SH Spotlight Why I became a mastering engineer. Here's an example of 2 versions of the same song. MOON MULLICAN

Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by Steve Hoffman, Mar 7, 2019.

  1. Funi

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    Hello Mr. Hoffman, what about this?
  2. old school

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    I haven't bought the 50th anniversary of Jimi Hendrix Experience Electric Ladyland yet but heard some of it and 'All Along The Watchtower ' seems to be drenched in reverb also I was really surprised how different this new version sounds. Why would Bernie Grundman do this injustice to this beloved song?
  3. Elton

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    I just don't understand, this version is the equivalent of sitting in the back of an empty collage auditorium and the band is not using microphones (except for voice) and the microphones are turned down. There is no need for that much echo, unless your hiding something! Even at half the amount of echo, I'd pick the dry version. That by the way, the dry version has of the echo of the room they are recording in!
  4. LouieG

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    The second sounds Dexter-ized!
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  5. Fastnbulbous

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    Just a guess, but perhaps the reverb was added specifically to sound better on these kinds of units.

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  6. McLover

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    It was not done for that medium, sounds much worse on one. It was done to simulate Stereo, sounds rechanneled to my ear. On top of extra reverb added for LP.
  7. Tim Lookingbill

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    I guess we plumbed this topic. Thought the host would talk shop.

    But then that's pretty much what I've found online on the digital photography side especially over on Deakin's cinematography site where a bunch of film students ask questions about how Roger lit a particular scene in his movies referencing the darkest jpg image no one can tell what light was used. Rogers belts out short answers mentioning a couple of 10kwatts and some practicals with a white Muslim sheet as a bounce fil. DONE! Don't hear from him for a while. I never learned a damn thing off that site. Contact Vidiot about this to verify.

    I guess this is Roger giving back to his community and all of sudden he finally wins the Oscar. Whata' coinkydink!
  8. Steve Hoffman

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    What about what?
  9. Tim Lookingbill

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    Longer answers?
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  10. Steve Hoffman

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    To what questions?
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  11. Funi

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    Sorry, my fault. About the reverb added in Muddy Waters' "Folk Singer".
  12. Tim Lookingbill

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    I take it you missed the second page of this thread where I posted a question of various reverb sounds and their names with this post...
    I noticed I left off the question mark at the end. I might start doing searches of how many '?' marks show up in thread in order to only find the questions. I'm guessing that's how you missed my question.

    Just tried it on this page using my browser search and it works!
  13. Steve Hoffman

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    Reverb is on the stereo master but not on the original pre-master work part tape. No idea why that one isn't used but then again, I'm not involved so I can't help!
  14. Steve Hoffman

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    Echo chambers (as invented/perfected by Bill Putnam at Universal Audio, Chicago), were simply little rooms with a speaker, microphone and tile on the walls. The sound was fed back into the dry signal. It was up to the engineer to chose the amount of echo. From 1953-56, the echo levels were subtle. After 1956 all hell broke lose (when ELVIS came on the scene) and the reverb was ramped up. Stuff that was recorded earlier was taken in to the studio and redubbed with massive echo added to the already echoed tapes.

    All record company studios had their own brand of echo chamber, Capitol being the most famous. Indie studios like Gold Star had their own versions of echo and sometimes sounded better than the majors. Still, just a little room with a speaker and a microphone.
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  15. mavisgold

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    bellingham wa
  16. Funi

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    Thanks for your answer! I thought that the reverb was natural and part of the recording.
  17. Steve Hoffman

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  18. Steve Hoffman

    Steve Hoffman Your Host Your Host Thread Starter

    Think about it. If you're sitting in a room, even a giant room, but singing quietly, no echo would be generated, especially at that intensity. It's all after-recording echo.
  19. rockstarFotog

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    I would think that listeners who want authentic music would prefer the former version, the one the artist recorded. I don’t like the reverb on this record at all. I want music as the musician recorded it as it is his/her/their version. If I want to fiddle around with bass or treble, I can do it on my Marantz. No reverb, though.
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    Nice. A new find for me...and I love your Tolkien quote, Steve. I myself often quote Tolkien. A fount of wisdom. I quote him as much as Shakespeare. But then I also quote "What About Bob?" When heading down I-95 it is a given that someone we will say, "New Hampshire?!"

    New Hampshire!



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  21. old45s

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    Over the years I have uploaded several old radio AIR CHECKS. Some months (even years) after uploading, the YouTube Copyright Nazi's have removed a couple of my videos (air checks w/pic).
    I personally removed the rest of them off YouTube and re-recorded the audio 'scoping' the songs. I uploaded the scoped version of the air checks (with just the intro and outro of the songs, <12 secs duration) and I think I got away with it!
  22. malcolm reynolds

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    I love the Alice Cooper Audio Fidelity discs that you worked on and I was wondering how long a mastering job usually takes.
  23. Steve Hoffman

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    The Alice Cooper stuff took a very short time, a day each. I was well prepared going in so it was a breeze.
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  24. Brian Mc

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    Just the recording
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  25. latheofheaven

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    I tried that once with a Conan clip of the band that day. It didn't work... I both tried changing the pitch and reversing the video. No go... o_O

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