What were the last 3 albums you played?

Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by zither, Aug 8, 2019.

  1. Oliver

    Oliver Bourbon Infused

    Hawkwind: Warrior on the Edge of Time.
    Grateful Dead: Anthem of the Sun (71 mix).
    Rush: Caress of Steel.
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  2. Crazysteve

    Crazysteve Forum Resident

    San Diego
    Sonny Clark - Leapin’ and Lopin’
    Tina Brooks - Minor Move
    Audioslave -Self Titled
  3. hakstone

    hakstone Well-Known Member

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  4. Python

    Python Forum Resident

    S.F. Bay Area
    Chris Robinson Brotherhood - If You Lived Here, You'd Be Home By Now (2016)
    Violent Femmes - Viva Wisconsin (1998)
    David Gray - A New Day At Midnight (2002)
  5. Dingly Del Boy

    Dingly Del Boy Forum Resident

    British Columbia
    Queen - Greatest Hits
    Riverside - Love, Fear and the Time Machine
    Sting - My Songs (Live)
  6. theshape

    theshape Forum Resident

    Saint Joseph, MO
    Balls to the Wall - Accept
    Green Naugahyde - Primus
    La Sexorcisto - White Zombie

    Monster (25th Anniversary box) - REM
    The Real Thing - Faith No More
    The Soft Parade (disc 2 of 50th Anniversary set) - The Doors

    Dr Feelgood - Motley Crue
    Badmotorfinger - Soundgarden
    Angel Dust - Faith No More
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  7. Haggis Wampovich

    Haggis Wampovich Forum Haggis

    Three Rivers, USA
    Blackwater Holylight - Veils of Winter

    Queens of the Stone Age - Like Clockwork

    T2- It Will All Work Out In Boomland
  8. YardByrd

    YardByrd Forum Resident

    Expat in Helsinki
    Please Please Me - Beatles; original '63 mono Parlophone LP
    A Scratch in the Sky - Cryan' Shames; '02 Sundazed reissue CD
    S/T - Buffalo Springfield; '18 ATCO mono reissue LP
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  9. Gasman1003

    Gasman1003 "Mumbling Member”

    Liverpool UK

    Fairport Convention - "Babbacombe Lee"


    Barclay James Harvest - "Concert For The People (Berlin)"


    Various Artists - "Let The Children Play"
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  10. lordfalconer

    lordfalconer Forum Resident

    Prince & the Revolution - Purple Rain
    Joy Division - Closer
    My Bloody Valentine - Loveless

    trying to cheer myself up after 2 ****ty, miserable months
  11. Backdrifter62

    Backdrifter62 Well-Known Member

    Ferrol, Spain
    Pictures at an Exhibition- Mussorgsky
    Trio for Piano, Violin & Violoncello Op 50- Tchaikovsky
    Aerial- Kate Bush
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  12. Grower of Mushrooms

    Grower of Mushrooms Omnivorous mammalian bipedal entity.

    David Bowie, Station to Station
    The Decemberists, Hazards of Love
    Neil Finn, Try Whistling This
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  13. arthurprecarious

    arthurprecarious Forum Resident

    North East England
    Pete Townshend- Who Came First (Deluxe)
    Stones - Bridge to ... (new “Vault” release)
    J.L’s ELO “From Out of Nowhere”
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  14. Zappateer

    Zappateer Forum Resident

    Weasels Ripped My Flesh
    Burnt Weeny Sandwich
    Halloween 73
  15. Micke Lindahl

    Micke Lindahl Forum Resident

    Johnny Winter - Second Winter (Vinyl)
    Joe Fournier - Raw Sugar Shed (CD)
    Dr. Feelgood - Stupidity (Vinyl)
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  16. MBT68

    MBT68 I remember dates, names, numbers...

    Byrds Fifth Dimension- 66 Columbia-Mono Press
    Danzig- ST- Def American- 88 First UK Press
    Gene Clark- White Light-AM Records 71 Press
  17. Rockford & Roll

    Rockford & Roll Forum Resident

    Midway, KY
    Ryan Bingham - Mescalito
    Van Morrison - Three Chords & The Truth
    Curtis Mayfield & The Impressions - People Get Ready
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  18. CDlover

    CDlover Well-Known Member

    Tuxedomoon - Vapour Trails CD
    The Jimi Hendrix Experience - Are You Experienced? CD
    Jefferson Airplane - Surrealistic Pillow CD
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  19. HastingsBoy

    HastingsBoy Well-Known Member

    Bob Dylan/ Johnny Cash - Travelin' Thru Disc 2
    Big Thief - UFOF
    Bill Callahan - Apocalypse
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  20. Jazzmonkie

    Jazzmonkie Can't stop buying music.

    Tempe, AZ
    Tell It Like It Is - George Benson
    Bloom Cheek - What Laura Says
    Songs Cycled - Van Dyke Parks
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  21. RedRoseSpeedway

    RedRoseSpeedway Music Lover

    U2 - Boy

    The Monkees - More Of The Monkees (mono album, stereo album, and rarities from disc 1 of the super deluxe box set)

    Genesis - Selling England By The Pound
  22. RedRoseSpeedway

    RedRoseSpeedway Music Lover

    Earth, Wind & Fire - Earth, Wind and Fire

    Phoenix - Ti Amo

    Gorillaz - The Now Now
  23. Musical Chairs

    Musical Chairs Forum Resident

    Tupac Shakur's Greatest Hits

    America's Greatest Hits (History)

    The Very Best of Sheryl Crow

    All on CD.
  24. Billchi_11

    Billchi_11 What would DBoon do?

    Laika - Silver Apples
    Neutral Milk -Aeroplane
    Stones - Goat's Head (which I decided I really don't like that well anymore)
  25. Weldon Harris

    Weldon Harris Well-Known Member

    Van Morrison - Veedon Fleece
    The Stones - Tattoo You
    Janis Joplin - Greatest Hits

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