Which Led Zeppelin live show(s) will Jimmy Page release in 2018?

Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by Daniel Falaschi, Jan 21, 2018.

  1. steveharris

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    I was hoping The original Song remains The same would also come out before September but probably not happening.I am scooping up the super deluxe HTWWW along with anything else that might be released.
    That performance of Black Dog from Osaka does sound good!I don`t know how many times I played that already.:)
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    I agree with your general point but I saw "Beside Bowie: The Mick Ronson Story" last year and it's a great doc.
  3. steveharris

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    Cool,multitracks confirmed!:righton:

    10 years,I`ll be dead before then.Sounds like Disney Star Wars movies every year.
    Ha Ha i`ll preorder whatever is on the menu!
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    I would love an example of each tour even if it were assembled from multiple dates of the given tour. I saw Zep in '75, for example, and no pristine live example exists. Same with '77 where I think even more people saw them.
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  8. ZEP77

    ZEP77 Houston/Pontiac '77 Video. Where are you?


    Why would you say that? Just curious. I know I'll never get an official live 1977 but anything is better than nothing.
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  9. Overthehillsandfaraway

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    The confirmation of this
    there's a recording that’s another multi-track that we'll release,” said Page. “It's so different to all the other things that are out there."
    has me drooling in anticipation. Different in terms of what, setlist, onstage dynamics? Page is such a tease!
  10. PacificOceanBlue

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    Maybe a recording of the band's performance from the 1988 Atlantic Records celebration, now that would certainly be different. ;)
  11. Overthehillsandfaraway

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    or an isolated drum mic from Live Aid, to see if they really did unplug Phil Collins....:laugh:
  12. eddiel

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    Thanks for raising everyone's spirits :)
  13. The Hermit

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    Did I read Jimmy right, did he say they have releases planned for the next decade???

    If one of the releases is Tempe '77, you might not be :p; that would certainly be... different... a trainwreck in glorious 24/96!!!

    But in all seriousness, if two of the planned releases is Earl's Court '75 and Japan '71, I'm set... and anything after that is mere frosting!
  14. PacificOceanBlue

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    The Southwest
    Hard to imagine that there is a ten year release strategy. Clearly something "new" is coming out this year. There could be some weight behind the speculation that something from 1968 is being prepared if JP's remarks that "it's so different to all the other things that are out there" is to believed. Who knows. There are clearly a number of known and likely unknown tapes in the Zeppelin archives, hopefully a number of exciting live performances are released as part of JP's plans for the catalogue, sooner rather than later. At least with the catalogue album reissues and companion discs, fans knew what the basic release schedule was going to be -- with regard to these alleged live projects, no one really knows what to expect, and for how long.
  15. ohnothimagen

    ohnothimagen I don't suffer fools or trolls gladly...

    Aw, Tempe's not that bad...it's not that great, mind ya, but IMO it's nowhere near the trainwreck people make it out to be. I think there are worse 1980 shows. It also doesn't help that we base our views on the the Tempe show on a mediocre audience recording of the latter half of the show where the tape bleed from "All Right Now" and "Jumping Jack Flash" on the recording come through almost as loud as Zeppelin does during "Stairway":laugh:

    Let's face it: if by some freak of nature there was an official release of a multitracked Tempe '77, we'd all buy it. Don't lie:laugh:
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  16. steveharris

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    My guess(just a wild guess here),most if not all multitracks have been at least in some stages completed.With work on those set in motion by Page.The booted stuff will in some form be compiled to coincide with copyright expirations along with some surprises from Pages archives wich we may or may not know exists.Like Montreaux 70-72,Paris`73,new Yardbirds stuff.
    If this new live album is not a giant chronological compilation then I`m guessing it`s Japan`71(At least that`s what I`d like to believe!)Now there are incredible versions from all nights here.Will he be only working on one Osaka concert?I personally love those Tokyo shows.Especially Stairway,Immigrant,& Dazed!
    Unless Jimmy has found some Winterland 4/25/69 Multitracks!I could see something like 6/23/77 No Quarter,Ten Years Gone Dragonfly vinyl needledrop sourced showing up on a later release in some form among other rarities.But then who really knows?Brussels`75 Wanton Song & Levee Breaks soundboard,Gallows Pole & Four Sticks`71,Out On The Tiles NY`70?Zurich `80 multitracks?
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  17. JPJs Bass Guitar

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    I'm leaning towards this release being a compilation of live tracks from throughout their touring career.

    It makes sense to me:-

    1) It's different to what's out there (Paris 69, BBC 71, TSRTS & HTWWW all being presentations of a complete concert)
    2) It would reduce the crossover of material and similar tracks to these same shows.
    3) No need for tinkering with the performances. Just use tracks that are ready to go.
    4) Removes the need to pay royalties for cover versions which do not need to be included
    5) Excluding the DVD release, it can introduce official audio live versions of IMTOD, Trampled, Kashmir, Achilles etc. Major Zep material not yet included in a live audio release.
    6) JP has previously spoken of a live chronological release. It may or may not be DVD but I suspect not.

    But of course I could be way off the mark, time will tell.

    I also do not believe there are releases lined up over the next 10 years. That seems a similar pronouncement to the old 'I need to be seen playing live next year', but again we'll see.
  18. deanrelax

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    I don't think its lined up in the sense of November 2021 - release of X, April 2022 release of Y and June 2025 release of Z.

    However, I do think that all major acts have done a thorough copyright extension assessment and that Zep's list includes all material that must be subject to copyright extension during the next ten-twelve years if the Zep-camp want to keep control of the material. Once you've got that list, then all parties involved must agree on what to release and how. Now, that subject (beyond this year's 50th anniversary releases) may still be subject to discssions internally. e.g everybody involved knows that, for example, the Montreux concerts may be eligible for public use in 2020/21 if Zep decides on not to use them. Zep therefore needs to release them, but they still haven't decided on formats, presentation etc. Bear in mind that I do think that all parties involved (including Plant and Jones and the Bonham estate) are quite involved and concerned even if Jimmy Page is the keeper of the archives so to speak. In addition, the Zep camp don't know if they will be around in ten years time so its better to settle everything/ agree on an approximate plan now (which may subject to change of course) before old age and death really sets in and makes everything more complicated. This year is set (50th anniversary release(s)), what Jimmy Page is refering to is probably the internal discussions on future copyright extension releases. I do believe (and hope) that we will see a new approach to what kind of material that is released beyond 2018.
  19. Overthehillsandfaraway

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    This is a very articulate post that hits the nail on the head. I doubt Jimmy would ever want to lose control of anything Zep-related, and also agree that I suspect Plant & Jones are involved even if Page is leading it. Plant has talked recently about legacy, and not wanting to do a reunion tour for that reason, cheapening it, tarnishing the legacy etc. Turning it into an "oldies act". Even if you don't believe that is the whole truth, I don't think Plant (or Jones) would ever want to see them lose copyright control and have a splurge of cash in releases a la Hendrix, who seems to have produced 6 times as many records dead as he did alive.
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  20. Overthehillsandfaraway

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    I hope so! That run at Winterland / Fillmore West they were on fire. Especially the 27th. Even the audience recording sounds like the mic is virtually on stage but a multitrack, of selected songs of the whole run, would blow away most rock live albums of the last 30 years.
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  21. steveharris

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    My favorite is that show from the 27th.But then the first night in Winterland,only 24 minutes of an audience tape surfaced(if I remember correctly)
  22. Purple Jim

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    I hope it's from the late 60s or early 70s - when they used to just wing it and take chances.
  23. Daniel Falaschi

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    I am pretty much sure it is Southampton.
  24. Why?
  25. John Rhett Thomas

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    I doubt there's a specific strategy in place. A general "beat the copyright renewal" strategy seems easy to believe. That's what makes Page's comment about "10 years" so enticing. It's a good shorthand for the length of time Zep was a band and producing material.

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