What other artists could a Bohemian Rhapsody-type work for?

Discussion in 'Visual Arts' started by Peace N. Love, Jan 4, 2019.

  1. Peace N. Love

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    I don't mean in every respect, but to me, the film's strength comes from it's building to the climactic concert performance. Of course, not that many artists were at their performance peak as late in the game as Queen at Live Aid, but I think you could apply a similar approach elsewhere.

    Off the top off my head, you could do a Neil Diamond bio that covers his early years and then ends with the Greek/Hot August Night concerts. You could potentially do something similar for KISS and end it with a show somewhere between '75 and '77.

    I also think that using the original recordings was essential in BR.
  2. Combination

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    New Orleans
  3. Encuentro

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    INXS at Wembley. It was their biggest show at the height of their popularity.
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  4. GodShifter

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    I honestly don’t think Queen was at their peak at “Live Aid”.
  5. Ghostworld

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    I think they all more or less end this way. Hey kids, let's put on a show!
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  6. LeBon Bush

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    Bowie's Hammersmith concert in '73 where he 'killed' Ziggy and the Spiders. I'd love to see a good dramatization of his early years up to that show!
  7. Quadboy

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    Keith Moon and John Entwistle movie up to their Live peak in 1976 with Keith's final show in Toronto.
  8. Peace N. Love

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    Curious when you think they did peak. I am no Queen expert by any means, but on a casual perusal of live clips from various eras, they seemed to have something extra happening at Live Aid and the '86 tour, but I'm open to being persuaded otherwise.
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  9. Oakvale

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    The Live Aid concert was just a return to their former insane excellence as a live band rather than it ushering a new era of greatness in. I think as a live band, while always great, they peaked in 1980/1981 or so.
  10. dlokazip

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    There was a lot of drama with Led Zeppelin before their 1979 Knebworth shows. Not saying that was their peak, but it does show a resilience in the face of adversity before being dealt their final blow.
  11. The Panda

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    Maybe Zevon.
    It would end with recording that great last album and close with Keep Me in Your Heart.
  12. Jimmy Mac

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    Honestly...I think in this style the complete parallel bio pic like this would be for Kiss. Tough start, reach their peak, stumble and fall hard, and then the Detroit June 28th 1996 would be their "Live Aid"
  13. Spaghettiows

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    Musician biopics can be hit or miss and always have incorrect timelines, but I believe that David Bowie deserves a good one. He doesn't have that obvious "comeback performance" but the way he laid the path for the release of Blackstar as he was dying could be just as compelling.
  14. KAJ1971

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  15. The Hermit

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    If they were ever to attempt a Led Zeppelin bio-pic onscreen, I've always thought they should concentrate on the infamous 1977 U.S. tour, but with both flashbacks to earlier times and even flash-forwards to later events as and when needed in the narrative, but the '77 tour remains the lynchpin of the story as it was both the culmination and essentially the end of Zeppelin as they had been previously to that point.

    Call the film Swan Song, which is very appropriate... not only because of the obvious Zeppelin reference, but also because it really was their swan song, again, as they had been from their formation in 1968 up to that notorious jaunt, it all led up to that tour and how it all but finished them off... after that, they were never the same band.

    The trouble with such a movie would be for it to work properly, you need the original Zeppelin music on the soundtrack... and the band would NEVER give their blessing to such an endeavor!!!
  16. intv7

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    A Kiss movie should end on the reunion tour. Show all the years in the early '80s where their popularity dwindled and the ensuing struggle in the MTV era to stay in the game. Then highlight how things went full circle with nostalgia 20 years after their peak -- end on the band playing to a sold out Tiger Stadium.

    I also think that Fleetwood Mac would make an awesome biopic. Even the drama that went down BEFORE Stevie and Lindsey even joined the band would make for a riveting flick. Peter Green's descent and exit, Jeremy Spencer walking off from a tour and joining a religious cult, Danny Kirwan being shown the door, Bob Weston getting the gig as guitarist -- only to have an affair with Mick Fleetwood's wife, their manager sending a phony Fleetwood Mac on the road....!!! Then the Rumours drama, and everything that went down after that. End the movie with The Dance.
  17. Oasis perhaps, more or less following the "from humble beginnings to generation-defining concert blowout" template of the Supersonic documentary.
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  18. The Panda

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    And Jimmy would have to be willing to remind fans that he was on his way to being a full fledged junkie. Anybody willing to lose weight for the role to the point that you have arms like Karen Carpenter?
    I didn't some of those pictures til they had broken up; damn he was just skin and bones.
  19. Jack Lord

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    Washington, DC
    Well if you are looking to end on a high note, look no further than Jimi Hendrix. Show him briefly growing up, serving in the Army, backing Little Richard, meeting Chandler, Mitchell, and Redding, and finally doing the Star Spangled Banner at Woodstock.
  20. bekayne

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    Shed Seven
  21. Yeah, even if a producer could get sync rights to the catalogue I think a LZ movie would ultimately be a pretty sordid, depressing affair.
  22. dlokazip

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    Now, for Pink Floyd, you'd need a miniseries on Netflix or Prime.

    For example:
    Episode 1 ends with them not picking up Syd.
    Episode 3 ends with Roger spitting on a fan.
    Episode 4 is comprised entirely of The Wall album, tour, and film.
    Final episode would contain Live 8 performance, Rick's death, and a few bits about Roger's Wall tour and The Endless River album.
  23. dirwuf

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    Van Halen
  24. PaulKTF

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    How about Nirvana?
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  25. Raf

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    Any artist or band who doesn't care to have the real story portrayed on the screen.

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