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What stereo gear are you planning to purchase in 2021?

Discussion in 'Audio Hardware' started by LeeS, Dec 4, 2020.

  1. Blair G.

    Blair G. Senior Member

    Delta, BC, Canada
    Thinkin about a sub for my two channel room.
    Maybe a REL
    And seriously tempted by the Modwright tube buffer, if it ever comes out.
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  2. Daedalus

    Daedalus I haven't heard it all.....

    Those are speakers that re-produce live concert recordings with all the scale and drama you could ask for! Efficient-yes, but do they respond well to power-yes. Congrats on your purchase!
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  3. Drew769

    Drew769 Buyer of s*** I never knew I lacked

    Kirmuss is a well-made machine and it is priced right. However, it is anything but a “pop your new records in and let it rip“ kind of machine. it is extremely labor-intensive, and requires you to go through all the steps. It does tend to create a white paste like substance if you try to take a shortcut. You also have to change out the distilled water after every session, and this machine takes more distilled water than most. I also do not like the drying aspect, or rather, the lack thereof. I was an early adopter, but I sold mine last year and traded it in on a Degritter. It is much more expensive, however, it truly is a “drop your new record in and let it rip“ kind of machine. A record cleaning machine is only good if you actually use it. I clean every record now because it is so easy.

    if you do go through all of the steps with a Kirmuss machine, you can clean two records in about 20 minutes time properly. Using my wet drying machine to give a final clean rinse and vacuum always yielded the best results, and it did bring outstanding results when I invested that time. For reference, the Degritter on a deep clean cycle can take close to 10 minutes as well, however, there is no work involved whatsoever and you can do it anytime as long as there is distilled water in the tank.
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  4. imthetxman

    imthetxman HardMediaMan

    I currently use a manual spin clean set up - "record friend" from big fudge. It works ok but have always wondered if the $3k cost of a Degritter would be worth the investment. Sounds like you speak highly of it. Have you noticed a difference in how the records play and hold up over time?
  5. Drew769

    Drew769 Buyer of s*** I never knew I lacked

    I haven’t noticed any degradation after cleaning them. I generally take care in how I handle and store my records, so they tend to stay clean and quiet.

    Regarding value, the absolute best value in RCMs is just your most basic Nitty Gritty or VPI machine (or similar with vacuum). I bought a used NG many years ago for something like $150, and I can clean records quickly and effectively within a couple of minutes. The Degritter is great, and involves no effort at all, but I’m not sure it’s $2700 better than my Nitty Gritty. By the way, I still sometimes use the NG in tandem with the Drgritter. There is no substitute for a good scrubbing on some records, or a good wet rinse.
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  6. LeeS

    LeeS Music Fan Thread Starter

    Sadly, I must report that the Degritter quiet a bit better than the vacuum machines. If you buy or collect a lot of records, it is well worth it.

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