Why DVDs are better than Bluray.

Discussion in 'Visual Arts' started by Spaghettiows, Feb 12, 2020.

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    Apologies if this was already posted. I have always felt a bit ripped off during the transition from DVDs to Bluray. This handy video explains quite a bit of it, plus the attraction of streaming media and how owning a Bluray might not be as permanent as owning a vinyl album, say, due to the need for unending encryption updates.

  2. Michael

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    I disagree...one of the best things about BD other than PQ...the extra coating that keeps the discs from getting scratched under normal use...DVDs on the other hand are scratch magnets...
  3. I suspect this video might not be entirely serious.
  4. “Complain about old stuff, that’s what I do” - quoting the guy from the video, sounds like he’d fit right in here :D
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  5. Spaghettiows

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    There is humor in it, but many valid arguments.
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  6. Michael

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    I think it's true...;
  7. Michael

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    Indubitably! LOL...
  8. I agree on his point about ****ty packaging. Mostly, his other points don’t bother me. Menus - don’t care. Bonus material -usually don’t care, plus Criterion, Arrow, Shout, Kino etc. tend to do fine work in that regard. I’ve never had to update my machine to play a disc. It could happen, but it hasn’t been my experience in over a decade. Trailers can be okay, can be annoying. I’d prefer to skip them if I wanted to, but I am not put out either. I like me brick and me blu-ray. I’m fine with the name too.
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    Take picture quality out of the discussion, and I suppose he has a point.
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  10. Michael

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    ah, nice positive comments! I agree with them all...
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    Some of the stuff he complained about is neither exclusive to the blu-ray format nor is it true of all blu-ray. He showed his copy of an Indiana Jones box set, my Indiana Jones box set isn't like his, instead of sleeves, it has the more traditional spindles. And there are plenty of DVD releases which have all the same packaging quirks that Blu-ray releases sometimes have.

    I think the reason DVDs have more creative menus is just because the way you make DVD menus is a lot simpler and the software for development is more accessible even if it's all discontinued. For Blu-ray, the only thing out there apart from basic templates for burning software is stuff on the level of Sonic Scenarist which costs 10s of thousands of dollars. During the hight of DVD, you had DVD Studio Pro from Apple and Adobe made something which he mentioned in the video. All you had to do is create a looping video and then place overlay buttons on them. The buttons were limited in what they could look like but you could still do some interesting stuff if you were creative. Blu-Ray disc uses Java for its menus, I have no idea how to make BD menus and I've never touched the software you use to make it.
  12. Gaslight


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    The guy has a a CRT and an old analog phone on his desk.

    Surprised he even has DVD's.
  13. Sorry but Blu ray blows away DVD and is worth every bit.
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    Surprised he's not rocking a gramophone as well!

    (@ 1:10 in: )

  15. Yes, the format with far lower resolution and the inability to play a movie in the correct 24fps progressive scan is the superior one.

    Dude mustn't be all there.
  16. Don’t forget the bonus of lossy audio codecs too.
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  17. alexpop

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    He’d rather download than locate a dvd / blu ray. Two reasons : download ($3) instant play avoiding trailers and secondly can’t be rsd locating media. I have no probs locating disc and either skip trailers or in menu button hit play film. One thing I do loath with tv series media packaging (talking about Game of Thrones S8 steelbook) to save space they stack discs (3)on top of each other so tight it’s hard to pry them off.
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    This is a character. The character loves old videogames and is stuck in a previous decade. That's why you see old stuff scattered around.

    Making a copy of a Blu-ray which bypasses encryption keys and removes menus, trailers, and all kinds of crap can be done in 5 min. In fact, every parent should do that so the originals don't get destroyed by their kids.
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  19. The Hud

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    Blu-ray or Die!
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  20. alexpop

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    Why ?
    DVDs damn c h e a p!!!!!!!!!!
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  21. finslaw

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    For newer movies I don't see much difference in PQ, but I guess on some older films I see the grain better. Blu-rays seem to take longer to load as well. But of all the things he mentions the main reason I am fine with DVD is they are so cheap. However, I do like how Blu-rays never seem to get scratched up.
  22. John B Good

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    Fascinating for me (I don't have Blu-ray). Most of his complaints make great sense.

    But spindles and packaging have been lousy for several generations - even cds have ridiculous variety.

    Serious question - Blu-ray (I've complained about that name myself. Sort of like when Xerox became used as meaning photo-copy) players are supposed to be able to play DVDs. True?
  23. Saintbert

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    I am happy watching DVDs but only until I watch another Blu-ray... To me, the difference in picture quality is far greater than between VHS and DVD. The image never quite comes alive on DVD. What you or whichever greedy film company does with the format is another question.
  24. Vidiot

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    Absolute, utter bullspit.

    We thank you for your support! We kill ourselves in post to make old movies and shows on Blu-ray look as good as they possibly can, and technicians like myself frequently will refer to the original standard-def release just to get a sense of what people saw back in the day. That way, I can always say, "well, I changed it a little bit but it's in the ballpark of what was done before, only now much sharper and with more consistent color." We also try to let people see a skosh more image area, maybe 1/4" or so on all sides if possible, to avoid cutting off any important images. (I'm reminded of sound engineers who will bring out a vintage album or 45RPM single when they remaster a tape for CD release.)

    Yes, the moment Blu-rays came out was the day I stopped buying DVDs. Actually, I take that back: there are a handful of shows shot in standard-def that I went ahead and bought on DVD. I just picked up the boxed set of Best of Fridays (the obscure ABC sketch comedy show), because I only recently found out that it was released. I worked on a special for producer John Moffitt in the 1990s and asked him why Fridays never got reissued on home video, and he felt that a) the cast would want too much money, b) Larry David had made about a million times more money than all of them combined and he was not fond of the show, and c) the rampant drug humor was way too edgy for modern sensibilities. So it was a surprise to me that an edited-down package did come out in 2013 from Shout Factory, and I just got it this week. I'm guessing this will prove to be the last DVD I ever buy... unless another standard-def only thing gets released.
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    HD DVD rules

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