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What's the Best Indiana Jones Movie?

Discussion in 'Visual Arts' started by Oatsdad, Feb 23, 2019.


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    Perhaps Tom Selleck could have appeared in ‘Crusade’s’ opening sequence as the Indy looking character that the young Indiana Jones steals the Cross of Coronado from. That would have been a nice nod to Sellecks almost casting.
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  2. JediJones

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    Selleck would've given that part more impact, but maybe too much. He would've stolen the scene, and we wouldn't have been thinking about Indy.

    I could also imagine a plot where Selleck plays Indy's brother, and they make it another buddy picture like Ford and Connery had.

    The fridge scene is one of many unlikely action sequences, but it probably goes a fridge too far. To have the fridge tumbling and rolling across the ground at high speeds and not have Indy severely injured doesn't seem possible. Impossible is not the same as unlikely. I think the original concept was that the fridge would stay in place, and the lead lining would help Indy survive the blast. At some point, THAT was decided to be implausible and the whole idea of the fridge being thrown from the blast was added in. Which I don't think helps.

    Of course the whole thing was repurposed from an old Back to the Future script draft where Marty gets back to the future by getting inside a fridge time machine at an atomic testing site, to get his 1.21 gigawatts. Which kind of explains why this scene isn't very organic to Crystal Skull and has to have the weird "thrown from the blast" part tacked on, which is the weakest aspect of the scene.

    Back to the Future - The First Time Machine was a Refrigerator, not a Delorean

    "The atomic test came into play for the return trip. Instead of a clock tower hit by lightning, “the 1952 version of Emmett Brown… rigged up a special lead-lined refrigerator with the device attached to it so that Marty could ride out the atomic detonation inside the refrigerator while the blast would trigger the time travel device.”"

    Marty learned in school that the last atomic test had happened in 1952, so that's how they knew about it. Which is actually more organic and plausible in that story than is the replacement plot with the lightning bolt and the clock tower. It isn't that plausible that 30 years later people are still going to be talking about where lightning struck.

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