What version of Amadeus?

Discussion in 'Visual Arts' started by head_unit, Jun 13, 2012.

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  1. head_unit

    head_unit Senior Member Thread Starter

    Los Angeles CA USA
    I want to get this Blu-ray-but which version?

    Amazon shows two different-looking Director's Cuts, and the one that doesn't say Director's Cut actually seems to be if I read the reviews.

    A number of commentators prefer the original cut, which does not seem to be out on BD?
  2. Doctor Flang

    Doctor Flang Forum Resident

    Helsinki, Finland
  3. Collector Man

    Collector Man Well-Known Member

    In the past, I had seen the Theatrical cut of Amadeus about 10 times. But after seeing the Director's Cut on Blu Ray which is extensively longer (by about 20 minutes) and now has an running time to 180 minutes: it is the one to purchase. The film is markedly improved in my estimation.
  4. There is only one version on Blu-ray, the extended cut. Many feel it's a travesty the Oscar-winning theatrical version is unavailable, including me. The extended cut affects the pacing and adds very little of substance to the brilliant theatrical cut.
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  5. Larry Geller

    Larry Geller Surround sound lunatic

    Bayside, NY
    Get the Digi-book. It includes a CD. If you are a "fan" of Elizabeth Berridge, you DEFINITELY want the Director's Cut. And there's plenty of "substance" there.:love:
  6. Mabutu

    Mabutu E

    ****t transfer regardless of the version you get: filtered, DNR'd and they used an old broadcast master:thumbsdn:
  7. Oatsdad

    Oatsdad Oat, Biscuits and Abbie: Best Dogs Ever

    Alexandria VA
    I'm with Phantom: theatrical is better. From my review:

    "This edition adds exactly 20 minutes of previously excised footage. Many of the additions consist of small bits, but two long new sequences appear. One shows Salieri and Constanze as she tries to get him to recommend Mozart for a job, while the other offers a look at a disastrous experience Mozart had as a tutor. Another moderately substantial bit shows Katerina Cavalieri’s reaction to Mozart’s engagement.

    I felt a mixed reaction to the added footage. Some of the bits seemed useful, such as the tutorial sequence; it nicely demonstrated Mozart’s monetary problems, and it helped flesh out a subsequent exchange between Wolfie and his father. I didn’t care for either the Salieri and Constanze piece or the engagement-related sequence, however. They altered the natural flow of the film and harmed the parts that immediately followed them.

    Ultimately, I prefer the original theatrical cut. The 20 minutes of added footage doesn’t actively harm the movie, but none of it measurably improves the piece; even the parts I like don’t make Amadeus a better film. While the new bits seem interesting to see, I wish Warner Bros. had used seamless branching to allow us to watch either the original version or the director’s cut; I’d rather watch the theatrical edition in the future."
  8. testikoff

    testikoff Seasoned n00b

    ^ Ditto. It's a real shame theatrical version is not available in HD :( Oh well, the old double-sided DVD to the rescue...
  9. Rambler

    Rambler Active Member

    I just watched the movie for the first time the other day (extended Blu-Ray) and I didn't think there were any pacing problems. When a movie is this great I just can't get enough of it, even if the added bits maybe didn't improve it...
  10. Collector Man

    Collector Man Well-Known Member

    If I correctly recall , Amadeus' extended version - the extra detail also adds weight - after Mozart dies, with regard to his humiliating pauper's funeral on a wet rainy day. For well over two hours, we as viewers have been subjected to this feted skittish giggling creature. Mozart was an unrelenting frenetic, freakish musical savant - a child in a man's body. It irritates me when people want various forms of 'rigid set -speed pacing' , instead of just allowing a film to 'breathe a bit' for a change.
    How ironic :that when some theatrical- cut film is considered incoherent by 'nongs' , people start screaming for an extended Director's Cut to clarify various issues and convoluted points to finally reveal its already -alleged true greatness??!! I;E: Donnie Darko anyone?

    Just look at those typical Hollywood films that have a running time under 90 minutes. Most of them are deliberately paced examples of 'brain -junk fast food' so no one will catch all their silly flaws and faults in the script or then equally ratty execution by some hack director. Whether they be drama or comedy, 'smashing up things or people' is their usual cool order of the day. Hail the attention span of the addicted computor game mind!
  11. Michael

    Michael I LOVE WIDE S-T-E-R-E-O!

    I'm happy with my 2 DVD set...
  12. I have to disagree. I feel the director's cut adds some character moments that give additional depth to each one. It adds to the film in some unexpected and subtle ways that improve it.

    The pacing is different, yes, but it works for that one--it just isn't the theatrical cut's pacing and the unique pacing for the extended cut is well worth it.

    There is no reason, however, that both couldn't be made available on Blu with the storage capacity.
  13. Spirit Crusher

    Spirit Crusher Forum Resident

    Mad Town, WI
    Totally agree. The cinema cut (the original, released version) is a masterpiece and is a huge influence during my formative years. Milos Forman himself has explained why he cut the scenes and felt they were better left out (just as PhantomStranger described). I have a feeling he was not involved in the decision; he seemed polite but ambivalent about it.

    This is another one of those erroneous "director's cuts" - he had final cut; the cinema cut was his cut.
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  14. noname74

    noname74 Allegedly Canadian

  15. Ghostworld

    Ghostworld Senior Member

    Didn't like the extended cut. I think it makes Mozart and Constanze unlike able characters. In the theatrical cut, you have to love poor old Mozart. I was really sorry I bought he extended cut at one point.

    ATSMUSIC Forum Resident

    MD, USA
    agree, I like the original much better.
  17. testikoff

    testikoff Seasoned n00b

    Falco's Rock Me Amadeus is pretty good, but waaay different ;)
  18. greg_t

    greg_t Forum Resident

    St. Louis, MO
    Much prefer the original as well.
  19. masswriter

    masswriter Minister At Large

    New England
    Berridge's mighty twin peaks is worthy of sitting through the extended version . . color me shallow, I guess.
  20. alexpop

    alexpop Power pop + other bad habits....

    The play !
    The film was most dissapointing.
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