Why Don't We Do It In The Road-How many Beatles?

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  1. Davido

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    It fit the times also, since the infamous Summer of Love had been in the very recent past. Song seems somewhat hippie inspired unless of course Paul just wanted to "do it in the road."
  2. warewolf95

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    Revolution 9
    Wild Honey Pie
    Why Don't We Do It In the Road

    All trash.
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  3. idreamofpikas

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    Paul managed to complete his song while George was not happy with his over a 100 attempts at completing Not Guilty.

    I'd also imagine that Paul's song sounded more appealing in the studio than another George song whining about how life was unfair to him, the millionaire Beatle married to Pattie Boyd.
  4. Rose River Bear

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    Why I love Why Don't We Do It in the Road and why it's not a simple song.

    The song opens with some palm slaps on acoustic guitar and then some handclaps and drums enter in jaunty fashion. Paul's vocals enter in pickup fashion....no instruments for the first bar. I love that stutter at :10. In the second bar the piano enters first pounding out a D major chord and then at :19 Paul plays D 7th in blues fashion. Paul's blues styling's are perfect...awesome bent minor thirds in his vocal. At :21 listen for a rockabilly hiccup. Paul loved rockabilly and he sounds authentic. Listen at :36 how he sets up the melody into the turnaround ...three descending notes on the word "road". Subtle but brilliant use of adding a turnaround in the vocals. I like at :39 how Paul does that little triplet off the 7th in the D chord on guitar. The verse returns at :42 and Paul plays a jazzy sounding D 7th. His vocals sound doubled at this point. At :50 he gets more raucous sounding. I love that slide up to the D chord on the guitar at :57...gives the song a brighter pop sheen. At 1:02 Paul goes outside pure blues in the melody and veers towards D Dorian again bordering on a more pop sound. At 1:09 my favorite part of Paul's vocal....that legato bend at the tail of the verse that leads to Paul's amazing falsetto Little Richard tribute in the pickup bar. He changes gears quick and goes back to the more gritty blues sound. Amazing range and brilliant subtle ways to keep the song interesting. Cool at 1:25 how he does a rhythmic motif on the words "it" and then "road" at 1:28. At 1:36 for the final line, Paul sings a descending scalar sounding line that sets our ear up for the songs ending. I like that little humorous sounding burp on Paul's bass that brings the song to a great ending.

    Brilliant combination of Paul's influences including pop, rockabilly, jazz and of course blues. All incredibly molded together and it comes out distinctively Paul McCartney the one and only.
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  5. DRM

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    A pedestrian song in the middle of the free love, let's all have sex anywhere and everywhere with everyone like dogs in heat on a dirty hard surfaced road full of pebbles. Where's the nearest love in and communal sex house oh here comes Hugh Hefner. We're so liberated. Not. So obligatory.
  6. JFSebastion

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    Maybe Paul could have stuck a small portion of WDWDIITR on the end of Cry Baby Cry and expanded on the Can You Take Me Back snippet instead. IMO a much better possible song. Just Sayin'
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  7. Lemon Curry

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    I never tbought I'd hear complaints about this track. It's not a "song", just a mood piece. A simple lyrical joke that gets multiplied by the musical joke - the solid groove that sits behind the vocals. In the slide show that the White Album is, this is an interlude, a parenthesis. Fits like a glove.

    A lighten up Francis moment.
  8. drad dog

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    Yeah, there were pedestrians in the song. But for how long?
  9. George Blair

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    The Stones should cover this one live, Mick's falsetto could pull it off.
  10. George Blair

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    Every considered irony?
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  11. Carl Swanson

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    The "ped" in pedestrian refers to the foot. If they lay down in the road, are they any longer pedestrians?
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  12. Carl Swanson

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    Some of the responses are moving my needle from "obtuse" to "clueless."
  13. I wouldn’t go that far.
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  14. RubenH

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    I've always heard it as an ironic take on "cock rock"
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  15. You could always skip a song. I just lifted the stylus.
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  16. You’d have to ask John, Ringo, George and Paul that. They all voted,on it. I think Not Guilty is a terrific song and I love “Road”. I would have taken both.
  17. rednedtugent

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    if you believe Lewisjohn. Two beatles.
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  18. Look, it’s a parody of blues songs. It works for me. Worse than Revolution 9? I don’t think so.
  19. angelo73

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    Paul and Ian Iachimoe ?
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  20. sekaer

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    Revolution 9 is art, WDWDIITR is a throwaway
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    An ironic take on something that didn't actually exist yet. Wow. The Beatles were really that good.
  22. Rose River Bear

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    I agree it is a parody of blues songs. It is almost a novelty song in some ways for me. "No one will be watching us".....pretty funny.
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    One of the best Paul songs. Great vocal. Not sure what version your listening to!
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    I just got up and walked to the fridge...sounded much better than Mr. Moonlight.
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    I recently signed on to Netflix and stumbled on to ‘Beat Bugs,’ a series for kids starring a cast of cute computer-animated insects in various adventures. If you’re unfamiliar, each episode is named for a Beatles tune, and the episode features a cover version of said tune, plus the storyline revolves around the song, sometimes in ways fairly distanced from the original spirit of the song (not unlike the old Saturday morning Beatles cartoons on ABC). Even so, my eyebrows raised a bit when I saw that WDWDIITR was selected as an episode title/theme.
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