Why Isn't ' Rubber Soul ' Our Favourite Beatles Album ?

Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by Wildest cat from montana, Jan 13, 2021.

  1. GeetarFreek

    GeetarFreek Forum Resident

    Rubber Soul isn’t their best, but it’s up there one of their most solid efforts
  2. Greg Smith

    Greg Smith Forum Resident

    Top album, but obviously rushed. Wait and What Goes On are weak songs and Run for Your Life though I like the tune doesn't sit well in 2021 lyrically.
    Lennon was brilliant on the record though and You Won't See Me is an underrated gem.
  3. Rich-n-Roll

    Rich-n-Roll Forum Resident

    Washington State
    Who say's it's not ? love it
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  4. sthorntn

    sthorntn Well-Known Member

    SE Michigan
    Run For Your Life does not bother me but I can understand why it is an issue for some. One thing that does makes the song feel "wrong" is those catchy, feel good Beatle harmonies. It's like listening to an ABBA song about a serial killer.
  5. Country Rocker

    Country Rocker Forum Resident

    I easily prefer the Lennon songs on 'Rubber Soul' over his contributions to 'Revolver'. But the Mccartney songs on 'Revolver' might be his high point. Either way, I prefer 'Help!'. In fact it might be my favourite Beatles album.
  6. armin

    armin Forum Resident

    Rubber Soul is amazing. It is so unbelievable good... but revolver and especially white album are so much more amazing and unbelievable better...
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  7. Solace

    Solace Forum Resident

    Brussels, Belgium
    I LOVE it! It’s certainly in my top 3 Beatles records. But they did so many great albums, it’s up against some pretty stiff competition.
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  8. Peachy

    Peachy Duke of The Lake

    Old La Honda
    Rubber Soul US Stereo is my favorite album of all time
  9. mbrownp1

    mbrownp1 Forum Resident

    OK so first of all RELAX. Personally I agree with everything you just screamed. I was commenting on the GENERAL OPINION of others.
  10. Hermes

    Hermes Past Master

    I don't like Caroline.

  11. Uuan

    Uuan Well-Known Member

    You're joking ?!
  12. Uuan

    Uuan Well-Known Member

  13. tootull

    tootull Gene Gene the Dancing Machine

    :cool: My wife's favourite Beatles' album is Rubber Soul.

    It's so fine, It's sunshine
  14. Mosep

    Mosep Forum Resident

    St.Louis, MO
    Mosep's opinion:

    Run for Your Life is justifiably maligned
    What Goes On is a little underrated. The lyrics and tone fit well with the album and the country tinge really pares well with the folkier songs on the album.
    The rest of the album is mostly phenomenal
    I rate it neck and neck with Revolver as their best album.
  15. nojmplease

    nojmplease Host, You Can't Unhear This

    New York, NY
    I have a feeling nostalgia is a big factor for the people who consider it their absolute best. Perhaps it was the first album they purchased back when it was new, or the first they remember hearing at a pivotal moment in their lives?

    And it is a wonderful album - but it sort of feels more like a transition from Help! to Revolver rather than a standalone masterpiece like, say, The White Album or Abbey Road. Probably has something to do with it being fairly rushed as part of their relentless tour/album schedule. They didn't yet have the luxury of unlimited studio time and free reign.

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