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  1. Simon A

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    My very favourite non-Horror film of his is the Robert Mitchum Comedy/Noir film His Kind of Woman (1951). If you're a fan of Price's, you need to see this. One of his greatest comedic roles and very underrated. In a film that features, Mitchum, Jane Russell, Tim Holt, Charles McGraw and Raymond Burr, Price steals the show effortlessly, not that the others are not at their usual best.


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  2. Jerry Horne

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    That's not filmmaker David Lynch by the way.
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    Whoooaaahhh! Is this album still in print? :laugh:
  4. Jack Lord

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    There it is!
  5. Slack Babbath

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    Seven Seas Of Ryde
    And he was a great narrator ....so find yourself a comfortable chair and a drink of your choice and settle down and listen to ....
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  6. smilin ed

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    Price and Cushing in Island Genesis Pt 1
  7. johnod

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    I remember The Conqueror Worm being very scary when I was a kid.

    I just read some Wikipedia info about it, I can see why I found it scary.
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    +1 :agree: Can't say it any better than this. Vincent Price was quite simply one of the greats; much missed, but well remembered! :righton:
  9. Pratt

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    Love Vincent! All of the Corman/Poe stuff is amazing!
    Witchfinder General
    Comedy Of Terrors
    Tons of stuff...
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    The original "The Fly"
    Heeeeelp meeee...
  11. Karnak

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    Yes. I remember him getting punched in the gut by a crusty Dana Andrews-'oh, are you hurt darling?'.:laugh: Another comical, enjoyable moment from a great actor.
    I don't think he was nearly as comical in Leave Her To Heaven, but he was nearly as huffy, self-important, but of course deceived by a character he didn't really know.
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  12. Karnak

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    I saw Cry Of The Banshee(1970) when I was younger, and it scared the crap out of me. Price plays a truly loathsome character, and Hilary Dwyer is in that as well.
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  14. Stereosound

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  15. Yes this is for Chris Lee but Vincent Price has an amusing story when he appears.
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  16. Price gives a marvel0us performance in The Masque of The Red Death. It’s also getting a 4k restoration and reissue on Blu-ray.
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  17. Prophetzong

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    Witchfinder General ( Conqueror Worm) was his best performance and movie ever IMHO.
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  18. John B Good

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    Waiting for Masque of the Red Death to come my way.
  19. The Wanderer

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  20. Simon A

    Simon A Arrr!

    Peter Cushing was a welcomed face as well in the program but there is no better way to end that show than with Mr. Price showing how much he loved Mr. Lee. Thank you so much for sharing this!
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  21. Manapua

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    Hats off to anyone who can do silly - Beach Party cameos, game show appearances - and truly horrific and evil (Witchfinder General). A true talent.
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  22. Pizza

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    I got to interview him when I was writing for my college paper. He was wonderful.
  23. Big Jimbo

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    One film that he appeared in is “The Baron Arizona”, Samuel Fuller’s fictionalized account of James Reavis who ran one of the most audacious con games of the 19th century to get 18,600 acres in Arizona and New Mexico, collection $5.3 million ($163 million in today’s currency) in cash in promissory notes before getting caught.

    Surprisingly the closest he came to playing a vampire was on “F Troop”.
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    MAYBEIMAMAZED Don't think Twice it's alright

    I love all his movies so cool was just thinking about looking up doctor Phibes to watch.
  25. budwhite

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    I watched Dr Phibes the other day for the tirst time.

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