What's the right ratio of CD player cost / TT cost to get similar sound quality?

Discussion in 'Audio Hardware' started by Adagio, Nov 14, 2021.

  1. oktapod

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    I think for the most part my CD playback easily outperforms my turntable for all but the most impeccably pressed, maintained and setup LPs. There are exceptions, but as someone said, at this level the quality of recording and mastering is by far the bigger difference than the actual format…
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  2. LakeMountain

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    No question that cart and phono stage need to be included otherwise you won’t get much sound out if your speakers :tiphat:.
  3. kundryishot

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    A good stand alone transport with a very good master clock is, in my opinion e best bang per buck
    you can pick up an audiolab 6000CDT for under £400 and coupled with a decent DAC it will compete with CD-players costing many thousands
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  4. bluesky

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    south florida, usa
    Buy the TT & cart that you want.

    Buy the CD player that you want.
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  5. matrix-6

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    Best advice right there.
  6. Lenny99

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    I think u can get better sound from an inexpensive CD player than an inexpensive TT. I'm using a very inexpensive Sylvania CWD player running through the CD inputs on my Yamaha 501 integrated Amp. It doesn't sound as good as my AT WP7 TF, but it prob sounds better than my entry level Sony 300 TT.

    That Sony coat $150. The CD $30
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