What’s the highest selling album that was never issued on CD?

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    The Beatles' Love Songs would be their best-selling album (by RIAA certifications) without a CD release. Here are their top-certified albums without a CD release:

    3,000,000 = Love Songs
    2,000,000 = 20 Greatest Hits
    1,000,000 = Introducing the Beatles
    1,000,000 = Rock 'n' Roll Music
    1,000,000 = Rock 'n' Roll Music, Volume 1
    1,000,000 = Rock 'n' Roll Music, Volume 2
    500,000 = Reel Music
    500,000 = Rarities

    Worth mentioning is The Beatles' Story, which was certified Gold (500,000). It was released on CD as part of the U.S. Albums box set, but unlike the other albums in that set, did not have an individual release on CD.

    As already mentioned, The Beatles at the Hollywood Bowl was certified Platinum (1,000,000), and was never released on CD under that title. It was re-released as Live at the Hollywood Bowl to coincide with the Eight Days a Week documentary.

    The UK-only album The Beatles Ballads was certified Gold by the BPI (100,000 copies) without ever seeing a CD release, and the UK version of Rarities was certified Silver by the BPI (60,000 copies).
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    The single sold 2.5 million copies as of 2008 and its parent album Pac-Man Fever sold 1,200,000 copies in total by the end of 1982, so both had significant sales numbers!

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    There was commentary by Jerry Buckner on the most recent CD and digital release of their re-recorded songs as bonus tracks!

    He also told me this last year on Facebook...

    "Sony only has the Master Mix tapes. We never requested them. The 24 track Master tapes are stored here in Atlanta. When we did the album re-record in 1999 we tried to pull all the original sfx off of them but because of their age the tapes were stuck together and would have required a special process to restore with the possibility of damaging them."

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    Maybe the original version could get an "official" needledrop CD from Russia!
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    Bux - We Come To Play
    Riggs - S/T
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    Sundazed released them, only to have their former mangler and general all-around asshat get a legal hold on them, yet again.
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    IIRC An Evening With Wildman Fischer sold at least a few hundred copies. It's #1 on my Never on CD list.
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    The debut album by the Bellamy Brothers featuring "Let your Love flow."

    Never on CD.
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    Released on CD in 2016.
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    Neither have the bulk of their earlier albums
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    The Gonzo Multimedia release? That's grey market, right?
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    I would guess one or more LPs by the Righteous Brothers would be on the list. MGM availability hasn't been the best.
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    Sonny & Cher "All I Ever Need is You" (1971) album on Kapp sold over a million copies and had two top ten singles. It has never been released on CD. There was a CD issued with the same title but it's a compilation.
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    Riggs was released by Wounded Bird in 2011, but it’s long out of print. Riggs - Riggs
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    I figured it had to be a Beatles album...
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    Yesterday & Today in Volume 3! Bring it on...YEA! LOL.

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