Who were the drunkest performers you saw on stage?

Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by spencer1, Sep 26, 2019.

  1. Hey Vinyl Man

    Hey Vinyl Man Forum Resident

    The worst part is, the rest of the band doesn't even look the least bit surprised at the situation. I'm impressed at their ability to make the show go on, though.
  2. TheMovieRad

    TheMovieRad Forum Resident

    Los Angeles, CA
    Ahem - ummm sir? we’re looking for dirt on famous acts.
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  3. SonyTek

    SonyTek Forum Resident

    Inland Empire, CA
    Eddie Money
  4. slipkid

    slipkid Forum Resident

    Yngwie Malmsteen. Just a horrible show. Gave me a headache. Thought he was sick or something. Found out later from someone that saw him after the show he was wasted. Put me off his playing pretty much forever, sad to say.
  5. Musical Chairs

    Musical Chairs Forum Resident

    Well, that can happen at the Copa. Copa Cabana.
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  6. DLD

    DLD Senior Member

    Dallas, Tx
    Joe Cocker tho there was probably a little more medication than alcohol at work.
  7. Musical Chairs

    Musical Chairs Forum Resident

    Oh what a night!
  8. julienbakerfan

    julienbakerfan Active Member

    Guided by Voices at Riotfest. Robert Pollard drained a large bottle of Jack Daniels. They also sucked. Unfortunately, this turned me off of Guided by Voices for a long time. I saw blink-182 the same day and Tom DeLonge was fairly wasted; I think he was done with the band at that point.

    I've seen a lot of local bands who were really wasted while playing. I don't know if they really count; most of them were goofy punk bands.
  9. dharmabumstead

    dharmabumstead Forum Resident

    Seattle area
    Robert Pollard, Guided By Voices, ShowBox in Seattle, 2010. As with all of their shows, they had a beer cooler on stage back by the drum riser. I think Bob emptied most of it. Didn't miss a beat, though - the guy's a pro. Amazing show.

    A pic from the show. I'd been right up at Bob's feet at the beginning of the show but quickly retreated to the back of the room (that's my head floating in the darkness back there - the claustrophobic then-wife was hanging out in the bar and snapped the picture).

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  10. Achn2b

    Achn2b Forum Resident

    N. Conway, NH
    Given his history, I can't put money on this, but the one time I saw him he seemed sober to me.

    This was probably 1984/85, and I know during this time he was going through various attempts at sobriety. This guy who owned a large hotel just outside my small resort town in NH, somehow managed to get John Martyn to play at his hotel(he was a huge fan)

    I had become a fan after hearing the version of Couldn't Love You More from his Glorious Fool album on an independent radio station a few years before, so when I heard this, I got my ticket immediately. So got to see John, I assume Alan Thomson, Foster Paterson on keyboards, and a drum machine, with maybe about 100 other people in the hotel's ballroom.

    He was wonderful, cheerful and funny, in that very dry, witty British sort of way.
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  11. kohoutek

    kohoutek Forum Resident

    Easy. Slash, 1988. Out of his mind drunk, but pulled off the show. I was quite impressed.
  12. RTurner

    RTurner Forum Resident

    Los Angeles, CA
    Van Halen US '83 Festival - I think the whole band was drunk
    Joe Perry Project - Golden Bear Huntington Beach 1984. It was sad and he was angry drunk and out of tune. I'm amazed he got back to where he was with Aerosmith.
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  13. Mr Mojo Risin

    Mr Mojo Risin “Music is my Savior. I was saved by Rock & Roll.”

    South Florida
    Ian McCulloch at a small club in NYC. He came on really late and could barely stand. Totally sucked.
  14. Led Head

    Led Head Well-Known Member

    Oviedo, Florida
    Once again, Dickey Betts and Great Southern 2009 Captain Hiram's Sebastian FL.

    Dickey was so hammered he was slurring his words when he spoke between songs. For some reason he could sing without slurring and it didn't seem to impact his guitar playing as much as his speaking.
  15. gazatthebop

    gazatthebop Forum Resident

    Which show did Cale stop midway?
  16. RobNeil

    RobNeil Forum Resident

    Midlands, UK
    Doubt they were merely 'drunk' but Shaun Ryder and Bez were pretty out of it when i saw Black Grape in the mid 90s.
  17. Gdgray

    Gdgray Forum Resident

    Eric Clapton
    Tour supporting 461 Ocean Blvd
    Palm Beach Fairgrounds
    Rain delay caused him to come on extremely late at night.
    Remember him throwing liquor bottles into crowd
  18. JayBe

    JayBe Well-Known Member

    Replacements at The Channel
  19. foxo

    foxo Well-Known Member

    Alabama 3 doing an acoustic set in Dunfermline several years back. They were on fire though, absolutely great night. A pal of mine saw them in Glasgow the next night and apparently they were terrible, must have been the hangovers.
  20. Wildgift

    Wildgift This is the modern world that I've heard about...

    Yup. Saw in 1983. Totally lotto and still fantastic
  21. kwhisperer

    kwhisperer Forum Resident

    Another vote for Dickey Betts. It was in a small club and he was clearly plastered. At the end of the show, he grabbed my date and tried to carry her off ... leading to a tug-of-war which I fortunately won. My date and I were drunk as well and the evening ended with her mother chasing me off their property. Not a stellar evening.
  22. groundharp

    groundharp Maybe your friends think I'm just a stranger

    California Day
    John Cale/Chris Spedding @ New George's, San Rafael CA 1988
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