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Why did Martin Birch retire?

Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by ultra motion, Sep 15, 2007.

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  1. ultra motion

    ultra motion Member Thread Starter

    'Fear Of The Dark' was one of his best productions I dare say and some bands could use his skills today. The unfortunate thing is, it's much different climate now where they'd demand him to compress/limit an album as much as he can and make it competitive with other modern albums. Which is I guess one of the main reasons he left the biz....
  2. Maidenpriest

    Maidenpriest Setting the controls for the heart of the sun :)


    Martin Birch retired because he now prefers playing Golf to making records!
  3. zen

    zen Forum Resident

    Perhaps Birch got out of the business just in time. He doesn't have to hear his mixing board magic get ruined by heavy compression.
  4. vinylman

    vinylman Forum Resident

    Leeds, U.K.

    Same reason as John Deacon, then.
  5. LesPaul666

    LesPaul666 Forum Resident

    New Jersey
    If you were Martin Birch, wouldn't *You* retire? I know I probably would.:D
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