Why might Bose 601 Series III fetch so much on ebay?

Discussion in 'Audio Hardware' started by SpeedMorris, Oct 10, 2019.

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    My wife's brother will probably need/want to sell his pair due to a move, so I peeked at eBay and saw typical sales prices of $600-800 and sometimes over $1000- combined with $150-200 in shipping. He hasn't played them in 20 years it seems like, but my nutshell memory of them is "loud, but rather crude". Fairly full bass, but not deep. (Maybe some of it was his CD collection.) They certainly didn't image in his room, which may have just been too small. They're also about as ugly as speakers come (garage specials) and many of the eBay models appeared to be pretty stained up.

    It would be wonderful if he could make something of a killing, but I was rather shocked. I'm guessing that the "loud 'n proud" and "sound from everywhere" aspects must be the key and that Bose looks to have moved on to a 601 series that flopped in comparison.
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    Bose is highly regarded due to marketing efforts to the masses. The fact they make a good (and pricey) noise cancelling headphone has reinforced other marketing efforts. I kind of get it. Bose are louder than you would expect. But, people who prefer reproduced imaging put their money toward other speakers.
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  3. Mike from NYC

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    Why? Because PT Barnum was correct.

    Too much stupidity about all this vintage stuff and people are willing to pay stupid $$$ to own it, especially the $$ they ask for mediocre old TTs
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    I was going to posit that they may be popular items for meth labs...
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    Looks like it's a two-way design with a forward-firing woofer and an omnidirectional array on top. Who knows, it might actually sound OK. It's probably a better design than having a bunch of forward-firing full range speakers, as in the 901.
  6. Carl Swanson

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    "Asking" and "getting" are two different things.

    Have you seen any actual sales at those prices?
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  7. Dennis Metz

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    The 901 only has one forward facing speaker
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  8. Be forewarned; the 4 bass drivers are notorious for surround foam rot and will likely need to be redone. Even if unused and intact, you could likely press a hole in the surrounds or watch them crumble with a good blast of music. Nice to look at but real world sales are usually in the 2-300 range.
  9. sjsanford

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    I see at least 2 auctions in progress right now where the current bid is $500+
  10. There's also a number of BIN 601'S from $1500 to $2400. Lots of crazies with pie in the sky pricing everywhere. At the same time, I can search my local kijiji and find a pair for $200 as I type. The P.T Barnum credo is alive and well.
  11. Have not heard the 601's, but owned a pair of the 501's. Thought they sounded pretty good at the time. However, I don't remember, but I may have been enjoying a cool glass of Kook-aid at the time.
  12. SpeedMorris

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    Just "sold" on completed items. It does seem bizarre, especially considering the appearance of some of them. (Trailer park chic.)

    Not only are there absurd "sold" prices ($827, 1000, 790, 650, 900, 810, 870, 810, 1075, 1026, 735, 885, 610 and my favorites, 1500 and 1775), but the shipping is $100-200.
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  13. Carl Swanson

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    A fool and his money are soon parted.

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