When will the Simpsons end?

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  1. This type of viewership counting is not relevant any longer due to many reasons.
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    Ha ha, true. But this year will be Covid-scary... :ignore:

  3. Okay, if "triggered" is too far off the mark, what word would you use to describe your reaction? It certainly is not easy going, casual, indifferent, nonchalant, or ambiguous.

    Here are your replys for reference.

    Your opening salvo is pretty strong, and highly opinionated, but it does raise a question...making it a valid theme regardless of how others like the question.

    This changes from asking a question to pretty much ranting against The Simpsons...based entirely on your opinion. Your opinion is valid to you, but that hardly makes it the reality for the rest of the 200 Countries who watch The Simpsons.

    Just how many people do you know and how many homes have you been in while watching TV? I'll go out on a limb and say your limit is 300 people, and 30 homes where you watch TV...In reality I bet it is a smaller number, but lets be generous just for fun.
    Now, lets play the math game a bit. The Simpsons are viewed in at least 200 Countries. If just 1000 people in each Country watch The Simpsons that means 200,000 people watch The Simpsons on a regular basis. With this in mind your sample group is pretty small...Inconclusive by most measurement standards to be honest.
    So yet again, your opinion, while certainly valid to you, means very little in terms of what is really happening all over the world regarding people watching The Simpsons.

    Since 2015 a few people have made a cameo on The Simpsons. You decide if they are "seriously uncool"
    Elon Musk, Leonard Nimoy, Anne Hathaway, Stan Lee, Jon Lovitz, Kiefer Sutherland, Julia Louis-Dreyfus, Jane Kaczmarek, Ricky Gervais, Daniel Radcliffe,...and the list keeps going.
    Yes indeed, it must be terribly uncool to have a cameo on The Simpsons.
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    Where was "The Simpsons" when they were in their 21st or 17th season? Or, it could be asked where will "Law and Order SVU" or "NCIS" be when they're in their 31st season?
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    Before or after Fox News ends.

    You can argue the merits of one over the other, but does it really matter?
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    The Simpsons drew an average of 9.55MM viewers in their 17th season.
    The Simpsons drew an average of 7.1MM viewers in their 21st season.

    The Simpsons average viewers per episode by season (every 5th season after the first 5, because I don't feel like typing so much):

    S01: 27.8
    S02: 24.4
    S03: 21.8
    S04: 22.4 (they never cracked >than 20MM again)
    S05: 18.9
    S10: 13.5
    S15: 11.0
    S20: 7.1
    S25: 5.02
    S30: 3.1
    S31: 2.58

    For giggles and grins, here is NCIS's viewership.
    S01: 11.84
    S02: 13.57
    S03: 15.24
    S04: 14.54
    S05: 14.41
    S06: 17.77
    S07: 19.33
    S08: 19.46
    S09: 19.49
    S10: 21.34 (zenith)
    S11: 19.77
    S12: 18.25
    S13: 16.61
    S14: 14.63
    S15: 17.02
    S16: 15.89
    S17: 15.33
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    Where can you find the info for how many people stream The Simpsons?

    Yes, yes... people are "cord cutting." There are more channels/choices/competition. That applies to all TV shows. No TV show in 2020 is going to rack up a Nielsen rating anywhere near what top shows did in the 1950's when there were what...? 3 networks from which to choose.
  8. RTW

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    TV Long View: A Guide to the Ever-Expanding World of Ratings Data | Hollywood Reporter

    Among other things, this explains that today's TV ratings are not just overnights, but also include "live + same day" for people who DVR and watch later (until 3 in the morning) plus later adjustments for 3 day and 7 day delays. Since October 2019, it does include "out of home" viewing, e.g. when you watch on demand on your iPad but doesn't really count when you stream it on Netflix a year after its broadcast, etc.

    I would speculate that the Simpsons ratings are predominantly from those viewing broadcast TV at home on Sunday nights and that the dwindling numbers have to do with the general public gradually moving away from that kind of viewership. And in terms of watching via streaming services and other platforms: when you have 31 seasons of something available, you have a lot to pick from. It's a far cry from the era when you had to catch something on rerun to see it again.
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    Futurama was always superior. The early years of The Simpsons are good but I just found the writing and characters in Futurama to be much stronger and sharper. As my avatar implies, that's the show I'll vouch for any day. :D
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    Well, considering the world is about to end..........
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    ^well said...
  13. planetexpress

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    If "The Simpsons" isn't as good as you remember maybe it's because you've outgrown its target audience. It may have been hip 30 years ago but so many edgier cartoons have come and gone since that "The Simpsons" probably feels tame in comparison. There are plenty of adult-oriented animated shows on TV today that you might be interested in instead like "Family Guy" / "South Park" / "Rick and Morty" / "Archer" / etc..

    "The Simpsons" serves a niche for families with teens who want a little light entertainment / satire that the entire household can enjoy. There are plenty of shows aimed at kids or adults but few that straddle both as successfully as "The Simpsons" has done on a regular basis since 1989. Pop culture didn't end in the 90's; why should the Simpsons?
  14. vince

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    In the end, there might be a whole new 'arrangement' with "The Simpsons", now that Disney owns Fox.....
    So, who's knows WHAT'S gonna happen?
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    Silver Creek, NY
    Weren't they already planning to replace Shearer when he threatened to quit a couple of years back?
  16. Kyle B

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    They were. And they were considering replacing all of them a number of years back when the actors banded together to negotiate for money. The voice actors will be replaced, either in this or future incarnations. Look at Looney Tunes, which has continued in various forms after the death of Mel Blanc.
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    The Simpson’s are cancelled. Doh !!!!!
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    Actually the show is still funny after all these years,and I hope it...NEVER ENDS!!
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  19. I've watched it since the start and continue to watch every new episode. I hope it goes on forever just to piss off the elitist tv nerds complaining about it lol
  20. Nah, more like inferior writers churning out lazy, by the numbers scripts. If you've got a half hour to kill, this video explains the issues in some detail:
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    I don't think the cast would support that move. While the producers battle with Harry Shearer all the time, the voice actors are aware that without Shearer, they wouldn't make as much money as they do. And there's always a time for something to end. If Harry became infirm or passed away, then I think it'd be time to pack it up.
  22. Mirrorblade.1

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    It's just now retirement fund for voice actors and writers and artists..
    Nobody will ever get this lucky in animation and they all know it..
    Disney may kill it sooner than later.
  23. vince

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    They may get Matt to sell the rights and they'll go all "Star Wars" on it!
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    Not just that, but Mel Blanc wasn't the only voice actor for Looney Toones during its time although I think he was the most well known (if I remember correctly in the movie Space Jam it took 12 voice actors to do all of the voices that Blanc did). He also took over some characters for other voice actors, most notably Elmer Fudd (originally voiced by Arthur Q. Byrant who actually spoke that way).
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    They might kill the series sooner rather than later, but still use the property for rides in their parks, merchandising, etc. and an occasional new special episode on Disney Plus.

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