What other artists could a Bohemian Rhapsody-type work for?

Discussion in 'Visual Arts' started by Peace N. Love, Jan 4, 2019.

  1. GodShifter

    GodShifter Negative Creep®

    Dallas, TX, USA
    Bowie, I’d think. His story is extremely interesting.
  2. neo123

    neo123 Forum Resident

    Northern Kentucky

    Bowie biopic could definitely work.

    Also, giving it a title of one of his songs, such as Starman.
  3. jon9091

    jon9091 Master Of Reality

    Michael Jackson maybe? Prince?
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  4. GodShifter

    GodShifter Negative Creep®

    Dallas, TX, USA
    I’m thinking “Moonlight Daydream” as “Starman” has already been used. I like it, though.
  5. GodShifter

    GodShifter Negative Creep®

    Dallas, TX, USA
    Come to think of it with Bowie you could have a Rami Malek cameo and people would go wild.

    Who’d be a good actor to portray Bowie? Dunno. One of The Hemsworths?

    (be gentle, throw small rocks).

    I’ll think on it more.
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  6. evillouie

    evillouie Forum Resident

    Marc Bolan.
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  7. Oakvale

    Oakvale Man in a Suitcase

    If we're talking big names (sort of the opposite of Malek who wasn't a A-Lister) I think Brad Pitt could do a convincing Bowie. Probably a bit old now. They made Christian Bale into Dick Cheney so maybe it doesn't matter?

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  8. CDFanatic

    CDFanatic Forum Resident

    Vancouver Island
    Stevie Ray Vaughan
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  9. neo123

    neo123 Forum Resident

    Northern Kentucky
    Someone who can act, sing and have stage presence. Someone like an ex-Mouseketeer.

    Ryan Gosling or Justin Timberlake????

    (don't be gentle, throw big rocks)

  10. jeffrey walsh

    jeffrey walsh Forum Resident

    Scranton, Pa. USA
    Mott the Hoople
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  11. vince

    vince Stan Ricker's son-in-law

    Andy Partridge (&XTC).....
    The whole "Valium withdrawal"-thing could make quite a compelling story!
    Then, end with the 'even-when-you-win, you-lose' element of "Dear God".
    I'd go see it!
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  12. andrewskyDE

    andrewskyDE Island Owner

    Zack Island
    John Lennon
    remaking few parts of the Nowhere Boy film and following the paths up till December 1980
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  13. James Slattery

    James Slattery Forum Resident

    Long Island
    Phil Spector
    David Cassidy
    Jackie DeShannon
  14. Denim Chicken

    Denim Chicken Forum Resident

    Bakersfield, CA
    Now that we have a Brian film, I’d love one focusing on Dennis Wilson.
  15. unclefred

    unclefred Coastie with the Moastie

    Oregon Coast
    Good pick. his story would be compelling on the big screen. It all ends ala Buddy Holley in the aircraft but the backstory- the years of blues clubs, "overnight fame" when he was brought into the big leagues by John Hammond, Jackson Brown and Bowie, getting booed at Montreux during an excellent performance and then his triumphant return there a couple of years later. The Road struggles, the rehab and his stellar comeback.
  16. jon9091

    jon9091 Master Of Reality

    Lynyrd Skynyrd
  17. KevinP

    KevinP Forum introvert

    Wellington , NZ
    Probably no one because it would be considered derivative. now.
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  18. dewey02

    dewey02 Forum Resident

    The mid-South.
    The success f this movie was somewhat unexpected.
    No doubt lots of copycat biopics with other bands will follow.
    My opinion: None will be good and none will be as successful....even the Rocketman (and I'm not talking about the N.Korean guy)
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  19. the pope ondine

    the pope ondine Forum Resident

    yep, somewhere some studio exec is running thru bands and songs right now...
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  20. Chrome_Head

    Chrome_Head Forum Resident

    Los Angeles, CA.
    You would need to space it out to at least 8 episodes, IMO:

    1 - Early days in Cambridge, start of the first incarnation of the band with Syd fronting.
    2 - Early success, but Syd's troubles mount. Here at the end you could have them not picking him up for rehearsal.
    3 - The band finding its way after Syd. More through Meddle or Obscured By Clouds. Plenty here to pack into one episode.
    4 - The band finds its second massive success with Dark Side of The Moon. Their troubles in following it up.
    5 - Wish You Were Here through Animals. Fissures begin in the Waters-led incarnation of the band.
    6 - The Wall and its resulting live debacle as the band fractures.
    7 - The Wall film (get the guy who played Geldof in Bohemian Rhapsody back for this, lol), Final Cut and the dissolution of the band.
    8 - Everything that happened after and to this day (or through Momentary Lapse to Endless River and Waters solo excursions. Draw parallels to Waters' Wall concept and the anti-immigrant hysteria of today's political situation. Syd would be a specter through the whole show.

    And like a Led Zep biopic, it would never happen without the use of the band's original music, which the Floyd would likely not grant.

    We'll see. I thought Bohemian Rhapsody was a pretty enjoyable film, but it hewed pretty close to the style of the Johnny Cash biopic and others, IMO.
  21. unclefred

    unclefred Coastie with the Moastie

    Oregon Coast
    The biopic has been done well many times before Queen

  22. R. Cat Conrad

    R. Cat Conrad While the moderators jest... Well, you know

    D/FW Metroplex
    Bon Scott - From prog-rock unknown to superstar heavy metal front man. Possible title: "It's A Long Way To The Top"

  23. nedison

    nedison Peter Blegvad's #1 Fan

    Rock Bio-pics that could be fantastic:
    • Jonathan Richman
      • Early days seeing the Velvet Underground
      • First gigs
      • Recording The Modern Lovers
      • Going to Bermuda and having his conception of music fundamentally changed
      • Returning home and having your heart and inspiration totally at odds with your most successful recordings
      • Carving out a new following and finding success on his own terms
    • Marianne Faithfull
      • Early years as a pop singer
      • Relationship with Jagger/Stones
      • Wilderness years
      • Reemergence as chanteuse nursing broken wings
    And after watching Bandersnatch on Netflix, I really want a Pulp biopic starring Fionn Whitehead as Jarvis Cocker that culminates in their headlining set at Glastonbury.
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  24. Flippikat

    Flippikat Forum Resident

    At the risk of verging on "Doctor Who" territory (and that Bob Dylan movie), I'd venture you could have a handful of actors playing Bowie at various eras.. regeneration scenes optional ;-)
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  25. Zoot Marimba

    Zoot Marimba And I’m The Critic Of The Group

    They actually were planning one a while back with Aaron Eckhart as Dennis. It fell through and there hasn’t been any update. Shame because in some ways I think a Dennis film would be more compelling than Love And Mercy.
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