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Discussion in 'Marketplace Discussions' started by Oatsdad, Jul 5, 2018.

  1. dkmonroe

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    I see - when you explain it like that, it does sound relatively minor, but I think I'd still err on the side of exchanging it.
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  2. AlanDistro

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    I couldn't find that with a quick google search and poke around the website, do you have a link/instructions on how to check?
  3. MYKE

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    Should be in here somewhere, I'm looking too, so I can check mine : News story: Banned from Amazon for returning 37 things
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  5. shanebrown

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    I complain a fair bit to Amazon, and send stuff back if it is danaged, but no one is likely to go over the 10% amount in all honesty. Either way, if you get banned a d you really want to keep using them, open another account. It's not exactly difficult!
  6. ggergm

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    I've returned things to Amazon fo
    I downloaded my purchases so far in 2018. It's on an Excel sheet and is interesting. It's amazing to see all my Amazon purchases for half a year on one spreadsheet, and a bit depressing. I think of the old World War II phrase you see on posters: Was this trip really necessary?

    I return very little but looking at one purchase I know I returned, I don't see where returns are shown. Maybe you can help guide me.
  7. ggergm

    ggergm red right returning

    And as for the OP's question, this is totally a judgement call. If the damage really bugs him, and from reading the thread I think the answer is yes, then he should return it.
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  8. Dave Garrett

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    It actually is that difficult. Amazon tracks almost every data point associated with an account, including shipping address, billing address, email address, bank and credit card account details, and the IP addresses of devices used by account holders to access their site. If you're banned, all of these data points are likewise blacklisted, and if you attempt to open another account that can be cross-referenced with any of them, that account will be closed as well.

    Strictly speaking, it's not impossible to circumvent their controls, but it's sufficiently difficult to do so that they are very effective in locking out most of the people who try to create new accounts after they've been banned.
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  9. Gaslight

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    I wouldn't return it as this type of issue wouldn't bother me.

    But it's bothering you enough to create a post about it - so, in your case, I think you already know your answer. That's not a dig btw, it's just an observation.
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  10. rjp

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    everything they ship CD wise is shipped in horrible packaging.

    i've given feedback several times about it and never, not once, did i even get a reply.

    return it, on their dime, and return it again and again until you get it the way you want it.
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  11. Oatsdad

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    To be fair, this one isn't Amazon's fault. They packaged it fine - there's no damage to the outer sleeve.

    It's just Warner didn't put the CD sleeves in the larger sleeve well, so they bounced and bobbed in transit and got damaged.

    I suppose it's semi-unfair that Amazon has to deal with the return when this wasn't technically their fault, but I can't send it straight back to Warner! :D
  12. Malina

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    Have you tried it? If it was that easy I don't think anyone would care about getting banned. I read somewhere they will block your IP address. I think you would have to get an account in someone else's name and use that person's card to pay. You might have to go to the public library for a different IP or get yours changed.

    I've gotten refunds probably around 100 times from third party sellers - Amazon doesn't care if it's not their money, apparently.

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