What stereo gear are you planning to purchase in 2021?

Discussion in 'Audio Hardware' started by LeeS, Dec 4, 2020.

  1. jacchank

    jacchank Forum Resident

    rochester new york
    just bought a realistic equalizer model 31-1987 for $15

    and tomorrow... a sharp dx 670 cd player for $10
  2. Daedalus

    Daedalus I haven't heard it all.....

    Check out the Quicksilver Audio Integrated-EL84, etc. I own one so I have extensive listening time with it.
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  3. SteveFord

    SteveFord Forum Resident

    Shnecksville PA
    I think I'm just about done.
    The LRS' could stand a better amplifier before the snow flies.
    Maybe Santa will be good to me this year. He usually is because I'm so well behaved.
  4. Doctor Fine

    Doctor Fine Meat and Potatoes all day long

    Boy I sure made a liar out of myself this year and bought a lot of new stuff.
    Four new phono stages!---a Rega Fono MM MK3, two SimAudio Moon LP110V2 and a Lehmann Black Cube SEII.
    New Audio Technica VM750SH.
    Put cutting boards under my turntables and used silicone to isolate them from vibrations.
    All new headphone setup with high power, balanced Sennheiser HD650s and DBX EQ system.
    Rewired the house with Cat6 and put Qobuz back on tap.
    Denafrips Pontus II and Ares II DACs.

    I think it all qualifies as "finishing stuff" on the install side more than "upgrade-itis."
    These angles were simply never addressed in the original setup of the system.
    My phono stuff was not really pursued initially---just adequate and left for "later."
    And the DACs are understandable as technology is improving.

    So I don't count any of this stuff as breaking my rule.
    "Build it all right from the first---then enjoy it forever and never sell it."
    Well---I haven't sold anything as an upgrade happened.
    Just added stuff I never had before.

    And no, I don't feel guilty one little bit!
    But meanwhile I have a lot more "Fi" in my HiFi!
  5. SteveFord

    SteveFord Forum Resident

    Shnecksville PA
    I'm not sure if this counts as I'm not longer planning on purchasing it.
    It showed up this morning so that is in the past.

  6. sberger

    sberger Dream Baby Dream

    The turntable collection grows:

  7. searing75

    searing75 Forum Resident

    Western NY
    Was thinking of getting ALK extreme slope crossovers for my Cornwalls?

    ATSMUSIC Forum Resident

    MD, USA
    I bought used Bryston 7b sst2 mono blocks and floor model B&W 800 d3s. Can't wait for the 16th for the install.
  9. Ontheone

    Ontheone Poorly Understood Member

    Thanks for the suggestion. Since last posting in this thread I have actually picked up a Leben CS-300cx (EL84) amp and a Luxman MQ-88uC, so I've scratched the cited "itch" but still remain on the lookout for a 300b someday.
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  10. Daedalus

    Daedalus I haven't heard it all.....

    I heard a Leben at a NYC dealer a couple of years ago-very nice!
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  11. Len-ski

    Len-ski Forum Resident

    So my pre-order for the new Yamaha RX-A8A receiver got delayed due to the chip shortage and since I been waiting for months I gave up and canceled the order. So how did I solve this dilemma ? I spent twice as much and bought the Denon 20th Anniversary Limited Edition AVR-A110. I’ve had it for 5 days now and absolutely love it.
  12. csgreene

    csgreene Forum Resident

    Idaho, USA
    I was planning on buying nothing yet just last week, over Labor Day, I bought an AT VM540ML cartridge and installed it on my SL-1210GR turntable replacing my VM95ML ( a great cartridge!). The 540 is just a little better (separation and output).
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  13. Tone?

    Tone? Forum Resident

    San Francisco
    I’m just ‘ playing around’ at this point.

    focused on DACs.
    Not that I’m not satisfied with mine. As a matter of fact highly satisfied .
    just having fun playing around and auditioning stuff.
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  14. Musicphil

    Musicphil Well-Known Member

    West mids uk
    I think I won't be adding anymore this year.
    Already purchased Willsenton R8, Wharfedale Evo 4.3 speakers, iFi Zen phono amp and a Denon DL110, finally spent up!
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  15. Rayvano

    Rayvano Forum Resident

    All of this has been changed
    For our living room, I’ve bought a Naim Uniti Star and kept my LS50’s

    As I said we have been moved now to a bigger house, so I have my own listening room.
    For this room I bought a pair of Focal Sopra no1 and a Naim supernait 3.

    So I’m done for 2021 ;)

    My listening room

    Post photos of your systems/rooms here! (Part 15)
  16. Morbius

    Morbius Forum Resident

    Brookline, MA
    Trying to decide if I want a McIntosh MAC7200 and definitely going to need an Apheta 3 for my Rega.
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  17. fmfxray373

    fmfxray373 Capitol LPs in the 70s were pretty good.

    san diego
    I just bought a Decware SE84UFO but it will take several months before it shows up.
  18. psulioninks

    psulioninks Forum Resident

    KC Chiefs Kingdom
    I've been wanting to add an active preamp to my stable of gear - something different from my current McCormack TLC-1 passive preamp (which needs some service and upgrades). I've been watching the usual places for an affordable Manley preamp in great condition. To my surprise, a nice Manley Shrimp hit the market this weekend which I snagged. As a bonus, the input tubes are the highly coveted Mullard KQDD/K Cv4024 tubes which run $100 or so - bonus!

    I should have it later this week!
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  19. roxy17

    roxy17 Active Member

    athens (GR)
    2021-have already bought DENON DCD-800NE Cd player and Rupert Neve Designs RNHP headphone amplifier, so my next target is to replace my (vintage) Marantz PM645 VXI amplifier :D.
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  20. sberger

    sberger Dream Baby Dream

    Another unplanned purchase. Epicure 20+ speakers. Can remember first hearing them(either Tech Hi Fi, or Tweeter) around 1980. They were made just a few miles north in Newburyport. So like AR speakers/turntable, it's particularly special being able to have these in my house now.

    And yeah, they sound very good.

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  21. MMan1

    MMan1 Forum Resident

    Very happy with what I have even if I had the money to upgrade all of it - which I don't.
  22. Ingenieur

    Ingenieur Forum Resident

    Plan?! What plan!? That was shyte-canned in January. :biglaugh:

    We're working on a whim now. ;)
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  23. Oddiofyl

    Oddiofyl Forum Resident

    I was fortunate to buy Klipsch Forte IV earlier this year..... then I totally went mid life crisis and am having a Toolshed Amps 300b amplifier built..... with all the goodies. Should have it by end of year or January.
  24. Ham Sandwich

    Ham Sandwich Forum Resident

    Sherwood, OR, USA
    The power to be happy with what you have to be happy with

    I've been listening to some King Crimson today
  25. Drumaniac - R

    Drumaniac - R Forum Resident

    Toronto, Ontario

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