found Remington Steele, The Fall Guy, and The Pretender on Amazon Prime, along with Charlie's Angels.

    Shows from this century include Person Of Interest, reboot Hawai'i Five-0, and I'm cycling through Castle for the 3rd time.
  13. John B Good

    John B Good Forum Hall Of Fame

    NS, Canada
    Upto the 4th season but finding the always dim Duncan a bit of a trial, and Archie is annoying. He always seems to be going the wrong way. Lexie deserves better.
  14. beccabear67

    beccabear67 Musical omnivore.

    Victoria, Canada
    The Market In Honey Lane. A 1967 series made by ITC/ATV for the ITV network in the UK centering around an open market and a pub in the east end of London. It was made at Elstree studios and the BBC's East Enders is made in the same location.

    Very high quality show said to have given Coronation Street a run for the audience in it's first year but then was cut in half and moved around the schedule in many areas and disappeared after only two years. Toke Townley, later Annie Sugden's Dad in Emmerdale Farm, appears.
  15. forthlin

    forthlin Senior Member

    Decided to revisit Columbo having enjoyed the Peacock series "Poker Face" which has some definite Columbo vibes to it. So I punch in Columbo season 1, episode 1 and get to enjoy Jack Cassidy as the guest villain. So I'm thinking "Hey this is actually pretty good" and get to the end credits "Directed by Steven Spielberg." :agree:
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  16. proedros

    proedros Forum Resident

    Athens , Greece
    great show , very smart humor
  17. Hymie the Robot

    Hymie the Robot Forum Resident

    The first episode is really great, but the rest of the episodes can't seem to reach the level of the first.
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  18. MikaelaArsenault

    MikaelaArsenault Forum Resident

    New Hampshire
    Cheers on Hulu
  19. Jimmy Cleveland

    Jimmy Cleveland Well-Known Member

    Cleveland, OH
    I still wish this show would get a proper blu ray release. If Star Trek, Batman, and Lost in Space deserve it, so does TWWW!
  20. a customer

    a customer Forum Resident

    A favorite show
    High rated show cancelled for being too violent.
    Purchased the first two seasons for five bucks each
    Got the same deal on Hawaii five O .
    I have never seen an episode but 5 bucks a season I purchased hated
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  21. Just started watching that from the beginning.
    Watched the first two series at the time but not the rest.

    Bakersfield PD.
    Watched it at the time, probably on BBC2.
    Funny stuff.
    Couldn't find a copy anywhere so having to make do with some tv rips.
    Icon in the corner of the screen says 'Brilliant But Cancelled' from whenever it was shown again.
  22. George P

    George P Notable Member


    Good stuff. Got two episodes till I'm caught up.
  23. October Man

    October Man Extraordinary tales from the hard drive

    I tried watching Fringe but it just wasn't connecting with me so now its.....

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  24. jason88cubs

    jason88cubs Forum Resident

    Started watching the NBC show "Las Vegas"
  25. George P

    George P Notable Member

    I just finished that one. It really grew on me.
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