What specific songs from All Things Must Pass album did Ringo play drums on?

Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by J Alesait, Dec 7, 2018.

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    I know he played on Wah-Wah, the title track and a few others.
  2. Former Lee Warmer

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    The Jams on disc 3
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  3. Rfreeman

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    I believe he was Tambourine on MSL. I always thought I Dig Love was him.
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  4. If I recall correctly he plays on the majority of the tracks. Ringo is the main drummer on "All Things Must Pass".
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    If I remember correctly, he does not play on any of the Apple jams. Those are all Jim Gordon.
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  6. All Things Must Pass - Who played What on Which Song

    According to Simon Lang book, mentioned in the thread above, It's Ringo on 7 songs (Alan White on 4 & Jim Gordon on 9.... 18 songs on the first two proper albums ... 3 drummers on a couple songs)
    My Sweet Lord
    Isn't It A Pity
    Beware of Darkness
    All Things Must Pass
    I Dig Live
    Isn't It A Pity (Version 2)
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  7. pbuzby

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    Jim Gordon except "I Remember Jeep" which is Ginger Baker.
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  8. That should read
    a) Simon "Leng"
    ... and...
    b) "2 drummers on a couple songs"

    And in the thread cited above George Harrison said he thought Ringo played drums on about half the album

    ... another poster cited two core groups:
    Bobby Whitlick, Carl Radle & Jim Gordon.
    Billy Preston, Klaus Voorman & Ringo Starr
    And notes the later overdub sessions were Ringo Starr & Alan White... and that sometimes either Ringo or Alan would end up drumming with Clapton, Radle & Whitlock (rather than Gordon).
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  9. J Alesait

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    Thank you!!
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