What's the best sounding "Boston"???????

Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by robby, Nov 28, 2004.

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    I like the current CD release just fine. The DR numbers on it are awful but I think it sounds fine. The old 1980s Epic CD is okay too, the DR numbers are better and you can probably find t used for cheap.
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    At least they didn't play the harmonies from tape.
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    That would be the "grail" for this title on cd.

    It's the original master that was only used for a couple of years, at most. Finding one of those early Japanese presses with the slide on, box style, OBI, is nearly impossible, especially in that condition. The value for this one is in the rarity of the pressing + the rarity of the mastering for this title.

    The same master was used for the USA released first press (made in Japan and had the same matrix).

    The title disappeared for a time in the mid 80's and was re-released in about 1986, with a new mastering, that most people find less impressive than the first pressing and master.

    Thus, I was shocked that I found a US released version of this 35.8P master (page 6 of this thread, post #135) for $6 + shipping, on ebay, a few months ago. Even the US released edition goes for big bucks, usually. It's a nice sounding disc, overall. But without having heard other versions of this recording, I can't offer how much of a premium this version is compared to any others.
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    Wow , Who would have known , I must have had the 1986 , I never liked it when the Mastersound gold cd came out I got rid of it . I wonder how much of a difference the mastersound has from the original first press then?
    There is a Journey cd from the same time selling for the same amount . Oh for a time machine.... lol .
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    How are the made in Austria cds ?
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    I have the SBM Gold Mastersound of DLB and I think it sounds great. BUT, I've always wondered how it compares to that first mastering - Japan and Japan for US pressing.

    Back around 1985 I went to a store that Eddie Trunk worked at - Alwick Records. I asked if they could get the DLB CD in for me. He said it was pulled due to a lawsuit and it was very hard to find and to expect to pay $100 if I found one. Not long after, the 1986 release came out.

    I have the original Journey Escape CD and REO Speedwagon Hi Infidelity CD that are from the same early Japan series. I know the Journey is black and gold. The REO is either black and gold or black and silver. The Journey especially sounds great and much better than any other mastering.
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    I believe the Japan 35DP for Escape mastering was passed on to the early US DADC which also carries pre. The EQ was later added in the late 80's.
    I would love to find those oldies out and about :)
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    My original pressing LP of the debut sounds so good that I sometimes use it to "show off" my system.
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    Agreed, the transfer I did for my old Wally/Allen is my go to. But for those who don't want or care about the format I'm happy to see compact disc discussions as well. I'm a fan of both :)
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    For the Boston self-titled cd...the Austrian pressing is the best I have heard, although it has the same mastering as the first, and second, Japan-for-Japan pressings - at least according to the EAC results!! The EQ seems to be a little less 'bright' than the Japan versions, to my ears...
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    Some great stuff here guys , I did not start my cd collection till 88 so all ready by then all the good stuff was all ready OOP . Since then I have bought so many remasters and imported versions my head gets dizzy just thinking about it . Why are all the remasters catered to sound with today's music (which sucks buy the way) , Why even from the good bands new studio albums compressed the crap out of cds from the 90's on.... Kinda resorts to have to look into vinyl which i just don't want to get into again . I don't have the money and time for probably 2K to spend on the proper system . Now there are web sights where people are doing just that transferring there vinyl with high quality stuff .

    I can't say I feel bad to download when I have spent so much over and over on cds . Put the darn thing out on a real cd (not digital download .... I like pitcures :) ) the right way for us fans and i'm sure we would all buy it again . But till them I will look at all your great advice here and look at ebay for original cds if I can get a good deal . For the vinyl I will have to try and find downloads .

    The whole new vinyl 180 gram thing is on the most part a gimmick and do the research before you spend you hard earned money and even some of the SACDs .

    One thing I have read that may help out the vinyl friends on here , Don't get Boston's s/t Friday Music lp it's not worth it . I know legacy has a new picture disc but not sure it's anything near the Wally , While it sure looks cool I'm not biting on vinyl in this lifetime again LOL .
    You guys have a great night .
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    Agreed, usually there are some great compact disc alternatives to the lp format for older mastering's. I don't want to get into a vs. thing (a good way to turn a good thread bad quick)
    But it's a shame profits could be lost due to poor modern mastering decisions and people going after the transfers online for free. I personally enjoy compact disc over lp's, pretty much the only reason I got back into it was for 12 inch mixes/b-sides etc. where only crushed remaster's currently reside on disc. Thrift finds- Boston, old rock and whatnot have been the side effect... :cheers:
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    To me the original Escape Japan and early US DADC sound led quite different from the comparisons I remember. It's the Japan that someone said our host said sounded most like the master tape. The REO seems to have the same difference. The early DADC's of those two sound compressed comparatively and not as clear and spacious. From what has been said, DLB also had different masterings. One day I'll have to check the Journey and REO values.
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    You'll fit right in here...new member claiming that NEW MUSIC SUCKS within the first handful of posts. :thumbsdow
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    lol . If it bugs you why you reading about Boston ?
  17. Synthfreek

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    Because I'm open minded enough to...get this...like older and new music.
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    Ok, both opinions expressed-one "close-minded" person thinks new music sucks, one "open-minded" person awesomely likes older and new music. Free speech rules. I don't like new music much-some Sigur Ros, PJ Harvey, Flaming Lips, Radio Head, and Afghan Whigs I dig, and Garbage's release last year I enjoyed, but mostly blah. Sorry.

    sa5150 has "read" the Friday S/T release isn't "worth it?"-disagree. Not usually a Friday Music fan, but this Boston, Kansas Leftoverture and Point...very very nice. I have two wlp of Boston S/T, the Friday release, a stack of double wally and wally/allen (I think), the Japanese cd, and two copies of the SACD. I'm going tp spend a day of the upcoming holiday season to sort through these. The quick and easy is a double-wally--every one I have sampled sounded exquisite, just culling out those with sound noise.
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    I was just going with what some had all ready said on some boards about paying too much for the Boston Friday vinyl when it did not compare very well with original vinyl , I don't collect vinyl just trying save some people money . But if you say then I should of not even said that . Since I can't hear it i'll keep posts like that to myself :) . Last on that other comment , I'm very open minded I listen to all kinds of music new and old but at the end of the day will turn to what I like best . ;)
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    I found a beat up copy of Escape on ebay claiming to be the first press Japan 35DP 6 ( black n gold )
    Did it always say Sony CBS ? I thought Sony did not buy them till 88 , Shouldn't the first press of Journey Escape not have anything with Sony on it ? Seems weird that it would get it's first cd release in japan not till 1988 .
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    I am not saying the Friday meets or much less beats double wally or wally/? or especially double wally wlp-see above and I am trying them side by side-but it is a good-sounding lp, even if not likely all analogue. As for new music, for the vast majority of it I don't like it. I really don't think I'm closed-minded: I just don't like what I hear. I think I'm entitled to that and to express that, same as you, without name-calling.
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    I have other early Japan CD's on CBS and they have CBS/Sony on them like Ozzy's early ones.
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    Hmm , here is some info , I guess Sony was making these way back . DADC Austria
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    Have you ever heard of the Japan made for Europe is Of Escape ?
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    Tom Scholz says there was NO BAND, he did it all in his basement, then got Brad Delp to agree to do vocals. He says he put the band together after the fact (more or less so the record company wouldn't freak out that there was no band). This was in one of those profile shows, maybe the one with the British DJs presenting?

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