What's The Point Of These Bands Still Going On?

Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by MIKEPR, Feb 16, 2019.

  1. BluesOvertookMe

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    Most people don't realize that Tony bought all of the original members' rights from them in the 1980s. I love Bill, but if he hadn't sold his rights, it would be a different scenario.
  2. bhazen

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    How dare they!
  3. phillyal1

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    In both your examples, the bands mentioned had not yet reached their artistic peak. That is the real question. - continuing after that peak has long passed.
    Always thought rock would be different -- classic rock has turned into the Glenn Miller Orchestra.
  4. carlwm

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    If it keeps the music alive, then I'm all for it.
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  5. SoundAdvice

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    What about acts like Elton/Who/Kiss/Mac who are already loaded? 3 of them barely bother to write new songs. 3 groups that rarely play deep tracks on tour.

    I'm aware of 3 THEATER level acts that travel by private jet. Some of the financials on that must be head shaking.
  6. carlwm

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    Even at my very low level, a round of applause gives a massive buzz so I guess that fan adulation alone would be enough for them to want to keep performing.
  7. BluesOvertookMe

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    Houston, TX, USA
    I'm aware of that, but everybody keeps going on about number of "original members" when that's not necessarily the classic lineup.
  8. bluesky

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    Money &/or Status.
  9. Kiss73

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    This....absolutely this......
  10. SoundAdvice

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    There's already loaded artists that frequently play the same cities playing the same songs when they ignore much of their quality deeper catalog and treat new stuff as an after thought. There's more than a few artists who I've asked myself "Why am I giving you money".

    I don't begrudge 70+ artist who still put effort into new stuff and/or mine the deep catalog at shows. For me they've earned my money/applause.

    I actually begrudge the fans who let themselves be treated like walking ATMs by their favorite artists more than the acts themselves who are simply doing yet another victory lap to fund parties in the Hamptons
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  12. Ned Bode

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    It’s what they do.
  13. samthesham

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    Money and / or dope...

    Most musicians are not college graduates , its all they know...

    Dylan said it best "I'm just like everybody else scratchin for my meat"

    Ian Hunter sealed the deal with "RocknRoll is a losers game"
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  14. drbryant

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    I read that Ichiro retired yesterday. He was 45 years old. That’s crazy.
  15. Delta17

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    It was the Onion. You get that right?

    If you were to see Peter Wolf still presents as the front man of a Soul Revue. More energy than many. Quite the entertainer.
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  16. WalkAThinLine

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    o_OI've been on a number of Fleetwood Mac boards, and I don't think I've ever seen that opinion - most people seem to think of Fleetwood as someone who is unbelievably bad with money (multiple bankruptcies) and will always put his greed over any honor or loyalty.
  17. maccafan

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    How about this one... There are plenty of people who still like the music!
    Perfect example, The Temptations!
  18. Bassist

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    We are not far from a situation where none of the music of the 60s and early 70s will be being performed by the original artists. Then it truly becomes less Classic Rock and more Antique Rock. As in classical music there will undoubtedly be an Original Instruments / H.I.P craze. There will also be Marsalis types who draw a line in popular music history sometime around 1982 and call all that pre-dates that point "heritage music" and all that comes after it will be declared apostate unless the creators accept the rules that determine what constitutes the good and correct in Rock. The dividing line will be pre Fairlight / PCM music versus post. "Real" music versus the evil sampler. Rock artists will advertise their concerts listing the repertoire they are going to play in the exact order they are going to play it. Just how classical concerts are marketed. You will be able to hear note perfect versions of the standard pop / rock canon any day of the week in every major city. The music of the 65-75 era will never die, in fact you wont be able to get away from the stuff. Musicians who could be reaching for the new and the challenging will opt for being able to produce note and inflection perfect renditions of other people's records bereft of context and shorn of all the sacrifice, angst, love and inspiration that contributed to their creation. Those remaining few artists keen to keep pushing the boundaries of the music will go to the furthest sonic extremes to separate itself from the heritage canon and will alienate all but the most adventurous listener in the process. And that's the point where the music of the pre Live Aid era finally (and it has taken a while) loses what is left of its vitality and settles for being an exhibit rather than a real time visceral and emotional experience.
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  19. koshrecords

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    Interesting... I saw McCartney and Roger Waters recently, and their gigs were the cheapest I've been to in years. Fantastic value for money.
  20. Rhett

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    You want to see a band that does Chicago better than Chicago?

    Leonid & Friends.

    Here's a montage video of their concert dates they played in the USA early this year.

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  21. MIKEPR

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    And what does this have to do with the group topic?
  22. HJP

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    Because the older bands still put on a good show. Case in point: The Rolling Stones, Fleetwood Mac, The Who, ZZTop, just to name a few.
  23. Rhett

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    You were complaining about bands like Chicago going on right?
    As an aside - I was giving you an option to check out this band (Leonid & Friends) because like you - I don't see the point of Chicago going on either.
    Leonid & Friends - yeah, I can see that group going on.

    Sorry you're having a bad day? :tiphat:
  24. Keith todaro

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    These guys are just remarkable. I am a huuuuge Chicago fan; but these guys just amaze me. The tunes are just superb.
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  25. Rhett

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    Oh yeah - they're remarkable. They are amazing musicians. I think they have more gas in the tank than Chicago does these days.
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