Why did the Magical Mystery Tour album become canon and Hey Jude didn't?

Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by Pizza, Feb 13, 2018.

  1. Mike Visco

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    Well, Ballad was on it-same "rhythm section" as Come and Get it and Rev 9 was already released-IMO Mary Jane is more cohesive than Rev. 9. We're talking album cuts. Come and Get it is no less refined than the "all Paul" Why Don't We Do it in the Road.

    At that point, You Know My Name was not yet a B side...and Mary Jane was considered as an A-side. It would have crashed and burned on the charts of course, but the LP might have had more "era" cohesion.
  2. Colocally

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    Yeah I don't think people would have discerned differences in labels like that.
  3. Colocally

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    Point being that Come And Get It wasn't recorded for public consumption, it was recorded purely as a demo.
  4. Squealy

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    Yeah I knew someone would say that... point is, it’s a demo recorded by Paul for another band, not an unreleased Beatles song.
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    I bought the album when it came out just to complete the collection but I only played it once or twice.
    It was an all around bummer of an album because of the break up and it seemed like the record company was cashing in.
    Also I hated the cover pic, they looked bad and Lennon looked like what a high school kid would wear thinking he was real cool.
    A lot of bad vibes about the Hey Jude album for me.
    Of course this is how I felt in 1970, today not much has changed I think it was a useless release but I love Past Masters Vol 1 & Vol 2
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  6. Mike Visco

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    Yes it was a demo, but unlike many of their demos- recorded professionally in a studio. I didn't mention any of the Kinfauns songs for example.

    I think the Badfinger version had just been released in the UK, so they wouldn't have released it anyway, even if they later cleaned it up in early January.
  7. Squealy

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    To put it another way, it wasn’t a loose end that needed tying up.
  8. TheLazenby

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    It's too random to be a proper album. "Can't Buy Me Love" and "The Ballad of John and Yoko" on the same disc?

    They could've made it a bit more coherent (cut the AHDN tracks and add things like "The Inner Light"), but they didn't....
  9. Maidenpriest

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    Er..... 'I Should Have Known Better' and 'Can't Buy Me Love' despite all tracks later day and the album cover Art ?
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  10. Six String

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    That's what I remember but I don't always trust my memory and besides it wasn't as easy to ferret out that kind of info in the pre internet days.
  11. Squealy

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    Read what he said more carefully. He said we shouldn’t second guess the decision not to release it on CD.
  12. overdrivethree

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    When I was very little, my parents played Beatles tapes in the car - they were dubbed from records, so no cover art. I had seen the moptop era clips on TV, and that was it. So my folks were playing albums like Abbey Road and Let It Be in the car, alongside the likes of A Hard Day's Night. I just knew it was all the Beatles, and even that young, I really liked it.

    Later on, getting into my dad's record cabinet and seeing the actual album covers (hairy bearded John, mustachioed George, the glaring potheads on the cover of Pepper) freaked me right out. That was the Beatles?!?

    To this day, the difference between AHDN John and White Album portrait John blow my mind. I bet that was a head trip for fans in the '60s as the Beatles themselves were evolving.
  13. ShockControl

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    Many of us had no idea that the Beatles were breaking up at the time of the release. The inclusion of the two early tracks seemed strange, but overall, this felt like a new Beatles album at the time. I suspect that Hey Jude would have become a part of the canon if side 1 had looked like this:

    Paperback Writer
    Lady Madonna
    The Inner Light
    I'm Down
  14. Sick Sick Phil

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    I think it would have been better to have the MMT soundtrack and the new yellow submarine songs on one cd and then the side two singles forum mmt added to past masters.
  15. MLutthans

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    MMT album: 36:35
    Past Masters Volume One: 42:28
    Past Masters Volume Two: 51.01

    136:04 total -- well within the 160 minute confines of a 2-CD set.
  16. Elton

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    nikh33 Obviously went to some official form for the answer as did I. As Wikipedia states:
    1. Magical Mystery Tour originally peaked at number 31 in the United Kingdom as an import of the United States issue. Parlophone officially issued the album in the UK on 19 November 1976. It did not chart in Australia until October 1974.

    The truth is Parlophone knew MMT was this was a stumbling block to making the Beatles catalog uniformed (they loss money to Capital with import of MMT) that is why officially issued the album in 76'. The Beatles Collection (78') was the UK albums but none of the song from singles or EP's (That was a different box (81)). In 82' MFSL did their The Beatles: The Collection. That is were Parlophone let them cobble together MMT (from the Capitol submaster) and offer it as a Beatles LP package. And it sold out!

    So.. In my summation, that is were when Parlophone was going to CD this solved half their completion problem, (US no EP, CD/EP to costly, making a chronological program), so Past Masters was born, (yes pretentious covers) get rid of every complation (Red/Blue Rock & Roll Music, Love Song, Hollywood Bowl, Oldies and Hey Jude). Now they have brought back those that make money (Red/Blue and Hollywood Bowl due to Ron Howard doc.) That is how Parlophone see Oldies and Hey Jude, not worth their time. I bought Hey Jude, I liked it, I still have the LP, but I think you'll see Love Songs reissued before I see Hey Jude again. (See what I did there!)

    Just My Opinion
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  17. MarkTheShark

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    I haven't read through all the pages of this thread, so I am not sure if this has been covered, but it probably has been.

    Initially MMT was not going to be part of the Beatles on CD rollout, and indeed was not released (nor numbered) in sequence with the rest of the albums. It came out a little later, somewhat unexpectedly (at least by me), but still in 1987.

    Most likely, they originally were not going to release it in its U.S. configuration, but then when they were planning Past Masters, realized with MMT released as an official album, they could keep Past Masters to two CDs.

    I'd have to look up the release date for the MMT CD. But it did not come out between Sgt. Pepper and the White Album. (I know, I was there.)
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  18. AlienRendel

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    From what's been said earlier in the thread, it sounds like it came out in 1987 slightly out of sequence, after the White album and Yellow Submarine, but before Let It Be and Abbey Road.
  19. Baq

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    Was the "Hey Jude" album ever planned as a studio album? No
    Was "Magial Mystery Tour" planned as an EP? Yes
    I see MMT as a "little album" and not just an EP as the Beatles EP's always featured songs that had been released on either an album or on a single except for the "Long Tall Sally" EP.
    But I see a whole concept behind MMT so for me it is still a "little album" for me. As EP and as LP but the LP was done for the american market.

    Another funny idea: Imagine they'd have put MMT on side 1 and the YS tracks on side 2. Released in February 1968.
    That would have been something!
  20. YpsiGypsy

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    MMT release date was 21 Sept, 1987 on CD but I can't find the Peppers and White Album dates
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  21. Maybe that's Steve's super secret, super special project he teased us with. :D

    I like HEY JUDE. I think I have a European version, perhaps German. Sounds good and I always liked the cover.
  22. lemonade kid

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    Me too. Even if it is not Beatles canon per se...I love it. An important part of my vinyl collection.
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  23. YpsiGypsy

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    Regardless of the slicing and dicing that Capitol did to all The Beatles albums before Sgt Peppers I give them props for the Magical Mystery Tour album because it gave Strawberry Fields Forever and I Am The Walrus a proper stage/format and not letting them go down in history as a couple of B sides, I never heard of this double A side explanation in 1967, but my local newspaper never got into music reviews in 1967/68.
  24. Jose Jones

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    I was introduced to the Beatles via the Hey Jude/Beatles Again album and the sequence is wonderfully upbeat on Side 1. The good news is that 3 songs from that side are in the same order on Past Masters 2---Paperback Writer/Rain/Lady Madonna.
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  25. Jose Jones

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    They released the first 4 in mono only, and then the next 4 in stereo only, which got them up to Sgt Pepper. Then the next 4 went thru Let It Be. Past Masters came out in 1988. Yellow Submarine....I don't remember what batch that was in.

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