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Why did The Beatles Sgt Pepper lose its appeal?

Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by alexpop, Apr 5, 2021.

  1. alexpop

    alexpop Power pop + other bad habits.... Thread Starter

    For ten years or more Sgt Pepper was the favourite Beatles album. Seemed to lose its appeal around the eighties.

    What’s the reason for that?
  2. sunking101

    sunking101 Forum Resident

    Yorkshire, England
    Still my second favourite after TWA.
  3. scoutbb

    scoutbb Forum Resident

    When did it lose it’s appeal?
    Always been great.
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  4. monovinyl

    monovinyl Forum Resident

    It hasn't...to me.
  5. Chest Pains Productions

    Chest Pains Productions Forum Resident

    People finally woke up and realized how over rated it is.
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  6. Dog Ear

    Dog Ear SH likes JE Island

    What goes up...
  7. Tristero

    Tristero Touching from a distance

    Damn hipsters
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  8. the Mac

    the Mac Well-Known Member

    Not for me. It seems by music polls that it has kind of been overtaken by Revolver and Abbey Rd, but I still find it magical and ground breaking.
  9. parman

    parman Forum Resident

    It still has it's fans
  10. jimod99

    jimod99 Daddy or chips?

    Vienna, Austria
    Because it is massively overrated.
  11. 7solqs4iago

    7solqs4iago Forum Resident

    no hits off the album, a few granny tunes and other matters that are not easily loved by new fans

    Forever and a day in my top 3 with Rev & the W.A.
  12. heliocentric

    heliocentric Forum Resident

    I just spat my tea out laughing ;)
  13. egebamyasi

    egebamyasi Forum Resident

    Worcester, MA
    UK Revolver was released on CD.
  14. happysunshine

    happysunshine Forum President

    I think you answered your own question!

    I’ve read somewhere that in February 2016, Rolling Stone magazine successfully asked UMG/Apple to lift the 1980s injunction that banned it from using the ”Sgt. Pepper” image in some states. By this time, as a result of numerous list appearances, the remaining music magazines that had objected to ”Pepper” holding the top spot in various ”Best Albums Ever” lists had been acquired by the Lennon estate.
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  15. blair207

    blair207 Forum Resident

    Fife, Scotland
    It isn’t a rock album. That’s the simplest answer. Revolver and Abbey Road are more rocky and had more influence on Brit Pop, Dave Grohl and others. Nowadays if you asked people to list their favourite Beatles songs I don’t think the Sgt Peppers songs would rate highly.
    Last edited: Apr 5, 2021
  16. Dawg In Control

    Dawg In Control Forum Resident

    Granite Falls, NC
    Didn't know it had.
  17. Dave116

    Dave116 Well-Known Member

    Not overrated one bit. Fantastic album
  18. alexpop

    alexpop Power pop + other bad habits.... Thread Starter

    I’m sure it still had the top respect : honor when Sgt Pepper was released on compact disc( lovely thick booklet).
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  19. Chemguy

    Chemguy Forum Resident

    But then it rebounded in 2003 to be number 1 on the RS Top 500 of all time?

    I really don’t think so. It’s drop has been since RS put it on the pedestal. But it’ll be back on top one day...
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  20. alexpop

    alexpop Power pop + other bad habits.... Thread Starter

    Sgt Pepper Song”
    Hendrix would disagree.
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  21. MaybeI'mMrsVandebilt

    MaybeI'mMrsVandebilt Just Spinning On My Axis

    I might be the one and only Beatles fan to not particularly enjoy Sgt Pepper's. I appreciate it to an extent but none of the songs move me. Except for one and that is the incomparable A Day in the Life, which to me, is so out of place on that album. I realise my opinion is strange and definitely in the minority.
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  22. kreen

    kreen Forum Resident

    Contrarian thinking. Everybody -- including squares and casual Beatles fans -- said it was the best Beatles album, so it became hip to go, "actually, I think Revolver/Rubber Soul/etc." is better.
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  23. MHP

    MHP Lover of Rock ‘n Roll

    Because of constant threads like this?
  24. nosticker

    nosticker Forum Guy

    Ringwood, NJ
    I'm not certain it has. I think people got tired of hearing about it used as a yardstick of excellence ad nauseum(See also "Pet Sounds") and there was some backlash. Not that something like Revolver isn't a 60s-sounding album, but Pepper may have aged less gracefully, which is in the eye of the beholder. Consider that Pepper as well as the White Album and Abbey Road have multi-disc boxes and Revolver has been left on the side of the road.

    And as was said above, once the public at large got to hear the UK running order of Revolver, I do think that had an impact, as well.

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  25. blair207

    blair207 Forum Resident

    Fife, Scotland
    I meant songs. But I get your point. It is a rock song and an influential one in its day.
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