What old TV shows have you been watching lately?

Discussion in 'Visual Arts' started by James Slattery, Jul 2, 2020.

  1. Ken E.

    Ken E. Senior Member

    The Twilight Zone TOS. Just started season two. It’s neat to go back in time to when a TV series premiered in early September and ran 36 episodes in one season. It’s on Paramount Plus if you’re interested.
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  2. guitargal

    guitargal Forum Resident

    Rerun of Law & Order SVU

    Episode where Rafael Barba tells Olivia he "knows what unconditional love is " ( while pointedly looking at her .) That was a beguiling teaser, but as far as I know, they never followed up on it in the show. Too bad. She always turned Rafi down, even for drink, but I think she should have given him a chance. I've mentioned this before, but I would have much preferred Rafael and Olivia giving it a go rather than having to endure watching a Benson- Stabler hookup.

    Sigh. Seems no one involved in this show wants to give a listen to guitargal' s romantic advice for the lovelorn.
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  3. Juggsnelson

    Juggsnelson Senior Member

    Long Island
    Just started watching Remington Steele. Pretty solid first few episodes.
  4. Uglyversal

    Uglyversal Forum Resident

    I didn't realize some of the Honor Blackman episodes were remade with Emma, I particularly like the one you've mentioned. I bought the DVD set of the first -I think- HB series but after about 3 or 4 episodes I gave up, I thought they were unwatchable, not just the image but the sound of some episodes was even worse than the image. In the unlikely event they get release with better quality I will try to revisit those.
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  5. StingRay5

    StingRay5 Important Impresario

    I watched the Blackman episodes on Amazon Prime. They seemed quite acceptable to me, but they are kinescopes and that's all they'll ever be.
  6. shokhead

    shokhead Head shok and you still don't what it is. HA!

    SoCal, Long Beach
    I just started S1.
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  7. geetar_await

    geetar_await I heart Linux.

    Once in a while, I'll watch the old Saturday afternoon Westerns (Wagon Train, Rawhide, etc). Great stuff.
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  8. Manapua

    Manapua Forum Resident

    For anyone interested, Gomer Pyle U.S.M.C. Complete Series is coming to Blu-ray Feb. 13th. Well, golly!
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  9. a customer

    a customer Forum Resident

    I use to watch the show . These days
    I can't stand his voice and Sgt Carter's constant yelling. It's hard to believe that show was such a big hit .
  10. Atmospheric

    Atmospheric Forum Resident

    Rewatching The West Wing in sequence. Not only a great all around show, but eerily relevant today, even if some of the political orientations are inverted in some situations.
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  11. Vahan

    Vahan Forum Resident

    Glendale, CA, USA
    What do you mean by "in sequence"? With maybe four exceptions, every episode was broadcast in filming order.
  12. beccabear67

    beccabear67 Musical omnivore.

    Victoria, Canada
    The best Danger Man/Secret Agent Man episodes were the last couple in colour and set in Japan! To me those are a prequel to The Prisoner.

    I should pull out The Strange Report and Doomwatch sets and dip back into those...
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  13. Grand_Ennui

    Grand_Ennui Forum Resident


    I think a lot of "Gomer Pyle, U.S.M.C.'s" success came by association, being a spin-off of "The Andy Griffith Show".

    "Gomer Pyle" is alright, but they never should have spun him off into his own series-He was so much better as a guest/secondary character on "Andy Griffith".
  14. Atmospheric

    Atmospheric Forum Resident

    Maybe I was late to the party when it was broadcast. Jeebus. Seriously?
  15. Vahan

    Vahan Forum Resident

    Glendale, CA, USA
    It was just a clarification. Sorry, I didn't consider that.
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  16. Onkster515

    Onkster515 Forum Resident

    Los Angeles, CA
    We were down with the flu, and saw a lot ofSix Feet Under, Hitchcock, and Antques Roadshow.
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  17. davebush

    davebush New Test Leper

    Fonthill, ON
    I've been re-watching Carnivale this month. Final episode tonight.
  18. HGN2001

    HGN2001 Mystery picture member


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  19. Richard Austen

    Richard Austen Forum Resident

    Hong Kong
  20. MikaelaArsenault

    MikaelaArsenault Forum Resident

    New Hampshire
    Adam-12 on FETV
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  21. DamnDirtyApe

    DamnDirtyApe Forum Resident

    I have them all on disc, and I'm about to do my annual series rewatch of both that show and Outer Limits that I do every Christmas.

    I put em on and have them playing in the background while I do work on the computer or play games etc.
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  22. Matt Richardson

    Matt Richardson Forum Resident

    Suburban Chicago
    I’ve been watching it too.

    When it originally aired I was a young teen and I thought it was boring. Now I’m in my late fifties and the low-key humor appeals to me.
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  23. X-Files, Babylon 5, Nowhere Man
  24. I actually bought the blu ray for all the extras. $35 in an Amazon sale.
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  25. John B Good

    John B Good Forum Hall Of Fame

    NS, Canada
    Dangerman I'm only on the first disk but am thoroughly enjoying it. Very crisp and enjoyable plots, and good looking.

    Number 6 talks so much like John Drake, and one episode of Danger Man uses Portmeiron for a backdrop!

    BTW, there was recently a discussion of Paul Newman here and at many times In Dangerman McGoohan looks like Newman when he turns his head certain ways.
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