Where to sell a dynakit 70

Discussion in 'Marketplace Discussions' started by Wix, Feb 8, 2020.

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    Hey Guys hoping for a few suggestions on where and how to sell. Specific forum, expert, or eBay? My dad built this kit in the 60’s . Dyna stereo preamplifier, dyna FM tuner, and dynakit stereo 70.
    He used it up until 1989. I am not sure if it works or not. A few years ago I talked to a rebuilder who suggested I don’t plug it in. ( needs to be warmed up?). Any suggestions would be appreciated as I want someone to enjoy it.
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    You have a few choices. Either bring it to a tech to have it looked into or sell it as is. You'll have very few interested parties if it's the latter. Be prepared to spend some money to ensure it works fine.

    We do have a Classifieds section here where it could be listed. Nothing says you can't list in more than one place at a time, either.

    Your alternative would be to list as is with a very low price. No idea if it's heavy but if it is, shipping fees would be relatively high, in which case perhaps listing it on Craigslist would be the better way to tackle this so it could be picked up locally.
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    There’s not a lot that can’t be fixed on those, with the transformers being the most serious (if they’re bad). But even that is repairable since Dynaco/Dynakit had a big following so companies make replacements.

    If they were working when your dad last used them, chances are they’re fundamentally okay now but may have some aged capacitors that could go bad upon power up. There’s a method to bring them up slowly on a variac- pretty standard for people used to working with old tube gear.

    The amp will sell for a few hundred even as is, esp if it has good tubes and your willing to guarantee that the transformers are good. The preamp for at least a couple hundred and the tuner, well you never know since radio isn’t huge these days.

    So you’ll make a pretty decent amount if they’re in good condition, potentially a lot if they have valuable tubes in them (though they’d need to be tested to see if they’re good and have a lot of life left). If you don’t want to get into it and spend a lot of time on it, try to find a local hobbyist or tech you can trust.

    But since they were your Dad’s, there’s something to be said for restoring them and making them reliable and using them (even if just in a secondary system) or keep them until you have the time/need. Since they were built from kits by your dad, they may have some sentimental value to you and can be passed on.

    If you need any more help, message me. I’d just hate to see you sell them for cheap and far less than they’re worth or sell them and regret doing so later.
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  4. eddiel

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    Have a look at usaudiomart.com
  5. G E

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    Your Stereo Dynakit 70 has some real potential, particularly if it was always kept in conditioned space and the chassis is not pitted and rusted. It may even have some new old stock tubes that can be worth $$ if in good shape.

    Frank van Alstine of avahifi.com has long offered an upgrade that replaces much of the old electronics with new circuits. Gotta have working transformers!

    Dyna and Hafler Rebuilds

    I have done business with Frank since 1979 or thereabouts and he is a straight shooter. One of my old amps he created is being sold on consignment on his website.

    You could call him and see what he'd give you for it.

    If it hasn't been turned on since 1989 it would be wise to attach it to a variac and slowly raise the voltage to 120V ac. Old capacitors can blow .....

    You really need to find out its working status before selling it. If you have a trusted local bench tech that would be good, but if I were in your shoes i'd call van Alstine.

    Shoot, you might even want to do that upgrade and keep it. They are pretty decent if you don't need lots of power.

    good luck!
  6. G E

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    Which Dyna preamp?

    If the tuner has a "Magic eye" tuning device that still works, that could be worth money to some people.

    Again, call van Alstine and ask. he's been working on this stuff since the early 1970's.
  7. Wix

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    Hey guys,
    I really appreciate your help. The chassis is in good shape with no corrosion/pitting. Someone above mentioned the tuner eye. Yes it does have it. I am going to look for a local tech and go from there.

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