When does a ‘new’ band member become a ‘real’ band member?

Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by Ricky Lampoon, Oct 10, 2021.

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    In the case of the Stones, I think a better example to point to is Darryl Jones, who's been with them since 1994. Ron Wood was admitted as an "official" member right from the beginning when Mick Taylor quit. Jones, on the other hand, still hasn't been, which is why the "official" 5 member band has been reduced to 4 since Bill Wyman left.

    In this case, I think it may have a lot to do with "image," where the big burly black American musician doesn't "look" like a Rolling Stone whereas Wood does with his pasty complexion, slim rock star physique and spiky long hair. Going way back to the beginning, their original manager determined that founding member, Ian Stewart, didn't fit the image and was thereby relegated to roles outside the photo frame.

    I imagine Steve Jordan will experience the same fate, as has other touring members of the band over the years (e.g. Chuck Leavell), where now it may be just as much a matter of compensation and "share" of the band's profits as one of image. Besides, at this point after more than 50 years, new members wouldn't be accepted as "real" members by fans anyway.
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    Ronnie has been in the Stones close to 50 years, what does he need to prove?
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    Porcupine Tree are a strange one, as they were originally a fictional band with fictional members, then one of the creators (Steven Wilson) decided it should be a front for his solo musings, away from his day job with No Man, then it grew into a proper band with four members listed on sleeves, then they got a fifth musician who wasn't a member but played on a few albums and a few tours until the band stopped working (but didn't officially split) about ten years ago. But some music websites do list fifth man John Wesley as a member. And one official archive release by Porcupine Tree features only Wilson and Wesley playing an acoustic show.

    Then suddenly this year three members register as a limited company called Porcupine Three, so one of the four "proper members" Colin Edwin, is out. As yet no official statement from Porcupine Three/Tree or it's members to the media, but they are reissuing stuff dating from the four piece band. Which might be the only purpose of the limited company, but obviously fans are speculating wildly and hopefully about new Porcupine Tree material, as many of them don't like SW's latest solo offerings.

    So did the 'Tree not exist as a corporate entity until this year? Was it entirely Steven Wilson's whim as to who should be listed on the album sleeves as members?

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