Who Framed Roger Rabbit fans can REJOICE!

Discussion in 'Visual Arts' started by Dan C, Mar 19, 2003.

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  1. Oatsdad

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    "Roger Rabbit" most definitely was NOT ever "R"-rated. It's always been "PG".

    As for the altered sequences, those have NOTHING to do with ratings. The movie ran theatrically as "PG" with Baby Herman's finger and Jessica's... uh... rabbit intact. You couldn't see the latter in theaters - it's a freeze frame gag - so it wouldn't have affected a rating. Baby's finger was always very evident theatrically.

    Disney changed this because they wanted to do so - it wasn't due to pressure for a different rating or any other factor. Why'd they decide it's so necessary now? No one knows...
  2. Grant

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    I'd say, yeah, it was because somewhere, someone would have noticed it-looked for it- and threw a fit! I suppose Disney doesn't want any controversy with a movie that obviously will appeal to children.
  3. AKA

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    I was watching the three shorts on disc one back to back to back. I think they were each produced two years apart (1989-1993), and I noticed Jessica Rabbit's voice getting deeper and deeper. Poor Kathleen Turner. How many packs does she smoke a day, anyway?
  4. Ken_McAlinden

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    Of course you are right, but the gags we are talking about would not be noticed at regular speed. The reasoning for the home video censorship(as expressed in the Betty Boop scene in the commentary and generally expanded by me) seems to be that they thought they were fine inside jokes for the theatrical presentation where they would not be noticed, but have since decided that they were not worth the potential trouble on a video release marketed to kids.

    The altered bits actually seem much more salacious when described in the context of censorship then they are when actually viewed.

  5. AKA

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  6. thegage

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    It's a bit like the situation with Mulholland Drive, where for the video release one actress's...uh...rabbit...was purposely digitally obscured by Lynch. The reason as I understand it is that he wanted to respect the actress and not have freeze frames of her all over the internet. Of course, Herman and Jessica are cartoons, but in this case the studio would have been embarrassed by widespread distribution of the "offending" images.
  7. thegage

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    I checked out the link, and that's certainly the case with Jessica.
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