When can you listen to music at home?

Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by Sear, Aug 3, 2020.

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    Planet Earth

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    Excuse me, smug and judgemental, my wife of 38 years (together 41) is quite happy for me to tease her that some of what she watches is garbage. She's the winner she get's to watch what she likes on the big TV, (I will never in a million years subject my self to "things" like The Masked Singer or Come Dancing for example) we don't argue about it. The arguments were when the HiFi was in the living room, I wanted music on she wanted the TV on.
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    Harlingen, Texas
    Single, apartment, a surround system in the bedroom and a better one in the living room. Sunday mornings is my favorite time starting off with jazz then switching to old rock. Some afternoons laying on the bed accompanied with a light snooze. Every once in a while with headphones. Couldn't imagine listening with someone else in the house.
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    [QUOTE="Sear, post: 24619880, member: 87352"Sometimes I think I'd like to live alone[/QUOTE]

    If listening to your music is more important to you than your partner, you’d probably both be better off if you left her. Sorry.
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  5. Strat-Mangler

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    Once my son goes to bed, I'm pretty much free to do whatever I want. :)
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  6. Sear

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    Tarragona (Spain)
    If listening to your music is more important to you than your partner, you’d probably both be better off if you left her. Sorry.[/QUOTE]
    I was upset yesterday. This thread was like some kind of release
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  7. Sneaky Pete

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    My spidey senses are tingling already! Only in comic books does exposure to radiation give you super powers. :)

    Seriously though, we tested for it already and everything is good, but your concern is a legitimate one.
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  8. forthlin

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    Another mancave dweller with a wife who watches terrible tv shows:wave: She's one of the smartest people I've ever known, I don't get it. Anyway I can listen almost any time down here in the cavern. If my wife is working (from home) and the grandkids are here I sometimes turn off the music so I can listen to see if they are getting up to mischief.:winkgrin:
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  9. You had a Pentangle thread earlier, have you played them when she is around? Her reaction might indicate possible direction to take.
  10. DTK

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    You're lucky. Most females I've encountered do not like Bowie. Too angular and awkward. Even Let's Dance probably.
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  11. Tim 2


    Alberta Canada
    If it were I Ron I'd turn it up when there was mischief afoot.
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  12. musicfan37

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    I can usually listen to music whenever I want to. If my wife is not home, I will usually listen to albums she doesn’t care for and at a louder volume. If she’s home, I might play something she likes or doesn’t mind hearing.
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  13. Sear

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    Tarragona (Spain)
    You don't seem so happy , based on your arrogant and always grumpy attitude in this forum
  14. Either when working at home or when I have some spare time with my record player or when nobody's watching TV. When working from home I get to play about 8 albums a day, but otherwise 2 or 3 albums a day is more likely.
  15. Lemon Curry

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    Mahwah, NJ
    My lifelong listening hobby has always driven my housing choices. I rented either entire houses, or apartments that had no neighbors, like rooms above a 9-5 retail store. I now live in a house with my wife.

    My wife encourages my listening on speakers, within limits. I have a basement setup, and I like it a tad loud. She's ok with that. That might happen between 5pm and 9pm. After that I'll turn it down or use headphones, or just read a book!

    With the pandemic and work from home, if I don't need to be on a call I use a smaller system in my office, typically streaming from Amazon Music, and at a much lower volume since it has to be background.

    So that's almost 12 hours of listening on some days. But typically I'd say 3-4 hours.
  16. Danby Delight

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  17. Big Blue

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    I can listen to music just about any time. While my wife is working, that’s had to be on headphones in recent months. In the Before Times, I could just have records spinning all day while I worked, for the most part, if I wanted to (and a lot of days I did!). When she is not working, unless we are watching something on the TV, she does like music, too, like a normal person, so we’ll listen to stuff together.

    Now, can I listen to any music I want to at any time? When it’s headphone time, yes, but there is stuff my wife doesn’t really want to hear when we’re both listening. That’s fair, and there’s plenty of stuff we both like for those times, so it’s fine.
  18. alex1976delarge

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    I have a 35 minute drive to work each day so can usually fit in a whole cd in a day. When I get home it’s a different story. Usually can’t listen to anything at least until my boys go to bed otherwise I’m getting interrupted with talk of Pokémon or Star Wars. Also they still like that awful nu-metal stuff that accompanies the bizarre Transformers cartoon compilations they like to watch on YouTube.

    My wife will listen to anything I play but I can tell when she doesn’t care for something because she will want to start conversations about mundane everyday type stuff (my biggest pet peeve. I’m 44 and I despise “grown up talk”. I’m actually beginning to dislike the Fall since every time I put one of their albums on it’s time to talk about the grocery list.
  19. pig bodine

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    Syracuse, NY USA
    I listen in the car. I have a long commute. When I'm home, I interact with my family. On the occasion that my kids are engaged in something and my wife is on Karenbook, I'll listen with headphones, but this isn't very often.
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