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who uses two sets of stereo speakers?

Discussion in 'Audio Hardware' started by Gi54, May 2, 2021.

  1. SandAndGlass

    SandAndGlass Twilight Forum Resident

    These are my third pair of speakers. The sit directly across from the tan sofa.


    Vintage, restored, Altec Lansing A7, VOTT's (Voice of the Theater) speakers, with JBL "Baby cheek's", 2404 super tweeters and custom crossovers. Custom crossovers are provided by ALK engineering. There is a commercial 15" passive horn loaded sub on the left side that is driven by a 1,600-Watt Crown amp.

    The sub is used with both the tower speakers and the vintage Altec A7's.

    When I gave all three systems playing, the two front towers are on my left (when seated) and the two rear towers are on my right, with the two Altec's in between them.

    The Altec's are typically driven by an all tube system (after the DAC with digital sources, using a separate preamplifier and power amp(s).
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  2. SandAndGlass

    SandAndGlass Twilight Forum Resident

    I use a processor when in HT mode. It is simply another source that is added to the regular stereo components. This way the basic audio system is in no way compromised by the addition of HT functionality.

    The processor is an Emotiva MC-700 4K processor.

    Directly below the TV is the Oppo UDP-203 4K player, that is connected to the Emotiva processor via an HDMI cable.

    This is how it currently looks with the new 65" curved screen TV.


    The Oppo is used as a transport for CD's, going digitally into the iNova, to be converted to analog by the ESS Saber DAC.

    The shelf above it has a center channel speaker from the Polk RTi line. We have the top of the line LSiM center channel speaker, but it is too large vertically, to fit in the audio rack.

    On the lower left is the processor, on top if the mono center channel amplifier.
  3. Boltman92124

    Boltman92124 Fish tacos.

    San Diego
    Some receivers/amps require an impedance of nothing lower than 8 ohms for each pair A+B FYI.
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  4. mkane

    mkane Strictly Analog


    Flat packs
    They sound fantastic and the speaker journey is almost over.
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  5. mds

    mds Forum Resident

    I use a Bryson DAC when in the 2-channel mode, that DAC is far superior to either the Oppo or Emotiva’s and incorporate a Sonora microRendu for streaming.
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  6. SandAndGlass

    SandAndGlass Twilight Forum Resident

    I take all digital and analog signals into the Peachtree iNova. I use its internal ESS Saber DAC to convert all digital signals into analog. I only use the iNova for the system source selector, class "A" preamp and system wide DAC. The iNova's internal power amp section is not used, in favor of external power amps.

    Even though the iNova has a HT bypass on the analog section, I found that the sound was better if I took the front audio from the processor digitally and decoded it in the iNova. When in HT mode, I control the center channel's volume with the processor's remote and control the volume of the front mains with the volume control on the iNova.
  7. Classic Car Guy

    Classic Car Guy "The greatest love of all is unconditional"

    Northwest, USA
    Way of the future is Quadraphonics.. Back to the 70's.:biglaugh:

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  8. Francois1968

    Francois1968 Forum Resident

    A second set in another room does make sense to me, but not 2 sets of different loudspeakers in one room. My loudspeakers are able to reproduce all kinds of music in a convincing way and if I want to change, rather color the sound a little, I use a different cartridge or DAC. Recently I bought a new amp and had to reposition my speakers in order to get the sound I prefer most. Compared to my old amps, now I had to toe in the speakers less. Experimenting with speaker placement does alter the sound and position A/B is not necessarily better than the other. So, this can be a way of getting another sound without the need for a second pair of loud speakers.
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  9. F1nut

    F1nut Forum Resident

    The Mars Hotel
    This advice is very important as running 2 pair of 8 ohm nominal speakers presents a 4 ohm nominal load to your power source.
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  10. Well, for my quadraphonic system, of course I have to have 2 identical pairs of speakers, JBL 2800's, but in stereo mode, I can send the sound to either pair of speakers. For my 7.1 home theater system, the only matched speakers are the 4 Bose 201's. But then, those speakers wouldn't be good enough to use as primary speakers. That task is filled by my 2 American Acoustics(MTX) 12" 4-way ported speakers. No point in A/B-ing that setup.
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  11. SandAndGlass

    SandAndGlass Twilight Forum Resident

    When I first set up a pair of rear speakers, I bought an inexpensive $99 stereo receiver to run them, it was rated at 100-WPC.

    While I was only going to use it for the single rear pair, it did have a A/B switch to allow two pairs of speakers to be connected. Thinking about this very thing one day, I got out the manual to look up what speaker load the receiver could take.

    Locating the fine print on the speaker switch page, it stated that you were intending to power both sets of speakers at the same time, each speaker pair needed to be 16-Ohm speakers. It appears that the amp section was only rated to run a maximum of 8-Ohms period!

    The receiver was not terribly bad and did what I needed it to do, back in the early days of the room. But it had one flaw. When the volume was turned up and if the receiver went into the slightest bit of clipping, instead of just the protection circuit cutting out for a moment or two, the entire receiver would shut completely off.

    As this this became real annoying. I replaced it it with a power amp.

    The rear speakers are powered by a small SS Emotiva 50-Watt Fusion Flex amplifier with two inputs.


    The amp can drive a 4-Ohm load and has two pairs of inputs. I use one pair for HT, coming from the processor and the other pair comes of the iNova preamp output when in the stereo mode.

  12. rodentdog

    rodentdog Forum Resident

    I have a large room with tall ceiling. Use Axiom M100v4 and KEF iq90 in A+B. Yamaha RX-Z9 drives them fine. Room filling sound, for sure.
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