Why do British music fans loathe Robbie Williams ? *

Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by Panther, Jan 10, 2020.

  1. Panther

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    Tokyo, Japan
    I'm Canadian, and, as in the USA, Robbie Williams in Canada was never a big star. In fact, he wasn't a star at all. At his commercial peak circa 2000 or whenever, he probably could have walked around downtown in Toronto or Chicago or Atlanta and never have been recognized. Same today.

    Back in about 1999 (I was newly arrived in Taiwan at the time), I bought Williams' The Ego Has Landed compilation, which sort-of put together his best tunes from his two solo albums. I think that album was mainly created for the American and Down-Under markets (it succeeded Down Under, and didn't in the USA).

    Anyway, I enjoyed that album by degrees, and my girlfriend then, and I, both enjoyed him and his funny, entertaining persona. We weren't exactly huge fans, but we thought he was very entertaining and that his best tunes were quite good. As the years went on, I completely lost touch with his music (I think that one CD was enough for me), and just lost interest. (I also got older, and after your mid-20s, straight pop music gets less interesting.)

    But to the point of this thread: Robbie Williams is, maybe, the best-selling 'solo' artist in UK history. Yet every British person I've ever 'met', in person or online, completely despises him to the point of pathology.

    So, I've always wondered why his countrymen loathe him so passionately? He struck me as fairly harmless. And if everyone hates him so much, who exactly was buying his records in such enormous numbers?
  2. Music Geek

    Music Geek Forum Resident

    Broke the band they loved? Moved to LA where it doesn't rain so much? Too many tattoos? Who knows...
  3. LarsO

    LarsO Forum Resident

    I think it might be the old phenomenon of being too likable, popular and exposed over a period of time. A mix of being a big mouth solo artist making it big, originally from a boy band that already made it big. He even dared to make a crooner album that became popular. Kind of a similar thing that happened to Phil Collins.
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  4. eric777

    eric777 Astral Projectionist

    I don't know much about him ;however, it appears to be a trend to hate an artist once they receive a certain amount of popularity. This might be the reason but I don't know.
  5. Music Geek

    Music Geek Forum Resident

    Did the Daily Mail or the Sun write something bad about him?
    Usually that's enough to influence the majority of British adults.
  6. Harry Hotspur

    Harry Hotspur Forum Resident

    London England
    Papers not responsible for widespread dislike of this bloke in UK. He does it all by himself.
  7. Evethingandnothing

    Evethingandnothing Forum Resident

    Well, he was the annoying "look at me" one in Take That, made a big hoohah about his mental depression (as if no-one ever knew what that's like), and tried to pass himself off as one of the Rat Pack. Apart from that I quite like him.
    My daughter is of the generation that got into Spice Girls and Take That when they were real young. (I think) she still likes Robbie.
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  8. Phil Tate

    Phil Tate Miss you Indy x

    South Shields
    I think this pretty much nails it. Personally he doesn't bother me at all. I barely think of what he does as music - to me it's light entertainment (which is ironic considering he called one of his albums The Heavy Entertainment Show - a title he shamelessly stole from comedian Nick Helm, incidentally). He's more like a celebrity who makes albums on the side.
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  9. RobNeil

    RobNeil Forum Resident

    Midlands, UK
    I dislike him immensely. I doubt I could put into words exactly why.
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  10. Bobby Morrow

    Bobby Morrow Forum Resident

    I enjoyed his first 3 albums. He’s had an incredibly good run in the U.K., it has to be said. His Christmas album did very well on the charts just this past month.

    And despite what he’ll say later, @Man at C&A has a RW pillowcase and also wears RW underwear.

  11. Christian Hill

    Christian Hill It's all in the mind

    Well, I enjoyed him in Mrs. Doubtfire.

  12. Deek57

    Deek57 Forum Resident

    He my be popular (good luck to him), but I think he's garbage, don't get why people like him. As for that "Angels" thing he does, I feel like hurling my radio into the wall whenever it comes on, it's bleedin' awful.
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  13. dannydieerr

    dannydieerr Forum Resident

    He often plays the "please feel sorry for me card" for various reasons. I haven't enjoyed any of his music, if I had to say there was any talent in Take That it would be in the hands of Gary Barlow. I just think there are far more talented people out there than Robbie but he has been well marketed for years simple as that.
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  14. Vaughan

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    Essex, UK

    I've no idea.
  15. cai

    cai Active Member

    Overexposure, plain and simple. He was absolutely inescapable throughout the nineties and the first half of the noughties. It doesn't help that I think he's come to symbolise everything the laddish culture of the 90s that now seems hopelessly dated.
  16. Dillydipper

    Dillydipper Sultan Of Snark

    Central PA
    Ya know, sometimes the public is just in the mood to go after somebody, and woe betide you if you're the one standin' in the spotlight at the time.
  17. UglySickJoker

    UglySickJoker Forum Resident

    The Netherlands
    Nothing wrong with being the Anti-Christ!
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  18. Man at C&A

    Man at C&A Forum Resident

    Damn! Sussed out! I know I protest to much but didn't think it was that obvious...

    Only when the Barlow underpants are in the wash.
  19. Andy Smith

    Andy Smith You fill up my senses, Like a gallon of Magnet..

    I think he had some great songs and the stab at the 50s retro stuff, 'Swing When You're Winning', is a lot of fun.
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  20. stepeanut

    stepeanut Only the innocent can lie with conviction

    He’s a grade-A tosser. Always a smug wink for the camera, as if to say, “I’m like you, just one of the lads, having a laugh.” It’s all lowest-common-denominator, karaoke-level stuff, cynically designed to appeal to as many chavs and their grans as possible. The joke wore thin 20 years ago, but he keeps popping back up, like a bad smell that won’t go away.
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  21. Man at C&A

    Man at C&A Forum Resident

    I think genuinely, it's obvious I'm not a fan, but he's disliked a lot because he always comes across a full of himself, self satisfied, smug. I don't think people see him as talented enough to justify that. He's a lucky man, a dancer from a boy band who massively overachieved. At the peak of his fame him along with his music were everywhere, almost unavoidable. It became very irritating.

    The clinching moment for many was when he signed a very big record contract, when that still mattered and a clip of him looking smug at the camera bragging "I'm rich! Beyond my wildest dreams!" was shown on TV a lot. He seemed to lack any humility and went from a likeable cheeky chappy to an arrogant wanker very quickly and doesn't seem to have changed since.

    It's easy to forget, he is massively disliked, but massively liked too. His album was number one over Christmas and all those unwanted CDs that clutter charity shops had a loving home once!
  22. Man at C&A

    Man at C&A Forum Resident

    The unflushable turd of music.
  23. wolfram

    wolfram Slave to the rhythm

    Berlin, Germany
    Never got it either. I think there was some really great pop music on his first couple of albums.

    If you're looking for the antichrist, I would nominate Dieter Bohlen (the evil deranged master mind behind Modern Talking). Now there's a guy who deserves all the hate you can spare.
  24. dmiller458

    dmiller458 Forum Resident

    Midland, Michigan
    I thought that would be Elton John, though Williams does have the most UK number one albums for a British solo act.
  25. Man at C&A

    Man at C&A Forum Resident

    Oh, of course, the way he was a complete **** to Gary Barlow when his career was at his peak and Gary was down the dumper. Robbie would have nothing without Barlow's songs getting him started.
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