Whitesnake - The Purple Tour - Jan '18

Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by Curveboy, Dec 26, 2017.

  1. mur

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    South Florida
    I was so happy to see WS perform these songs live. In a way, Tommy Bolin lives. I went to the show in Fort Lauderdale with a buddy who was a WS fan. He was not too into the Deep Purple stuff but I was beyond estatic . So happy this live album was released!
  2. patrickd

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    Austin TX USA
    just listening to the double LP version of the live album -- got it on release but have only got around to spinning tonight....not great sounding, I have to say. Maybe the CD is better, the vinyl sounds flat and thin. DC sounds ok on it, especially when he is in his comfort range but this is a disappointment on vinyl.
  3. graveyardboots

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    Atlanta, GA, USA
    To the best of my (admittedly cursory) research, at the time of announcement of the itinerary for The Purple Tour, Whitesnake hadn't played Atlanta in ten years and there were no Atlanta dates on The Purple Tour. Having never caught the band live before, I promised myself I'd make every effort to attend a reasonably local show if I could. They were scheduled for the Hard Rock Live in Biloxi, MS so I drove the 6 hours each way to attend the show. I would have preferred the addition of a track or two from their Sunburst years but, other than that minor quibble, I had no complaints.

    As an aside, while The Purple Tour album is hardly Whitesnake's best live album, I love the fact that it presents all 13 songs from the show *without* the extended solos that otherwise probably would have added ten minutes to the set.
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  4. Anthrax

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    I think Plant doesn't like Coverdale since Still Of The Night or thereabouts, but saying he got back together with Page out of pity sounds a bit much. Besides, it's not like the reunion with Page wasn't beneficial for him.
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  5. Does anyone know where The Purple Tour was recorded?
    And if it is footage from one concert or that it comes from multiple concerts of the tour?
  6. Eiricd

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    Birmingham in England
  7. Okay, thanks. Do you know on what date it was too?

    (It's probably in the liner notes, but I haven't bought the album yet and couldn't find it on the internet).
  8. Claus

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    I watch some clips...... a pain to see DC.
  9. The Slug Man

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    Whitesnake is now on tour in the US in the middle of a package tour featuring headliners Foreigner and opener Jason Bonham's Led Zeppelin Evening. I checked out Youtube and setlists.com and the 'Snake are playing a nine or ten song set consisting of nothing but the hits from Slide It In and 1987. No Purple, no earlier stuff, nothing from anything after 1987. :cry: And DC's--who will always be my favorite singer--voice sounds shot. Still, I'm looking forward to seeing them on July 4th.
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  10. graveyardboots

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    Atlanta, GA, USA
    In light of the Frankie Valli thread, at least Coverdale isn't lip syncing. And I, too, am looking forward to catching Whitesnake again a few days after your show - sandwiched in between Foreigner and Jason Bonham's Led Zeppelin Evening.
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  11. Madrid

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    With Glenn Hughes doing his own tour of Deep Purple classics it's a shame him and Coverdale couldn't join forces on a Purple tour. I've heard them talk about being 'soul brothers' so it's a pity they haven't done more together, especially when they have both being doing essentially the same thing but separately.
  12. mark renard

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    DC is probably worried that Hughes will embarrass him. That guy still has some pipes!
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  13. mikedifr0923

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    New Jersey
    I am glad I saw Whitesnake that first tour with Aldrich when he still had at least 65-75% of his voice. A few notes were tough but that awesome midrange was still there.

    Saw Hughes with California Breed, sounded awesome
  14. Northwind

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    This is such a bizarre tour package. I purchased my lawn ticket for $15. I have ZERO interest in seeing Foreigner... so I'm teetering on whether I even want to deal with the 45 min drive to my local shed to see DC croak through an uninteresting 45 minute set of American radio hits.
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  15. Psychedelic Good Trip

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    New York

    Coverdales voice isn't what it used to be but it was great to see him at least giving it his all, good or bad. Band sounds great though.
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  16. patrickd

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    Austin TX USA
    Well at least he can get the crowd to sing half of it for him......good for him he's still touring and having fun but there's more than a little cabaret about all this. Still, for old time's sake, I'd probably go see him if nearby. Would still prefer to see him get back with Marsden and co for a real old time WS show.
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  17. Eiricd

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