Who lives in an environment quiet enough that they can play whatever they want?

Discussion in 'Audio Hardware' started by 93curr, Nov 10, 2017.

  1. Fishoutofwater

    Fishoutofwater Forum Resident

    I feel for you. I hope you have some good headphones
  2. HenryFly

    HenryFly Forum Resident

    Like you but only 5% through speakers and the neighbour culture here in Germany, being an appartment block-based housing market and German;), is extremely restrictive regards music volume. There's not much point trying anything with large dynamic range or deep bass and after nearly 25 years it's contributed to a change in my tastes.
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  3. eric777

    eric777 Rock Star

    If I had the know how and the money, I would build a house that was completely soundproof. I don't want to hear what other people are listening to. I don't want to hear their stereo, television, conversation, or any other noises.

    My television is always on a low volume if it's on at all and all my music is listened to through headphones. I also feel no need to talk so loud that everyone in the neighborhood can hear what I'm saying. I don't invade other people's airspace so don't invade mine.
  4. CCrider92

    CCrider92 Forum Resident

    Cape Cod, MA
    I can very much play what I want, when I want, as loud as I want.
  5. Hendertuckie

    Hendertuckie Forum Resident

    Henderson, Nevada
    We are empty nesters, my Wife and I have the house to ourselves. Our home is located in a typical west coast, big city subdivision. There is a 10 foot separation between the houses which were built in the late 90's and well insulated. We don't listen at high volumes so I play music any time I want, well except when the Wife is sleeping.
  6. RiCat

    RiCat Forum Resident

    CT, USA
    We live on a 3 acre wooded lot and all neighbors are on 2+ so it is quiet and we can turn it up as we please.
  7. johnnyyen

    johnnyyen Forum Resident

    I always use headphones, simply because I don’t want to disturb the neighbours, but reading about your experience 93curr, there’s no way you should have to put with that. As others have said previously, you should report it to the landlord or the police.
  8. Bill Mac

    Bill Mac Forum Resident

    So. ME USA
    I live in a wooded area on a dead end road. So traffic is minimal with no cars going by blasting the tunes. On a 1/2 acre lot with neighbors not to close. Can crank music no problem with the windows closed. But need to be respectful to my neighbors when the windows are open in the warmer weather.
  9. eddiel

    eddiel Forum Resident

    Toronto, Canada
    I know how you feel. I once had an upstairs neighbour who was a big fan of dub music and his speakers were huge and just sat right on his apartment floor. The music was loud enough to make watching TV almost impossible. The only time I got some respite was when he did a favour for his Dad and let one of his Dads employees crash in his apartment. Said employee stole a company van along with my neighbours stereo. I felt sorry for him but I was happy to get the peace and quiet. Luckily he never played his music as late as your neighbours though.

    I went up to ask him to turn it down a couple of times but gave up. He just didn't get the hint that he was playing his music too loud. He actually turned out to be a decent guy, just not really aware of his actions.

    I'd tell you to move but knowing the rental market in Toronto, I know that that is much easier said than done. I've looked a few times and it's dire out there unless you can afford $2K+ for a condo rental. People do not move here once they find a place unless they really have to! But if it's causing you that much annoyance you should start looking and keeping an eye out. It's hard living like that for long. The problem is that sometimes before you even get home you're already on edge wondering if they're at it again.
  10. Chris Schoen

    Chris Schoen Forum Resident

    Maryland, U.S.A.
    Basement. Rock solid. :righton:
  11. 93curr

    93curr Senior Member Thread Starter

    It's frustrating because it seems as if moving only gives the illusion of control. I've lived here for about twenty years and the only time it came close to being as bad as this was a few years back when someone moved in to the apartment next to mine who was just awful - heavy metal all day and all night. I was tempted to move out then, but he got evicted after about six months. Pretty sure that wasn't because of the noise, though - every month there'd be notices stuck on his door advising that he was months late with the rent and that legal action would be taken if he didn't pay up. And then one day the apartment was empty and being cleaned out. Whoever moved in after him was quiet as a mouse - never heard a peep. It's not as if there's any way to tell if any new place I'd move into would be quiet until it's too late, even if I could afford to move. Heck, I could win the lottery tomorrow and buy a multi-dollar mansion only to find out that Justin Bieber was moving in next door!
  12. .gvp

    .gvp New Member

    I live in a flat, so it's headphones only if I want to listen properly. My neighbours are extremely quiet, I don't get any noise from them at all, and so I don't want to cause them any annoyance with my noise.
  13. avanti1960

    avanti1960 Forum Resident

    Chicago metro, USA
    Our house is fairly quiet and my audio cave is in the basement. If you turn everything off and just listen it becomes obvious that it is far from dead silent- I can start hearing the low level background sounds- the faint hum of a car on the road behind us, the subtle sound of air coming through the HVAC system, our garage door opening, etc. But even in the most quiet passages of music we can still get lost in it and tune out all of those background sounds. Even in a hearing testing booth (ever been in one?) it is far from silent! You start hearing the noises that you make- rustling clothes, heart beat, breathing. Point is- try to focus on the music and forget about sound you can't control. Or get a great set of headphones!
  14. I lived way out in the country on 4 acres awhile back. Whatever I wanted whenever I wanted.
    Then we moved back to civilization.........
  15. Twodawgzz

    Twodawgzz But why do you ask such questions...

    My neighborhood is so quiet at night I can hear the ocean waves breaking a mile away. It is also relatively quiet during the day... except for leaf blowers, remodel construction, and the occasional helicopter flyover. In any case, I can play my music on my biamped Altec 604(e) system as loud as I want whenever I want, which is usually after one too many Scotches. Rather than complaints from the neighbors, I usually get compliments on the good sounds.
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  16. J.D.80

    J.D.80 Well-Known Member

    New York City
    I grew up on a 1000 acre farm in Columbia County N.Y. There was a quiet there that I haven't experienced since I moved out nearly 20 years ago.
    I came to NYC for work and eventually ended up living in Brooklyn. Found a place that wasn't terribly expensive above a nice little restaurant. All was great for a year until the establishment went bankrupt and was purchased by a man who turned the space into a restaurant by day, night club by night. My life was ruined by terrible music that played 3-4 nights a week from 10pm-3am at a level that vibrated my pictures, dishes, furnurature, body, etc... I wake up for work every day at 4:30am so this was a complete disaster.
    I failed at getting it to stop. Whether it was my calls to the landlord, restaurant owner, 311, or anyone else I could think of. It never got quieter. The owner just paid his fines and kept the party going.
    Eventually I broke my lease and left to move to Harlem. A noisy neighborhood, yes, but the thing is, it's noisy enough that nobody blinks an eye at the noise I create playing my records at moderate volume for a couple of hours every other early evening.
    My downstairs neighbors have a tv in their bedroom that sometimes wakes me, but I never complain because they never complain about me.
    If I find myself bothered by the TV, I just think about the hell of living above a night club, and I realize that it's not bad at all.
    When I buy my weekend home next year up in the Catskills, there will be enough land and surrounding silence to enjoy music on a whole new level. I imagine I may just move my equipment up to that home, and savor the experience of spinning records only on the weekends.
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  17. bluesaddict

    bluesaddict High Tech Welder

    Loveland, Colorado
    I lived in the one apartment and my downstairs neighbor was into shoot'em up games big time. That is what got me into my first house. Music I can handle but that was over the top. I asked if he would turn it down just a bit and got no where. Paul Simon says it best........

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  18. ssmith3046

    ssmith3046 Forum Resident

    I'm in total control.
  19. dividebytube

    dividebytube Forum Resident

    Grand Rapids, MI
    I used to have my own basement listening room - in my last two houses - so even with UREI 813As (Altec 604 and an Eminence 15" bass driver each) I could play as loud as I want without bothering the neighbors. Of course I mostly did this when my wife and son were gone.

    My new house doesn't have the same ability - bi-level. One floor is bedrooms and the other is living room/kitchen/family room so there is no longer any listening room to call my own. And I've downgraded to smaller speakers - B&W Matrix 805s - which can't move the same kind of air.

    But this neighborhood is quiet - I rarely hear anything outside unless it's a lawnmower.
  20. dividebytube

    dividebytube Forum Resident

    Grand Rapids, MI
    As to 93's issue: I once had an apartment in college that was noisy, with thin walls and floors/ceilings. You could hear just about everything. One night my next door neighbor threw a big rap music party. Incredibly loud. I left a nasty note under his door. I'm sure everyone else in the building complained too - probably to the landlord. There was never another party there, or even loud music. But some people get it and some don't.

    A later apartment I had a long running feud with the neighbor downstairs who liked to crank The Bodyguard soundtrack at 6AM. That was horrible. That's when I found out I really needed peace 'n' quiet - and I've lived in houses (both rented/bought) ever since.
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  21. Carl Swanson

    Carl Swanson Resident blabbermouth

    Yes, I appear weakly at many places . . .
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  22. robertk

    robertk Forum Resident

    You simply have to have a dedicated and big, stereo room. Nothing else, maybe 1 chair. All open. Every house I've bought has to meet that criteria. No good to me without it. Unobstructed. So, to answer the thread. zero problems with that kind of thing.

    Getting a house built right now & believe me, it is good sized and nothing else goes in it but albums/stereo gear/1 chair. furniture and so on can easily go to other rooms in the house.
  23. Mike from NYC

    Mike from NYC Forum Resident

    Surprise, AZ
    My nearest neighbor is about 50 feet away and I blast it whenever I want to although I don't listen to music as loud as I did in my teens and 20s.
  24. danner

    danner Forum Resident

    Birmingham, AL
    After living in an apartment for a couple of years, I’m finally back in a detached house that allows me to listen at a comfortable volume without any concern of disturbing the neighbors.

    Those apartment years weren’t fun though. My downstairs neighbor literally never left his apartment for longer than an hour or two at a time, so I basically did nothing but headphone listening for a year.
  25. libertycaps

    libertycaps Forum Resident

    Portland, OR, USA
    Live alone in a 1916 Bungalow with a 3/4 basement. Yay for me.

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