When adding stuff to discogs collection, how do you know if you have the right version?

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    Wow, glad it's not just me. I have a hard time knowing when something is a new version versus just a variant. I have added some entries and been corrected by some kind souls until I edited it to the discogs god's satisfaction, but it's still treading in uncertain waters. All the same, I'm glad it exists and have sold quite a bit on there.
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    The search panel is quite useful, You can search part of matrix number as well as artist/title to reduce your search results.

    The problems is the results you get are dependent on how detailed the submissions are.

    I go on and check my items in my collection or items that I have for sale. I will correct them in most cases eg Australia to Australasia - incorrect catalogue numbers etc.

    Some people just seem to want to comment on your submission and pick the flaws rather than update themselves.
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    It's on the master release page.
    Only other Benny Goodman Trio EP I saw with the same artwork was a German copy,
    but it had different songs.
    I even tried to do a search for the EP on Discogs using all 4 song titles,
    but just came up with the LP.

  5. Correct. The MR has only LP editions.
  6. greelywinger

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    I first tried to add on the singles/EPs page, but there was no link.

  7. If there will be anoter different EP (label or Cat#) with the same tracks submitted then a new MR for EP's can be created.
  8. greelywinger

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    After I spend time preparing to add a version of an album to the database...I find out it's already in the database,
    but did not come up on my initial search. Frustrating. :doh:

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    Use Google as it's far easier/faster to find what you need. For instance, let's say I'm looking for a specific pressing, I use matrix info in my search. Let's say the matrix says 123456789-012 D5P-67, I'd look for the name of the band of album along with D5P-67 so what I type in Google would look like this.

    site:discogs.com band "D5P-67"

    If there's more than one pressing featuring that D5P-67 tag, you can always look for the other portion of the matrix. More often than not, the pressing you have already exists in the database so search strings like the one above will assist you in saving huge amounts of time.
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