Which Artist/Band’s Fans Are Such A Turn Off They Affect Your Appreciation

Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by thnkgreen, Aug 29, 2020.

  1. thnkgreen

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    I grew up a fan of The Beatles. I owned all of their albums on vinyl as a teenager, later all on CD and cassette. I would proudly proclaim to my friends that they were the greatest band of all time, had the most musical innovations, and on and on and on. Looking back now through the glasses of an older man, I can see how my devotion might have been off putting. I still enjoy the group to a degree, but with time have gained much more musical knowledge and realize that they were not worthy of the worship I poured on them in my youth. Can you think of an artist or groups whose fans’ idolatry are a huge turnoff for you to the point where you can’t get past it and appreciate the artists music anymore? Which artists’ fans are the biggest drag to be around? You can’t say a negative word without being pounced on.

    A few others on my list:
    Bob Dylan
    Jimmy Buffett
    Paul McCartney
    Bruce Springsteen
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    I love to talk to people who are completely devoted to an artist or band. For example, I met a guy through work who was a complete and utter Deadhead. I really wasn't into the Grateful Dead at the time, but we were hanging out and talking about music a lot and he kept coming back to how the Dead towered above anything else. So I challenged him to convince me. We had several listening sessions and while I definitely won't call myself a Deadhead, I do now enjoy their main body of work quite a bit. The drag starts when you meet a whole group of devoted fans and they can't talk about anything else but that particular artist or band.
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  4. thnkgreen

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    I agree with you. I don’t like when you can’t criticize a band or artist. In another thread on these forums I made a statement regarding an artists and how they should have retired after a certain point. Let’s face it, in any industry, there comes a point of retirement. For example, I admire Billy Joel hanging it up when he did. He has a very solid, concise discography now to look back on. If I were to say certain other artists need to hang it up, I know I would get immediate backlash. It’s like certain artists have a blind devotion and absolutely cannot be criticized, which puts me off as a music fan. I start to question how much of those artists works are really good, or if they have simply become cult leaders.
  5. Jamsterdammer

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    Sure, but you are describing a certain type of narrow-minded people, of which there are a lot unfortunately, including on this forum. I try to avoid such people, as their narrow-mindedness about music usually extends to everything else as well. Engaging with them is a waste of my time. But there are also a lot of people who are mega fans of certain artists, but are happy to engage in meaningful discussions, including with non-fans. Cultish devotion, however, is always bad in my book. But be honest, saying that an artist needs to hang it up because you think the artist is way past his or her prime is bound to invite howls of protests from devoted fans.
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  6. bartels76

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    Beatles fans are crazy but they aren't a band anymore so it doesn't matter nor it does it turn me off to them. I have all their albums plus the Capitol boxes so don't @ me.

    I was at a Deep Purple concert where ELP was the middle act. Dream Theatre was first (and they were great). Emerson did a keyboard solo and the fans thought it was the best thing that ever happened. ELP fans were really weird and pretentious just like ELPs music so they win for me. ELP is not my bag.
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  7. fndrblndr

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    TOOL fans

    Radiohead fans

    ...and I love 'em both.
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  8. Hey Vinyl Man

    Hey Vinyl Man Another bloody Yank down under...

    I agree about all of those, but it also occurs to me that there's an energetic base of people who hate them and won't hear a single good word about them. Which is equally tiring.
  9. Moshe V

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    I think any hardcore fans of any band/artist can be a turn off.

    I had an aquaintance who was obsessed with Carly Simon.
    He had several copies of each and every one of her albums. Posters, all sorts of memorabilia. To top it off he would write her letters. And she was all he pretty much talked about.
    (Yes, he was nuts).
    I don't believe at all that her fans are like this.
    Just him and maybe a few others.

    Tom Waits fans were a bit annoying.

    Myself: I use to try to get people into Roxy Music. I never did.
    I gave up.
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  10. mark winstanley

    mark winstanley 5.1 should be mandatory for my favourite albums

    I am a little oblivious to fans. I'll talk to anyone about just about anything.
    I like what Iike, and there isn't always some kind of explanation... I can't really expect others to be any different.

    There are some artists I love their work all through their career, and others, not so much. Again i am not convinced there is necessarily any rational explanation for it.

    Some fans of any band, are just zealous about that band/artist ... it can be awkward talking with them on occasions where you are in disagreement... but it's water off a duck's back...

    Hey, sometimes I'm wrong... so sometimes others can be too :)
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  11. Jamsterdammer

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    I now remember a case of an Italian woman who was crazy about Willie Nelson (the man as well as his music). Fine, of course, but to every party she was invited, she would bring a couple of his albums, insisting to play them. At parties! Needless to say that after a while I didn't see her at parties anymore.
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  12. The Elephant Man

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    You are on fire today! 6 new threads!

    Natalie Merchant. I once knew this insane girl who loved Natalie soooooooooooooo much, that I
    couldn't listen to her anymore,
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  13. Rockerbox

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    London, Kentucky
    Fans of 'hairmetal' bands from back in the day. They STILL call everybody 'dude'....When they like something it is always 'kick ass'. They overuse that phrase to the point where it's annoying.
    Even though 'hairmetal' was successful with power ballads, I know a lot of hairmetal fans who calls it 'weird' if there's anything 'light' in the music.
    And if there's anything they don't like it's called a certain word that begins with an 'f' that's used by some to describe gay people.
    It remains with many fans of that genre right up through their late 40s/early 50s as if they haven't grown as a person since they were 15/16 years old.
    And even though Metallica is not a 'hairmetal' band, whenever I've seen live video of the band most all of the guys in the audience has to run to the camera and flip it off. It's like they get VERY excited by it. You would swear they were getting an orgasm out of rushing to the camera and giving it the finger. How exciting.
    I think the biggest amount of derision for that genre is possibly because of the way the fans come off.
  14. thnkgreen

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    Perhaps the issue is that if a certain type of fan (obsessive) grew up when a band or artist was in their prime, they feel like they are a part of that artist and vice versa. While others may more easily say, ‘yeah good band, but this album and this album are mediocre’ (or dare I say it -overrated- a dreaded word on SHF), the die hard fans will say every album by their favorite band is a classic. Reminds me once how a guy and I were talking about Sylvester Stallone once and I said something along the lines of ‘he’s made a good movie or two but I’ve never understood why Sly is THAT famous’. I could only name Rocky and Rambo. The other guy just looked at me like I had insulted his mother. I thought to myself ‘yikes!!’
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  15. Man at C&A

    Man at C&A Forum Resident

    Nick Cave - apparently he's a real artist or so I've been told many times as if nobody else is. Personally I find him a bit shallow without much emotional depth. Some great songs along the way.

    Tom Waits too, but I find Waits himself more irritating than his fans. Again, some good songs.
  16. Sear

    Sear Forum Resident

    Tarragona (Spain)

    Snarky, classist and condescending hipsters who look down on you and try to make you look like a fool because you don't like the same bands as they
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  17. Sear

    Sear Forum Resident

    Tarragona (Spain)
    The Birthday Party were incredible.
    So is Tom Waits "Swordfishtrombones"
  18. Man at C&A

    Man at C&A Forum Resident

    I haven't listened to much Birthday Party but haven't liked what I've heard. Those mid 80s Tom Waits albums don't do much for me either. Great songwriting but I can't get past the singing, which is unusual for me. I had them all on vinyl for about 10 years and kept going back to them. I traded them in the end. I still have Frank's Wild Years because I had two of them.
  19. Christian Hill

    Christian Hill It's all in the mind

    I appreciate the music if it's good. I don't need to appreciate the person outside of that.
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  20. Man at C&A

    Man at C&A Forum Resident

    It can come across in the music though.
  21. Hey Vinyl Man

    Hey Vinyl Man Another bloody Yank down under...

    The biggest Tom Waits fan I know hates everything he did before Swordfishtrombones or so. I can't wrap my mind around that at all. I DO understand if you just can't stand that voice, period - it took me a while to get used to it - but if that doesn't bother you, what's not to love about those early albums?
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  22. Lynivevoli

    Lynivevoli Broken down and dirty, Dressed in rags!

    C'mon Dude! Ya gotta love the Crue!

    Actually there are lots of single minded fans.
    RUSH for never inviting any girls to their concerts
    Stones are better than Beatles arguments
    The Who are better than both
    Indigo Girls never inviting any guys to their concerts
    Bon is better than Brian
    The Clash is the only band that matters
    Led Zepplin Full Stoppers
    Zappa fans
    The KISS Army

    The list goes on and on and on. It's really about people putting themself in a box. I'm just not that kind of dude. Lol. I try to appreciate various music. Sometimes I can Sometimes I can't. I guess I have an appreciation for songs that move me. Many songs can be technically great but it's just not there. Many artists may have crazy devoted fans but when I listen I hear things differently. Sometimes asking myself why? Really? It sounds like nonsense, it all sounds the same, this just drags on. Many bands for me have select songs that I love and many I consider trash. I guess a true fan will take one man's trash and turn it into treasure somehow.
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  23. Man at C&A

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    I don't mind the earlier albums, Heart of Saturday Night, Nighthawks, Small Change, Blue Valentine etc. I didn't hate his voice on them but didn't like it either. I traded those too but regret it a bit. I got them for £1 each. I think I'd like them more now.

    I have the first two on tape!
  24. Swampthing

    Swampthing Forum Resident

    It’s so weird that people might be snarky and condescending with you, I wonder how that could be?
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  25. HaileyMcComet

    HaileyMcComet Forum Resident

    I can't imagine thinking less of someone's music because of their fans.

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