When and why do you tap out money-wise with box sets, limited edition releases etc ?

Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by Glenn Christense, Nov 21, 2020.

  1. Glenn Christense

    Glenn Christense Foremost Beatles expert... on my block Thread Starter

    So there are too many possible title variations for this thread for me to search, so point me to it and shut me down if there’s an existing thread .:D

    But, currently there is discussion and dissension regarding a RSD Let It Bleed vinyl for 100 bucks and grumbling about Paul McCartney spreading demo tracks over various color options of McCartney III.

    So, what’s the cash dividing line for you?

    Do you want the mega box set with marbles or suitcases from your favorite artists ?
    Gotta have colored vinyl for a 50 year old album, because you are a completist or is previously unreleased music only the clincher ?

    For me, I don’t have to think twice about buying the Beatles anniversary boxes but even though I’m a big McCartney fan I never for a second thought about buying the suitcase Egypt Station or Big Barn set or whatever it was called .

    So, what do you focus on collecting from your favorite artists and when do you say no?
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  2. Uncle Meat

    Uncle Meat Forum Resident

    Houston, Tx, US
    It just depends.
    A box set with a surround sound mix catches my attention.
    I love the White Album box set.
    I have been eyeing The Band, brown album, box set, but seems expensive for what is in it, so I haven't jumped yet.
  3. Glenn Christense

    Glenn Christense Foremost Beatles expert... on my block Thread Starter

    Yep, it always just depends, judged release by release .
    I’m just interested what motivates people to purchase various releases.
    Apparently for you Surround Sound is an important factor.
    For somebody else getting a color vinyl release of an old album is worth the money.

    If I was reading it correctly, some folks in the McCartney III thread were preordering like .. 10 variations or so of the release. Others are grumbling about all the variations being made available.

    As a collector myself, I understand that “have everything” mentality and did it myself for awhile.
    Mainly I enjoy reading about what makes people happy getting any of the variations of old material being re-released in .. maybe excessive or over priced versions, or why they pass.
    It not for me to judge .
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  4. audiomixer

    audiomixer As Bald As The Beatles

    I quit collecting several years ago & I’ve never felt more at ease.
  5. rainingdogs

    rainingdogs Pink Moon

    I always wait until i can find them cheap. I don't really see the need to pay so much for any kind of Box Set. I dig box sets that are kind of historical pieces like that one Buddy Holly set that collects every recording he made into a big set.

    so like that's my cut off - price and relevancy
  6. Sebastian saglimbenI

    Sebastian saglimbenI Forum Resident

    New york
    Yes I agree.....I recently found a used English DECCA issue of that "COMPLETE BUDDY HOLLY box.....I am 99.9% c.d. and I don't have a turntable at the moment though I hope to remedy that simply for the holly box and few other albums on vinyl I have.i paid $40 for the holly set and all of these S.D.E. c.d./vinyl combo sets are killing me financially so I have become very selective of late. .....
  7. rainingdogs

    rainingdogs Pink Moon

    One of the best box sets ever released. Wish it was on CD with little replica vinyl packaging... :love:
  8. audiotom

    audiotom Ground Control to Major Tom

    New Orleans La USA

    do you buy the 45 singles collection for the nice packaging?

    Columbia box?
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  9. It depends.

    I was in for the preorder for the Beatles MONO box. I never bought the stereo box.
    I preordered NY Archives II, I don't have Archives I (came out at time I was extra cautious with $)
    I have both the 20th and 30th Joshua Tree sets but they cost me ~$40 net for the two.

    And so on.
  10. PeteH

    PeteH Shoes for Industry!

    WI, USA
    I skipped Neil Young's recent archive box. Back in the day I paid $250 for the Blu-ray version of the first volume, but $250 for 10 CDs was a bridge too far. I would have paid that for Blu-rays or SACDs, but not for a 10 CD box. I was glad to see that the same CDs are going to be made available in a lower cost box.
  11. Sebastian saglimbenI

    Sebastian saglimbenI Forum Resident

    New york
    Yes....HIPPO SELECT did a nice BUDDY HOLLY "COMPLETE" c.d. boxset....I did buy it and it's great but I would love to see the original box reissued as it was in c.d. format.....the booklet in the original is alone is amazing!I was lucky to find the DECCA vinyl English issue.....at some point I want to attempt my first "needle-drop of that set.
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  12. Eric_Generic

    Eric_Generic Enigma

    Unless it's an album I really like, I won't usually consider buying a boxset or SDE of it.

    From there, it will depend. All-time favourites will always be more tempting, but then it also depends on the content, how many other versions I have of said album, how many of the tracks I already own, and obviously the packaging and price.

    Some sets I just had to get regardless of their flaws...Tango in the Night, Sign O The Times, Listen Without Prejudice, The Seeds Of Love....

    Others are easier to resist.

  13. Glenn Christense

    Glenn Christense Foremost Beatles expert... on my block Thread Starter

    I’m pretty done with repackaged singles and albums I already have several versions of already.

    And...I’m the guy that bought three of each of the Beatles Anthology vinyl releases and three of each Beatles digitally sourced album when they were released in the 90’s or whenever it was, because at that time it looked like it might be the last gasp for vinyl albums. Why three of everything? Because I’d see them in stores and couldn’t say no.:shake: :laugh:
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  14. Dillydipper

    Dillydipper Sultan Of Snark

    Central PA
    I don't "collect"...I just want the ones I want. Mostly, I want the surround mixes of stuff I'm already satisfied with, or not interested in unless there is a surround component.

    Last year, Tangerine Dream conned me into a 17-disc set of many Virgin albums I already had...just for approximately 2-1/2 albums of surround mixes I would have never had otherwise. Considering how much interest I have had in these since I shelled out too much money for them: straw that broke the tangerine's back. I really appreciated that band until they proved to me how easily-manipulated I was.

    From now on I'll be purchasing newer albums from newer artists I'm interested in, as opposed to re-buying old albums I already own just for the privilege of handing over too much money for a 74-page book so I can have the surround mix I desire. Nor will I be mortgaging my house so I can own far too much Kraftwerk than I really need for the rest of my days. Nor does Pink Floyd get a giant pile of my money for endless regurgitations of an album I already know by heart, just because it's the only place in the world I can get what everybody else affirms is "the only surround mix worth having".

    These were boxes containing products that were going to save the marketplace from the stinginess of Sony for killing SACD, and others for dropping DVD-A and Blu-Ray audio. Instead, they got too greedy. They thought we deserved to be punished.

    If you're not confident you can make money off surround just by selling surround...get the eff out of the business, give the catalogs back to the artists, and let them do it in an economical way, because at least they love their fans.
    They don't disrespect us just because they know they can get away with it.
  15. Two Sheds

    Two Sheds Tea-sipping bad boy!

    Enough. Enough.

    Space is an issue at this point for me.
  16. ATR

    ATR Senior Member

    I consider all recorded music purchases the same way, from the lowliest single CD to the coffee table edition of a record I first heard in high school with 10 discs of outtakes, live recordings and Steve Wilson surround remixes. Do I want to hear it, even just once? Are they going to charge more than $15 per disc? How much more? Space has also become more of an issue.
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  17. Celebrated Summer

    Celebrated Summer Forum Resident

    Yeah, I generally buy expensive box sets used -- or "pre-owned," as they like to say.

    I found that a lot of times people get box sets for the holidays but don't quite take to the music, so these sets are sometimes virtually untouched. My guess is that fans of artists like Beefheart and John Lee Hooker try to push their music on friends and families with no luck. Their loss ends up as my gain.
  18. If I Can Dream_23

    If I Can Dream_23 Forum Resident

    United States
    No line here.

    In truth, it is less about the money (in either direction) and more just "Will I enjoy this relative to another set?"

    How are the liner notes? How nice is the book? What are the musical contents and do I wish to acquire them above and beyond a more basic release?

    That kind of thing...
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  19. Thievius

    Thievius This is my sweet custom title, yo

    Syracuse, NY
    Honestly, I only shell out for a box set if its 1) unique 2) an easy way to pick up an artist's discography. I'm not interested in double or triple dipping.
  20. Dr. Pepper

    Dr. Pepper What, me worry?

    For @Glenn Christense it's just Depends at this point!
  21. Brian Lux

    Brian Lux One in the Crowd

    Placerville, CA
    At this point, the answer is easy for me. I only by something I don't have and know I will listen to. That has nothing to do with my modest income. I just don't need stuff just to be having stuff. That concept bears absolutely no interest for me.

    On the other hand, if there is something I really want and know I will appreciate, I will stretch my budget to make it happen. A good example of this is my recent purchase of Steve Wynn's Decade CD box set. It's rather pricey for me- especially because I'm a vinyl kind of guy- but my wife said, "You know you will love and appreciate it!". So I went for it and am super happy I did. And it's signed!
  22. Bingo Bongo

    Bingo Bongo Music gives me Eargasms

    I'm too cheap

    I find I rarely listen to extra outtakes, so why bother.
  23. Dr. Metal MD

    Dr. Metal MD Forum Resident

    If it is one of my favorite bands and/or it offers something on vinyl that is new or special. I find that all of the extra stuff that comes in boxsets, which are cool, just sit in the box on my shelf and never really get read through, so I am more in it for the music and what it offers.
  24. RunningWithScissors

    RunningWithScissors Forum Resident

    Athens, Georgia
    Any time I've splurged for a box set I've almost always regretted it afterwards. Chances are I'm already very familiar with the material, and I've never been interested in listening to demos or alternate takes, so it comes down to the extras that are included. I get it that some people want to collect that stuff, but it usually ends up sitting on my shelf after I look over the contents once or twice. I've gotten in the habit of waiting a few days before buying anything now.
  25. shelflife

    shelflife Forum Resident

    Rockville, MD
    The honeymoon is over for me. I no longer see a lot value in paying for demos I rarely listen to or a book I’ll flip thru once.

    I’ve never really understood the appeal in owning multiple versions of albums. Sure, there are exceptions to the rule but I find that to be a waste of money and space.

    YMMV, of course.
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