What was the LOUDEST concert you ever attended?

Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by Cryptical17, Feb 7, 2020.

  1. Patanoia

    Patanoia Third Ear Centre

    Grapevine, TX
    The Posies are a surprisingly loud live band who like to "rock" "out". Seeing them in the brewery part of a brew-pub didn't help, with all those reflective concrete and stainless steel surfaces.
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  2. beatstonemargo

    beatstonemargo Forum Resident

    Not quite what you were looking for but...I was fortunate enough to see the Beatles at Maple Leaf Gardens in 1965, and believe me, the crowd noise was LOUD. Only managed to hear the odd snippett of music or talk between songs.
    I wasn't prepared for the deafening surge of sound all around me. And it wasn't just the noise, many of the girls couldn't remain seated. It was an AMAZING experience however.
  3. Lexhibit

    Lexhibit Forum Resident

    Cheap Trick in a very small club in Connecticut u.s.a. 1999 3rd row ive been playing music my whole life this was so loud it was painful. They were handing out earplugs at the door. Rick neilson had a couple of fender twins on 11 so i wonder because the stage volume was so loud. So the P.A had to be deafening
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  4. MYQ1

    MYQ1 Forum Resident

    At The Stereo
    David Allan Coe in the late 90s.
    Pretty sure the paint was peeled in the venue.
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  5. bluesky

    bluesky Forum Resident

    south florida, usa
    The BAD punk one in Portland. So super LOUD.

    Should of left - but didn't.
  6. Pawnmower

    Pawnmower Senior Member

    Dearborn, MI
    the loudest concert i can remember was Vampire Weekend in 2013. the drums were vibrating my adams apple all night long and i could barely talk when i got out of there.. no idea how others were able to sing along and yell... i was dying
  7. Grand_Ennui

    Grand_Ennui Forum Resident


    I may have actually been to louder shows, but when I seen the title of this thread, David Allan Coe was the first name that popped into my head.

    I seen him at a local ballroom-It was frigging L O U D.
    This would have been around 2008/2009 or so, I'd have to check my ticket stub for the exact date.
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  8. rock76

    rock76 Forum Resident

    Northwest MEX
    Motley Crue. 1994. Tucson, AZ. I had my hearing damaged for a month afterwards.
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  9. Cryptical17

    Cryptical17 Forum Resident Thread Starter

    New York
    Neil Young & Crazy Horse 2/9/71 RPI Fieldhouse, Troy NY

    My friend told me it was going to be solo acoustic. Although I was initially disappointed that it wasn’t, I did enjoy the wall of sound overload approach immensely!:)
  10. CDjunkie

    CDjunkie New Member

    GWAR - America Must Be Destroyed (before I started wearing plugs) made me feel like my eyes were bleeding. Screwed up my hearing for about 2 months. I was never happier.

    Com Truise - The subs were lined up under the stage aimed right at my midsection. The amount of bass fired at me has most likely rendered me sterile, and I'm sure caused considerable rearrangement of my lower intestine.
  11. ConsumerComrade

    ConsumerComrade Active Member

    Kirkland, WA USA
    I don't know if they are technically the loudest, but the sound at Sunn O))) shows is so massive I feel like I've had a full body massage when it's over.
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  12. Chee

    Chee Forum Resident

    Angel City in '79...Rainbow Music Hall Denver.
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  13. skyfarm

    skyfarm Active Member

    San Jose, CA
    How were they live? They've been one of my favorite bands to come out of the psych/stoner metal scene as of late and would LOVE to catch them on tour as soon as they come back around
  14. Scott6

    Scott6 Forum Resident

    I am sure I mentioned bef0re but believe it or not it was Bob Dylan at Wembley Arena in 1997. People were complaining to stewards and simply walking out. Great gig but incredibly loud. I have seen MBV also but that was always going to be loud but Dylan I wasn't expecting!
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  15. acemachine26

    acemachine26 Forum Resident

    Bangalore, IN
    Faust at Cafe OTO. I really thought the windows at that place would shatter at any moment. It never felt unpleasant though, but just this unrelenting wall of sound that vibrated through your entire body. I'm pretty sure the fact that they were literally welding a metal barrel on stage had something to do with it.
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  16. gazatthebop

    gazatthebop Forum Resident

    no cement mixer?
  17. Cool Chemist

    Cool Chemist Forum Resident

    Bath, England
    Loud Music or Loud Clothes? Or both?
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  18. Saint Johnny

    Saint Johnny Forum Resident

    Asbury Park
    Believe it or not, but it was Peter Gabriel at the GSAC on the Security/Shock The Monkey tour.
    So loud it was actually painful. I still can't believe it was SO loud for the entire show, and I stayed for the whole show.

    Also Oasis at the Academy in NYC and The Stone Pony in early 1995 were incredibly loud as well, but nowhere near as bad as that Gabriel show.

    Others: Pantera at the GSAC. The Clash at the Palladium in 1979. Stones at MSG in 1975.
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  19. Spastica

    Spastica Run aground on the floor for you....

    Modesto, CA
    Clash of the Titans (AIC, Slayer, Anthrax, Megadeth) at Arco Arena.

    I thought my ears were going to explode during War Ensemble.
  20. PeterSteelePanther

    PeterSteelePanther Forum Resident

    New Hampshire
    Mutha's Day Out & King's X @ Saratoga Winners in '94. Arena-level amplification for a GA venue. It was great.
  21. Maxdriver

    Maxdriver Forum Resident

  22. simoncm

    simoncm Forum Resident

    In 1975 I went to see Duane Eddy at the famous 100 Club, in London's Oxford Street. He'd just returned to the UK charts with Play Me Like You Play Your Guitar, but wasn't yet back to heading major venues - it was £2 a ticket, free dish of curry, and sit where you like! Having arrived early I cannily (as I thought) bagged a seat in the front row. The show was great, but I was sitting right in front of an amplifier! - and during Peter Gunn I lost all hearing in one ear. It didn't come back till about two hours after the show finished. I did get to shake his hand as he came offstage ...
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  23. Kevin j

    Kevin j The 5th 99

    Seattle Area
    sounds like hell
  24. mark winstanley

    mark winstanley Certified dinosaur, who likes physical product

    Jimmy Barnes and Joe Ely in the early to mid eighties..... I'm sure the speakers were distorting, I know my ears were...
    Really disappointing...
  25. Kevin j

    Kevin j The 5th 99

    Seattle Area
    that was '91

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