Why Isn't ' Rubber Soul ' Our Favourite Beatles Album ?

Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by Wildest cat from montana, Jan 13, 2021.

  1. Wildest cat from montana

    Wildest cat from montana Humble Reader Thread Starter

    'Rubber Soul ' never seems to top people's lists of favourite Beatles albums.

    Those positions always seem reserved for the usual suspects . You know-- ' Revolver ', the White Album , ' Sgt Pepper's....' and the overrated ' Abbey Road'.

    Are those albums really better than ' Rubber Soul'? How so?

    I can appreciate that ' Revolver ' and ' Sgt Pepper's ..' are more advanced with studio trickery and that the White Album is a sprawling treasure trove and 'Abbey Road ' is a slick piece of work but are they better albums really? Are the songs superior? Are the performances ?

    'Rubber Soul' features Lennon at a songwriting peak. McCartney's efforts may not be at that level but they're strong nevertheless. Harrison pitches in two good ones one of which ( ' If I Needed Someone ') is a highlight.
    The vocals on each track are excellent featuring great harmony , unison and backing.

    So...what's the score here? It's time for ' Rubber Soul ' to claim its rightful spot as best Beatles album !
  2. jacksonwalker

    jacksonwalker Forum Resident

  3. ralph7109

    ralph7109 Forum Resident

    Franklin, TN
    Rubber Soul + Day Tripper + We Can Work It Out - What Goes On - Run For Your Life = Perfection
  4. sekaer

    sekaer Forum Resident

    New York City
    It is. I'm 53 and this happened a year or so ago. In ten years it will definitely be Help!
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  5. They made so many great albums you could change your favorite every month.
  6. notesfrom

    notesfrom Forum Resident

    NC USA
    Who says it isn't?
  7. dogater1449

    dogater1449 Forum Resident

    United States
    The songs are great IMO but the mixes aren't the best if you ask me
  8. Synthfreek

    Synthfreek I’m a ray of sunshine & bastion of positivity

    Why isn’t Honeycomb everyone’s favorite cereal?
  9. Brodnation

    Brodnation The Future Never Dies So Tomorrow Never Knows

    ‘What Goes On’ and ‘Run For Your Life’ are substandard material (to me).Rubber Soul is still fantastic, but not quite as perfect as their other albums.
  10. AintGotHalfOf

    AintGotHalfOf Forum Resident

    New York
    It is sometimes my favorite Beatles album. It is damn good.
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  11. Library Eye

    Library Eye Forum Resident

    Los Angeles, CA
    For me the answer is… because it has Michelle and Run For Your Life (which only just now, because I wrote that, have I learned were on a single together– as seen below) and more so because it ain't Revolver, A Hard Day's Night, Magical Mystery Tour [LP], or the The Beatles white album.

  12. Wildest cat from montana

    Wildest cat from montana Humble Reader Thread Starter

    Because Shreddies is so much better. And better for you.
  13. AlienRendel

    AlienRendel Forum Resident

    Chicago, il
    Run for your Life
  14. finslaw

    finslaw muzak to my ears

    1) Backlash from rightly getting so many songs on the Red Album and only 2 for Revolver (a lesser album.)

    2) Because it isn't as pretentious as what is to come.

    3) Because people don't like early/mid Beatles as much, too many complex chord progressions and harmonies.

    4) Because they are jealous that the prior albums all have a worse song than the worst on Rubber Soul (Taste of Honey, Little Child, When I Get Home, Mr. Moonlight, You Like Me Too Much.)

    5) Because it doesn't genre hop to distract the kiddies.

    6) Because they are repulsed by how much they relate to Run For Your Life.

    7) Because they fail to see how Act Naturally was a cheesy cover, but What Goes On is an original in the same style and far less cheesy.

    But mainly,

    Because they know it is their best single LP, and knowing is hopeless.
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  15. Mackaveli

    Mackaveli Forum Resident

    A somewhat soft album, no real rockers and it's got Dylan vibes. Couple songs are just ok
    Great performances though with some of their best harmonies. I can play it from start to finish without skipping but it doesn't have any huge tracks on it like the two albums it's sandwiched between
  16. Rich C

    Rich C Forum Resident

    Northbrook, IL
    I have always found Rubber Soul to be the best. Whether it be UK or US. I think I can chalk it up to mystery. After this, it was to be expected. The record has the best cover as well.
  17. Chili Town

    Chili Town Well-Known Member

    It's Brian Wilson's favorite Beatles album, isn't it?

    It's hard for me to pick one favorite Beatles album but Rubber Soul is one I keep coming back to, probably more than Revolver or Sgt. Pepper.
  18. Rfreeman

    Rfreeman Senior Member

    Lawrenceville, NJ
    Cause most people under 45 aren't familiar with the US version
  19. Two Sheds

    Two Sheds Sha La La La Lee

    Rubber Soul is third on my Beatles list, after Sgt. Pepper and Revolver.

    I love it. I even like 'Run for Your Life' (but alas, not 'What Goes On').
  20. Bruce M.

    Bruce M. Forum Resident

    Rubber Soul is great, but has one of George's weakest songs, Think for Yourself, and possibly the only Beatles song I actively dislike, Run for Your Life. So no, it's very good but not their best. Also, Abbey Road is NOT overrated.
  21. CatchAsCan

    CatchAsCan Forum Resident

    It's too folky.
  22. finslaw

    finslaw muzak to my ears

    Hot take: What Goes On is better than most of Ringo's songs.
  23. Bill

    Bill Senior Member

    Eastern Shore
    Name another rock song with “opaque” in the lyrics.
    I dare you.
  24. MrGrumpy

    MrGrumpy Forum Resident

    Rubber Soul - what does that mean, exactly?
  25. Daniel Plainview

    Daniel Plainview God's Lonely Man

    Mick Jagger

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